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  1. there shouldnt be a shot clock in HS ball. The young people are just learning the fundamentals of the game. Colleges might wish there was a shot clock to prepare them for college, but alot of these kids will never see a college court.
  2. how come this is a broken link? I enjoyed reading about the camps and such /sad.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad.gif" />
  3. I think now that it is over, and everyone has had their say, this topic should come to an end. Good luck next year on all teams playing
  4. youre so coacht if youre surfing the internet only to see something dealing in Tennessee High School Sports,(on another site),so you go to coacht to get the real news........
  5. Jared Gaston is in the mix somewhere Greensboro Grasshoppers South Atlantic League (Class A)
  6. I think everyone is under estimating Cleveland Cleveland has played tough teams I see Cleveland in the finals.....
  7. there will be no favored team since there is no home court advantage I am going with Cleveland on this one they tasted victory before against the Lady Jets and I dont think they are done savoring the flavor Cleveland by 4
  8. well this thread has gotten too personal. amazing how a question gets asked about a group of people only to have it directed to 1 person simply amazing..
  9. isnt 50 free throws in a home game just a tad bit of an advantage? remember this is high school basketball
  10. BRAVO BRAVO........ ~standing applause~ Jackie is a great person. you forgot to add to her accolades she has been a class beauty all thru high school and was crowned this year as Homecoming Queen!!!! brawn,beauty,and brains....you go girl!!!!!!
  11. sorry Stang fans...the Lady Jets at home will zoom all over you Cumberland by 15 its hard to win on the mountain real hard to win on the mountain
  12. Pat couldnt have said it better!!!! lol
  13. it is hard to go to Cumberland and win.....and since they winning it is going to be hard to handle when they come off the mountain,ask Bradley but that is why we play the game anything can happen on any given night
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