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  1. Yeah that might send some GREAT vibs.
  2. Thanks Spike, we played at a high level last week,hopefully we can play a clean game tonight.
  3. I5 team wasn't nearly as big and was starting young linemen.
  4. Code for, hopefully we have a chance.
  5. Would be a tough matchup for sure but just as sure as you're playing, you have a CHANCE.
  6. All in the way you interpret what he said.
  7. 2015 just as good or better than either, Wheels flew off against Marion.
  8. We hate the dang matchup but thats who the TSSAA is sending us. Why do they always pit you against the best teams.BROTHER
  9. We got a Hardee's, never mind.
  10. Safe travels to all the Yellow Jackets faithful, gonna be cool so dress for the occasion.
  11. I'm with you GOOOOOOOOO carter Co, But to think Etown is the reason or even partly the reason for any County schools success is outlandish, Its actually quite the opposite, Poor HV may have had the worst team in their history and I'm afraid it not gonna get any better for um. Every team in Carter Co would have had more success over the last several years if kids didn't opt to Etown, I don't blame and kid or their parents, its worked out well for them but its sure not been a blessing to any of our County schools.
  12. Thats what makes Gods creation so AMAZING, Everyone and everything is a one of a kind. Mind boggling. What a GRAND CREATOR.
  13. No I stirred shy of that, I hate the junk. King of trash talk for sure, I just don't care for trash.
  14. We the Dogs in this one King.
  15. Have a Great Thanksgiving, wish you could have made it. Never know how a game might play out but this could be a DANDY.
  16. Same to you and all the Yellow Jacket faithful. We all need to be very Thankful for the Blessings .Always been my favorite day of the year.
  17. No clue Harley,wish I could help you.
  18. For sure Romans,would love to meet you.
  19. Wondering which one jumped out at you, Wendy or the Goat.
  20. Our Coaches dad coached at Cloudland back in the day, Remember they lost to you 14 to 12.
  21. Yeah not mice anymore, thats for sure, pretty good size at every position.
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