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  1. plato

    D2 -AAA Semi-finals

    No real upsets in the D2 AAA playoffs. Who ya got for the semi's? MBA vs BA MUS vs McCallie Any thoughts on how these matchups will fare?
  2. Baylor travels to McCallie tomorrow night for a big region game. These two played in the Best of Preps finals a few weeks ago. Predictions?
  3. plato

    Chattanooga- Best of Preps

    Van Buren got 4th place. They lost to Brainerd in the consolations.
  4. plato

    Chattanooga- Best of Preps

    chattaauhoops- I agree with your post. Unfortunately, to get bigger, better-known teams into Chatt, the times free press will need to move it from its current site. Chatt. state can no longer effectively host this. It's too bad that 100's of people were denied the chance to see the finals. UTC needs to step up and offer their facilities at a discounted cost.
  5. plato

    Chattanooga- Best of Preps

    McCallie defeats Baylor in the championship of the Best of Preps 49-39.
  6. The annual B.O.P. tournament begins tomorrow with some exciting local teams playing. Here are Day 1 matchups. Tyner vs. Van Buren 4pm McCallie vs Notre Dame 5:30 Baylor vs Heritage 7 Brainerd vs Ooltewah 8:30 What are your thoughts about day 1 games?
  7. plato

    McCallie at Baylor (Chattanooga's Rivalry)

    Lopsided, crushing defeat, dismantling or domination. Whatever your choice of word(s) to describe what happened last night. I’m sure it was much worse in person than on TV.
  8. plato

    McCallie at Baylor (Chattanooga's Rivalry)

    McCallie crushes Baylor in a lopsided 40-14 victory.
  9. plato

    McCallie at Baylor (Chattanooga's Rivalry)

    McCallie 28 Baylor 20
  10. plato

    Chattanooga area boys 2016-17

    McCallie defeated Brainerd last night 70-57 to win the best of preps. Anybody see this game? Seems like a fun game to watch.
  11. plato

    Best of Preps- who ya got?

    McCallie dominates Central. Central looked out of sorts the entire first half. A well earned victory for the Big Blue.
  12. plato

    Best of Preps- who ya got?

    Bacon- the point of the post is to offer comments on the games, not a public/private debate. There is a forum for that. I suggest you take you comments to that thread. If you have comments about the games played in the best of preps, then please offer them.
  13. plato

    Best of Preps- who ya got?

    Great games tonight at Chatt. State. Jay Price and his workers put on an exciting event. As for the games, Central seemed to have things easily in hand before Baylor made a late run. Central's athletes proved to be too much. The Tyner/McCallie game was the best of the night. Both teams played hard and the game was well played. Tyner's guard had two early fouls and that hurt them. Going to be a fun one on Tuesday night.
  14. plato

    Best of Preps- who ya got?

    McCallie and Tyner will be a great game. Two teams that are athletic and well coached. The other game will be fun to watch. Don't count Baylor out. Coach Clark has a knack to play the underdog card really well and Central, while, extremely athletic, will play their game. Should be a great night of ball.
  15. plato

    Best of Preps- who ya got?

    Top Half of bracket Central vs Marion Co (Sat 4pm) Ooltewah vs Baylor (Sat 5:30pm) Bottom Half of bracket CSAS vs Tyner (Sat 7pm) McCallie vs East Hamilton (Sat 8:30pm)