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  1. I am sure he will post that on the boys thread, this week is girls state tournament,next week is the boys
  2. Why do we need to build a new gym Clay Co has one of the nicest gyms in the state. what does spending money on girls for your girls team mean, can you be a little more clear about that.
  3. Its not fair, I have been saying this for several years
  4. i have never understood why h2o got to hold region tournament parking is awful, not enough seating, and home court advantage, I have said this for many years.
  5. I can not believe someone from FC is talking about someone elses fans, I have visited your gym on many occasions unless your student section has changed you have no right to talk about no one
  6. I guess oh Chris forgot that part maybe they should get a banner that says Summertown got lucky and beat lake co,. and almost beat clay
  7. Chris,maybe Clay should put on their banner 2011- 2012 State Champs, but almost got beat, get over it 7A is loaded with talent
  8. last word that i got Roach is done,i hate to hear that I would have love to see her play at the next level.
  9. You got that right!!!!!!! Ogletree and Roach were quite a duo, I always enjoyed watching her play, she was one of the best defensive players I have seen play
  10. Clay co was on a mission and no one I mean no one could have stopped that mission. All eight teams had their chance but Clay played like champions from start to finish.
  11. CLAY COUNTY LADY DAWGS are the 2011- 2012 STATE CHAMPS it does not matter who did this who did that what if this what if that.Good Luck next year maybe there want be if this if that
  12. Good Luck to Upperman as they get ready to take the field this morning.
  13. there are alot of girls that are excellent players with good attitudes and that are respected,but what are her stats.I hate that your daughter plays on a REALLY BAD TEAM maybe you should transfer her to a really good team
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