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  1. Let's use this forum to help teams fill out their football schedules for the 2011 and 2012 seasons, if possible, by hooking up teams who have the same dates to fill. For instance ... Does anyone need a Week 1 game? In Mayfield, Ky., where Mayfield and Graves County high schools are located, those two schools host the Jackson Purchase Alliance Bowl. The date in 2011 is Saturday, Aug. 27. The date features a doubleheader with Graves County (Ky. 5A; enroll 1300) and Mayfield (Ky. 1A; enroll 350) alternating as hosts (which is not a big deal since their stadiums are w/i sight of each other and right off the Purchase Parkway). The 2011 games will be played at Graves. ... Madisonville-North Hopkins of Ky. has already signed on, so only one team is needed. Cordova and West Creek have reportedly shown interest, but neither has committed. ... It's a 2-year commitment, and the team will play Graves one year and Mayfield the next. ... Trousdale played in it the last 2 years, losing to Mayfield in a high-scoring thriller 2 years ago and then routing Graves this past season. So, let's see if we can get a team to fill this date, and let's get other teams together, too.
  2. Union City and Lake County boys are playing in the Time Piece Roundball Classic at Graves County, Ky., High School Dec. 19, 21 and 22. Pass along some info on both teams, and let me know how you think our Tennesseans will fare in Bluegrass country! Here's the schedule: Time Piece Roundball Classic Dec. 19, 21, 22 Graves County High School (Boys only) Sat. Dec. 19 Session I 10 a.m. Heath vs. Saltfleet (Canada) 11:30 a.m. Union City vs. Graves County 1 p.m. Murray vs. Lake County Session II 5:30 p.m. Union City vs. Heath 7 p.m. Graves County vs. Murray 8:30 p.m. Saltfleet vs. Lake County Mon. Dec. 21 Session III 5:30 p.m. Heath vs. Lake County 7 p.m. Graves County vs. Saltfleet 8:30 p.m. Murray vs. Union City Tues. Dec. 22 Session IV 5:30 p.m. 5th-6th place game 7 p.m. 3rd-4th place game 8:30 p.m. 1st-2nd place game
  3. Well, I'm planning on going to this one. ... I've been to classic Union City-Huntingdon games at historic Paul Ward Stadium -- an outstanding football venue, btw -- and I'm looking forward to this one. ... Might even have to bring the camera and snap a few shots.
  4. Well, I'm a little disappointed that this thread has strayed from its original intention, which is Trousdale County vs. Mayfield. ... It should be a great game, maybe one of the best in both states this season. Trousdale, despite a few injuries coming in, has great skill players and does an outstanding job in the wing-T. The players' hard work in the weight room has certainly paid off. Several players have become good at several different positions, which creates depth while keeping the top athletes on the field. Again, weight room work and conditioning comes into play here. And, it's pretty cool to have a head coach 16 games into his tenure w/o a loss. Mayfield is a much better team than the one that was 7-6 last season. The offense stepped on the practice field the first day of preseason drills as being two TDs better than last year's bunch. The Cardinals have amazing skill people and will try to keep TC off-balance with a nice mix of run and pass. The team has become equally effective out of the I-formation and the Tony Franklin spread set (btw, he was a Mayfield assistant in the mid-90s). Big play is the goal on every snap. Like most all games do, it's going to come down to who controls the line of scrimmage and who can make plays on defense. Defense will be critical b/c both teams are so skilled and efficient on offense. So, if possible, let's bring the discussion back to Trousdale vs. Mayfield. And, come Saturday night, find a way to get to Graves County High School in time for the 6 p.m. kickoff. ... Coming via I-24 thru Ky and down the Purchase Parkway? Well, you'll get to Mayfield and pass by Exit 27, then pass by Exit 25, then look for the big school on the right. One of the huge campus buildings has an Eagle on it with the words "Eagles Nest." That's GCHS's 4,500-seat gym (it is a basketball state, after all). Take that very next exit and go right. Take a bus, take horse-and-buggy, take two and call me in the morning but find a way. It could be one heckuva football game. Game Of The Century going in; Instant Classic coming out. ... Hey, that's pretty good. I might have to use that.
  5. Trigg County since 2000 ... 2000 -- 10-2 Class AA Playoffs 2nd Round 2001 -- 10-3 Class AA Playoffs quarterfinals 2002 -- 8-3 Class AA Playoffs 1st Round 2003 -- 9-3 Class AA Playoffs 2nd Round 2004 -- 10-2 Class AA Playoffs 2nd Round 2005 -- 9-3 Class AA Playoffs 2nd Round 2006 -- 10-3 Class AA Playoffs quarterfinals 2007 -- 9-4 Class AA Playoffs quarterfinals 2008 -- 6-5 Class 2A Playoffs 2nd Round 81-29 for the decade, 11-9 in the playoffs Certainly no Sister Of The Poor I've seen them play. Always athletic.
  6. Union City Aug. 21 .... Trigg County, KY Aug. 28 .... OPEN Sept. 4 ..... Trenton * Sept. 11 ... Huntingdon Sept. 18 ... at Obion Central Sept. 25 ... at Trinity Christian Oct. 2 ....... at Greenfield * Oct. 9 ....... Humboldt * Oct. 16 ..... at Halls * Oct. 23 ..... Lake County * Oct. 30 ..... at South Fulton * (* District 14A Games)
  7. Obion Central Aug. 22 .... Fulton County, KY Aug. 28 .... at Byhalia, MS Sept. 4 ..... at Crockett County * Sept. 11 ... Cape Central, MO Sept. 18 ... Union City Sept. 25 ... OPEN Oct. 2 ....... Covington * Oct. 9 ....... Dyersburg * Oct. 16 ..... at Westview * Oct. 23 ..... Gibson County * Oct. 30 ..... at Ripley * (* District 14AA Games)
  8. South Fulton Aug. 28 ... at West Carroll Sept. 4 .... at Greenfield * Sept. 11 .. Fulton City, KY Sept. 18 .. Humboldt * Sept. 25 .. at Gleason Oct. 2 ...... at Halls * Oct. 9 ...... Lake County * Oct. 16 .... Reidland, KY Oct. 23 .... at Trenton * Oct. 30 .... Union City * (* District 14A games)
  9. You know, I've always liked the top-loaders. So, I really like Gibson County and Martin Westview. Believe it or not, I've never been inside "Central Station" home of the Obion County Central Rebels. If you cross the state line into extreme western Kentucky, you'll find that Marshall County, Graves County and Mayfield all have nice arenas with plenty of seating. ... In fact, why don't you get on up to Graves this weekend for the 2-day 3-session, 10-game First Kentucky Bank Shootout. Westview's boys and girls, Manassas, Briarcrest and Maplewood will all be there. See, even in the Bluegrass, they know where REAL basketball is played. /thumb[1].gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumb:" border="0" alt="thumb[1].gif" /> OK, back to the topic. Gibson County and Westview, and I like Trenton, too.
  10. Union City ... built all wrong b/c some artsy fartsy politician some 30-plus years ago said the town needed a civic auditorium tacked onto the school. So, they cut it into the gym, which barely seats 1,000 (I don't care what they say) and has never been big enough for sub-state/sectional games. bleachers should have been replaced 10 years ago, maybe 20, and the court is too small, even by junior high standards, with front row so close that people walking to and from their seats during a game actually have to dodge the players on the court. And, oh yeah, to get from upstairs to downstairs and vice versa, you can't just walk up and down a set of steps in the bleachers. You have to go outside the playing area. ... It is not worthy of a 5-time state champion team. It's not even worthy of a bad team. .... Needless to say, I've never liked it.
  11. Take it from someone who knows a little about the Graves gym and school: Purple's right. Get there if you can. Stay for the whole event in fact. Two days of pretty good basketball, but certainly get there to watch Manassas. And, come down and say "Hi!" to me. I'll be the big, tall guy with the camera.
  12. I love the teams that wear the Maryville helmet year-in and year-out. The best around. Wish they were able to play a national schedule (one game a year maybe, like in the Ohio vs. USA challenge).
  13. Actually, it was his son's choice, and he supported that choice. If he deserves an award, it should be for supporting his son.
  14. And, no, we're not expecting a state championship next year. We know these things take time ... say, 2009! /roflol.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflol:" border="0" alt="roflol.gif" />
  15. First item: With one very notable absence, of course Second item: More interesting, as in who's gonna finish second.
  16. The Siscos -- Marty and Shane -- have won four basketball state championships WITHOUT the athletic period. Union City's football program has played in three state championship games since 1997 WITHOUT the athletic period. The baseball program, under such coaches as Braswell, Chapman, Fishel and Barker, has been a perennial state contender, including state tournament appearances, WITHOUT an athletic period. Though a nice little perk to the job, and a convenient excuse for some, it is not a must-have item for success. And, ask anyone who played at Obion Central under coach Chris Hill if the Rebels ever practiced after school despite having that all-precious athletic period of yours? As a very successful coach once told me: Excuses are for losers. Do the UCHS coaches complain about it? Sure. Do they use it as a crutch to blame any unsuccessful seasons on? Not hardly. The Union City High School athletic department is not built on a foundation of losers. Union City High School does not have an athletic period. Most of us on the outside wishes it did, but it does not. So be it. That just means our coaches have to work a little harder and a little later in the day. If longer hours and harder work bother them, then Union City High School doesn't need them anyway. And, look at all those programs that do have an athletic period and can't even win an intrasquad game. Winners are winners, 24/7. And, the same goes for losers.
  17. Heck of a post, P&G. ... D'burg people, upon reading it, should think long and hard about what the post is saying rather than having a knee-jerk reaction with their responses. Most every high school program, at some point, has "outside" problems. Good, sound, moral administrations deal with those on a classy, respectful and professional level.
  18. Add Union City to the list. Jimmy Fishel stepped down, it was reported in the city's newspaper today, after five years as head coach.
  19. Hey, I'm with P&G Standard here. ... I would just like to see Maryville, perhaps the best we have to offer year-in and year-out, play against some of those other "best" programs. ... It'd be fun, it's be great publicity for Maryville and Tennessee and it's be great to see one of our own stick it to another state's big program (especially up north ... anyone remember the punk from Ohio who got on here and started downgrading the Riverdale program after Riverdale whipped an Ohio team). ... Speaking of, the Ohio vs. USA Challenge would be a great showcase for the Rebels. ... If not there, go have a little fun with a Kentucky team in one of their early-season bowl games, like McCallie just did. St. X, Trinity and Male are supposed to be so good up there. Let's see how good. Anyway, all we are saying is give a national power a chance.
  20. Chipper ... Why are you so filled with hate? Why do you hate Shane and the Sisco family? Did one of them cut you from the team when you tried out? I just don't understand why you're so down on the most successful coaching family in Obion County history (no disrespect to coaches Parr or Whitby or even Driver, Parks, Carpenter, Gamblin and the rest, but there aren't any other father-son state champions in Obion County). .... And, reading your posts, which absolutely refuse to acknowledge that some teams simply have superior talent and depth over our beloved Union City Golden Tornadoes, I can only assume that you hate the Siscos. I just don't understand hatred like that. ... Sure, I think UC needs to look at replacing its football coach, but not b/c I hate Fishel. I don't. I like the guy. I'm just disappointed in the direction the program has gone in recent years, state runner-up in 2005 notwithstanding (22-24 overall record / 21-25 w/o the forfeit / and 4-2 in 1A playoffs in the last four years). I really don't have any use for "fans" like you. You're ###### on a bull (that's useless, as in screen door on a submarine). All you want to do is find something to complain about. ... Boy, I'll bet you had a problem with the way Union City won its FOURTH BOYS BASKETBALL STATE CHAMPIONSHIP last year. Maybe they didn't win by enough points, or maybe the player you liked the best didn't score the most points, or maybe you're mad b/c it was 1A instead of 2A, or maybe you just hate bald head coaches. How bad was UC when it was 14-1 right before Christmas, huh? And, while size doesn't matter ALL the time, it does matter SOME times. Yes, UC beat a bigger (enrollment) Poplar Bluff team. It was b/c UC is better this year (and was last year) than PB. The Mules have had a major drop-off post-Hansbrough. UC has beaten several bigger schools this year. In those games, UC was either better on that given day or just simply played better. BUT, WC simply has many more athletes in school from which to choose, and Vashon (probably) recruits. And, speaking of size, sooner or later being short catches up to you. Maybe instead of hating the Siscos (go back and read your own posts if you don't think you're hating), you should be mad at the fact that we apparently don't have any sperm donors with height in their DNA. You've got a 15-3 team that is defending 1A state champ with its only three losses coming to the 4-time Tennessee private school (athletic scholarships) state champion, a multiple 5A Missouri state champion and perennial Kentucky state tournament particpant with an enrollment that classifies it as 4A in other sports ... and you want to get rid of the coach b/c he's apparently too "stupid" to make adjustments during a game even though he could have tried playing 7-on-5 against Vashon and WC and would have still gotten beat. SOME TEAMS ARE JUST BETTER THAN OTHERS, PLAIN AND SIMPLE! If that's the best you can bring to the table, then go be a fan in Weakley County. UC doesn't need people like you. We're about Purple Pride, not hate. ... Maybe you can go cheer for the past UCMS player now at Trigg Co., KY., who, as I understand it, had more than a dozen turnovers on his own in a recent game. FINALLY .... I think we've beaten this dead horse enough. The second half of the season starts on Tuesday. .... Let's start focusing on the future rather than continuing to relive the past. December was a whole year ago.
  21. I want field turf for the football stadium, increases in supplements for all coaches, a practice period, some height for the boys' hoop team, and no more 5-TD losses to football teams we regularly beat just a few years ago.
  22. Look here, maybe Vashon and Warren Central are not 30+ better than UC, but they both were on those particular nights. That's all we're saying Maybe UC plays Vashon on Jan. 9 and loses by 10. Maybe UC plays WC on Feb. 3 and loses by 8. ... But the bottom line is this particular UC team loses to those particular Vashon and WC teams every time. ... And, we get the point about making adjustments. Really. We get it, coach. (How many games/state titles have you won, by the way, coach?) .... But, it was December, not March, and no one on UC's schedule the rest of the way will remotely resemble Vashon and WC. .... Those are the games where you turn the ignition, hit the gas and air it out. You want to see how your team running your chosen style of play matches up with very good talent. Go ahead and get yourself exposed. See where the chinks in the armor are. Better now than three months from now (when it's too late to make real and meaningful adjustments). Face the fact: Some teams are just better than others. And, I really don't see how anyone can question the talent and abilities of those two teams. ("Oh, they're not that good. Ain't so tough.") You don't win the state title of Missouri in one of the upper classes all those times, or win five straight region titles with one state title and a runner-up finish in Ky. (no classifications) b/c you're not very good. Oh, and also note that Vashon has been questioned about how it gets its players (though no major charges of recruiting have stuck to the program), and WC is one of the larger schools in Ky with well over 1,000 students. ... We might want to be glad it was only 30+ b/c it could've been much much worse. Heck, I'm proud of UC for going over there and playing against that level of competition in the first place. Not many 1A teams would have. And, to finish 4th when the two teams battling for 7th might also have been more talented than UC, shoot, get me a proclamation and a frame and I'll hang up that 4th place with pride ... Instead of dumping on our coach, maybe we ought to be congratulating him for the job he's done and praising him for trying to put UC at a higher level and trying to keep them competitive against bigger schools. ... Unlike some, Shane is not using his school's 1A size as an excuse for not being competitive against the bigger schools. In fact, until last week, UC has more than held its own against the big boys this year. Some teams are just better than others. No disrespect to the alma mater. But, Vashon and WC are just better, plain and simple. UC is still the measuring stick in Tennessee Class 1A. ... A confidence boost or two to begin the new year, and the Poplar Bluff trip will be forgotten. I'm really not all that interested in winning every game ... just the last one.
  23. The man is correct. ... Vashon and WC would ruin a lot of teams' day. No one on UC's schedule -- and that includes the eight who make it to The 'Boro -- would be able to stay on the court with those two teams. ... Yes, UC could have played better vs. WC. Hit more shots, been better defensively to prevents a few of the many many many shots WC hit, but the outcome would have been the same. maybe 12-to-15 point loss, but the same nonetheless. .... no disrespect to the alma mater, but UC found out it was a 1A team this weekend. Vashon and WC are another level. they're great teams. seeing is believing. To quote an old coach (or two) ... people just don't realize.
  24. Like I said in a previous post, I just hope my friends in OC will leave Bill and Eddie alone and let them coach their teams. And, I hope the administration (from the DoS on down) will close that door that's been opened in recent years. ... When that door closes, so too will the revolving ones on the coaches' offices.
  25. When you speak of baggage, that goes both ways. There was baggage with Jones, and there was baggage with the OC program. Jones and his baggage are gone (although, personally, I liked the guy). Hopefully, the baggage within the program (mostly brought on by the Wicked Witch of the Northwest) will soon be a thing of the past, too.
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