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Everything posted by NWhoopaholic

  1. NWhoopaholic

    West TN Coaching Jobs

    Pridemore is returning to his alma mater, Highlands Christian in Pompano Beach Fla. as boys coach & athletic director.
  2. NWhoopaholic

    Head Coach Openings

    Pridemore is returning to his alma mater, Highlands Christian in Pompano Beach Fla. as boys coach & athletic director.
  3. NWhoopaholic

    Westview vs Cheatham Co

    7th consecutive appearance. Gold in 1996, silver in 2003
  4. NWhoopaholic

    AA State Predictions

    You recall correctly. Westview lost to Macon in the semis last year without their best two players much of the game.
  5. Yes, my friend Robin Cude will have the call on Victory 93.7. Our broadcast of Greenfield-Gibson Co. will be on Mix 101.3 tonight at 6:30 with the pre-game. If you are out of the area, download the Thunderbolt Radio App, available in the App Store, to hear it anywhere. Games on all 4 of our stations are always available on the app.
  6. NWhoopaholic

    Region 7 AA Tournament...who ya got?

    I seriously thank you. Cary Mallard and I swapped some notes this morning. Looking forward to a pair of great games tonight.
  7. NWhoopaholic

    Region 7 AA Tournament...who ya got?

    I like your analysis. You have any insight on Westview-Lexington game? Have not seen Lady Tigers this year. We'll have the broadcast of both 7AA semis tomorrow night on Mix 101.3 beginning at 5:40
  8. NWhoopaholic

    Region 7-A

    Games tonight have been moved forward 30 minutes. First game at 6:30
  9. Games have been moved forward 30 minutes to 6:30 & 8:00. Airtime 6:10 on 95.1
  10. Greenfield-TCA at 6 Gibson Co.-Peabody 7:30 Both games on Star 95.1 with pre-game at 5:40
  11. NWhoopaholic

    Region 7-A

    All four games are on Thunderbolt Radio stations with 6:40 airtimes. Madison at Greenfield on 104.9 Peabody at Gleason on 95.1 Dresden at TCA on 101.3 Union City at Gibson Co. on 105.7
  12. There are 6 coaches in the district. Each coach received two votes. Pure math, nothing to do with the "trophy mentality." Coaches obviously each had their opinion on what made someone "Coach of the Year." I'm proud for all three of them.
  13. As the co-host of Coaches Corner during basketball season let me answer your question. I believe the point Coach Trevathan was making was the big difference between Greenfield's enrollment and Union City's. He may have been calling them 2A because they are 2A in football. The classification breaks are what they are and unless they get a big enrollment bump the next two years Union City will continue to be one of the largest Class A basketball schools. Projections based on enrollments for the next two years have Loretto moving to AA and Summertown & Gibson Co. "on the bubble."
  14. NWhoopaholic

    2018-2019 Miss Basketball Nominations

    You're quite welcome. Good luck to Loretto girls/boys
  15. NWhoopaholic

    2018-2019 Miss Basketball Nominations

    Loretto enrollment number turned in for this classification cycle was 531. If they stay in that area they are pretty assured of moving to AA in two years. The reason they are still in A for now is they did not increase by 20% which is required to change classifications during a four year period. Classification is done every 4 years.
  16. As it has been pointed out, the site of the region tournament rotates between districts and this year is 13A's turn. I can assure you tournament organizers were not looking at having any "unfair advantage" when selecting UTM as its site. They were seeking a venue that would comfortably hold the crowds and UTM officials wisely see this as an opportunity to get high school kids on their campus. The folks in Carroll Co. & Bethel have done the same. It is an adjustment playing there but it will help whoever gets to MTSU. My suggestion would be 14A consider reaching out to Union for the same type arrangement. DeLay Gym holds nearly 2,000 which should be sufficient for district/region tournaments. Or certainly Oman Arena, which seats more than the Elam Center and hosted the NAIA Women's National Championships for 21 years until 2011. In these scenarios, 14A would have that advantage.
  17. Westview coach is Ed Baker
  18. No. This was the final poll. Frustrating for us but we do the best we can. As many on this site have said, the polls don't win you a gold ball but they do serve a purpose in getting recognition for young athletes. I'm sorry Manassas hasn't gotten theirs. I was able to nominate Catthadious Moore for Mr. Basketball & was glad he was named a finalist along with two great players from 14A.
  19. The voting site for the AP poll has had Manassas in the wrong classification all year! Several voters sent them messages to fix the it but it never got done. So please blame the AP not its voters. We wanted to show them love!
  20. NWhoopaholic

    West Tn Class A

    If you look back I was responding to pioneer42 saying he thought TCA would have given Greenfield a good game last year. Just reminding him they played 3 times. Has nothing to do with this year. Good luck in 14A.
  21. NWhoopaholic

    West Tn Class A

    Greenfield beat TCA 3x last year by 16 & 15 in regular season and by 26 in region quarterfinals.
  22. Dyersburg, district & region
  23. NWhoopaholic

    2018-2019 Mr. Basketball Nominations

    Haven't gotten much input on this thread. Trying to finalize my nominations and especially need some names from Division 2
  24. NWhoopaholic

    2018-2019 Miss Basketball Nominations

    Thanks GCP
  25. NWhoopaholic

    2018-2019 Miss Basketball Nominations

    Need some suggestions from Division 2 teams please!