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  1. Hope your correct but the wheels will have to fall off for Whitwell. It could happen if the stage is to big for the tigers. Our Bulldogs learned from last year. Business trip this time
  2. I've heard a lot this week. One team is favored or the other team is favored it depends what sports writer you read or radio guy you listen too. This game is to close to call. It's going to be by a touchdown or a two point conversion that wins this game. Two team that have had something to overcome this season. Defense will set everything up. Rain will put the game on the ground instead of the air.
  3. Try to tell you Cornersville players will hit you. I knew game was going to be close. But this was too close. If you enjoy high school football. Cornersville is where you should have been tonight. Proud Alumni here. The team represented our community well! Still got two more games to go
  4. I'm not sure of Huntingdon beating the Bulldogs by 21. I think if you want to put a score on It I wouldn't put that much. These Dogs hit hard every play. Their running backs run fast but hit hard to finish runs. Only been to 5 games but this boys will let you know your in Cornersville. I would buy extra Tide or whatever you use to clean uniforms because your team will get dirty grass stain on those artificial turf uniforms when these boys hit you. Hold onto your hats in this one. On Personal fouls penalties remember if you get two you could be sitting out the next week and that's not being a team player. My prediction is 30-27 Cornersville
  5. Good 1st show. Next week should be real good
  6. Now we did not stay and watch the boys game at Wilson Central but I did not see Coach Thomas there. The times I've been around him this does not sound like he would just push a young lady down. He has two childern himself. Did see some of the boys but not sure if they played. Maybe somebody that did see who coach would answer these statements. Things will be settled soon by other not on this board. Its sad to see how this has gotten on here. Its like someone already said right now its He said She said. Until everyone is under oath everyone can say what they want without anything happen to them. It sounds like it may be headed to court of law the way people are talking. TSSAA is only going to be a small part of this problem. Maybe cooler heads will step in soon. . But I'm sure both sides are in trouble about this issue. I have hardly ever seen just one side get in trouble for something like this. Both take hits big or small. They will make example of both schools if we do not watch out no matter who you thinks is right or wrong
  7. That could change things I missed that game not being scored. Does anyone Know when its going to be played?
  8. You are right a lot of schools and players would love to have this type of support.
  9. 1 Lawrence Co. 9-0 Has Columbia left to play 2 Shelbyville 6-3 Has Tullahoma left to play 3 Lincoln Co. 5-4 Has Franklin Co left to play 4 Columbia 3-5 Has Lawrence Co left to play 5 Franklin Co. 3-5 Has Lincoln Co left to play 6 Tullahoma 0-9 Has Shelbyville left to play Does anyone thinks things will change after these games. How are ties settled? You could have some if Lincoln Co beats Franklin Co and Tullahoma beats Shelbyville. Or Columbia beats Lawrence Co and Franklon Co beats Lincoln Co. Only thing for sure Lawrence Co has won the Season. Next is Tournament. I think that 1st & 2nd place get a bye in this year tournament but not sure. 3 will play 6, 4 will play 5, Then winner of 3 & 6 play 1, winner of 4 & 5 play 2. I'm I right. 6 will play at 3 and 5 will play at 4. Then we all go to Columbia Saturday for Semis and back Monday or Tuesday for Championship game.
  10. Randy...........KT got 2 technicals!! He got one after the game! The truth will come out. Didn't know you could get a technical AFTER a game.... I've seen it happen before but do not know what it does. It may get the coach off the bench for the next game or two but not sure. I have never seen a free throw shot after a game when this has happen. Does anybody know what the rule is when you get two tech one after the game,
  11. I can admit that from the Shelbyville standpoint that some things could have been handled differently. Can ANYONE from Lawrence County admit that their students were ON THE COURT Can anyone from Lawrence County admit that their student STORMED THE COURT !!! ??? Can anyone from Lawrence County admit that they had NO ADMINISTRATION THERE TO CONTROL THEIR STUDENTS !!! ??? Can you??? I was there, on the Shelbyville side since that is where I live. Everything you say about LCHS is true. It is also true that the SCHS coach got a technical after the game was over, shoved a cheerleader, and Andrews sucker-punched a kid from LCHS. If the SCHS coach had not shoved the girl the LCHS SRO might have been able to stop some of what happened. Or, better yet, if he had joined the line to shake hands along with his players it would have all been avoided. Also, every school in 8AAA wishes they had LCHS's student section (or, in some cases, ANY student section) but, guys and gals, stay off the court. Larry you are right. I sure Kevin wishes that now since it is all over. The heat of the game is what we all get caught up in
  12. As long as I have been at Shelbyville the opponents student section has been there. I can not remember anything happen like this before. But I can see it happen very easy. I thinks as fans and players we need to do better at how we act on the court and off. Is this how our society is teaching our young people how to act. I do agree that Andrews should NOT act how he does. People know this about him(Opponents, coaches, refs). So it does not take much to spark something like this. Rushing the court: I understand why a group would do this. But it can get out of hand very quickly. The SEC does not allow this because of things like this happen. Maybe as a district they put a rule in place to help this not happen. TSSAA will do something about this. What and how much who knows. On the statement that the girls have won district two years in a row(Shelbyville girls won the season undefeated last year, Lawrence Co won the district tournament last year). I sit away from both sides fans because neither say nice things about the other. These are kids not pros. They make mistake how they act is a lot like their parents or other around them. Game over win or lost enjoy the game. You can not play it for long. And someday one or the other may need the other I was not there for the fight but heard things.And I was sadden by it
  13. Are you talking about regular season or district? No doubt they can run the table in the district, but they have two regular season losses. Not sure what you are asking but Lawrence Co can go undefeated for the season when they beat Columbia. That is their last district game. Last year Shelbyville went undefeated during the season and lost to Lawrence Co in the district tournament Championship game. I am hoping we can do the same this year to them. We may can or may not. Lawrence Co is a good team. But the standings would not have changed with these two teams with either a win or lost last night.
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