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  1. That's the type of attitude that gives umpires and refs a bad Rap. Don't you think a decent human would warn a coach before they ejected him? In the video the coach did not seem out of line in his body language until he was ejected.
  2. I read were the coach said he was never confined to the dugout. Can one of the other umpires testify he was confined to the dugout. Do not like the way the coach acted after he was ejected , but who messed up first? The coach or the umpire?
  3. I have no idea, but I heard he ask for a explanation on the call by the umpire and he was ejected without a warning!, If this is true, then this is a big problem with the umpire!
  4. I know Coach Powell pretty well, and take offence to your comment! I'd say he has done better then any coach in that district with the talent he has the last couple of years.
  5. I'm saying they never move, but their home is now in Rockvale zone!
  6. What if they change the zones in Rutherford co. ?
  7. Will Stewart Creek players be eligible if the move to Rockvale zone?
  8. Oakland has had the backing over the years to get turf if they wanted it. It is simply deciding where you think your money is best spent . A lot of growth in Rutherford county over the last 30 years, but Oakland still has the old money!
  9. I've heard Coach Insell say he did not have very many players move in , and that rumor has been exaggerated . I'm not picking sides here, and do know he had some transfers. But he claims they would have won several championships without any transfers .
  10. It sounds a lot like politics. Everyone wants to complain about the government, but don"t run for office! Good officials are slowly declining . How do we reverse this? It's a pretty good paying second job. How about offer referee classes to college students as one of their electives ? Maybe training Military personal as a second side job? It will never be perfect, but I believe it can be made better. Where there is money, there are people willing to take it. I do not buy this trend about people being harder on refs now then the past. My memory as a high school basketball player was more people at the game, and even more people yelling at the refs. We now have more social media to complain about it. This game of basketball is going to go on either way, good or bad refs, but as a fan I would sure like to see the best refs we can put on the floor!
  11. Hey hohmaster, some of us have missed you running you mouth on coacht! I'm bored and would love some negative comments about someone. Surly you can something to harp on?
  12. The district is hard to predict this season. I would not count walker out of the mix just yet. Plus Cleveland has added a transfer that should be a difference maker from bradley.
  13. Thomas Floyd was angry after he called the Gatlinburg/Haywood game from the night before! He let it affect his judgement in the Houston/ Bradley game .
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