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  1. CSAS- Porter Roberts, Carlos Clark, George Hudgens, Moses Lindsey, Martell Powell, Dontay Hampton Boyd Buchanan- Bopper Coppinger Tennessee Temple- The Skogens, Josh Templeton, Jeremy Sexton Lookout Valley- Sydney Pointer, Robert Fears Grace Academy- They had two giants that played for them in the early 2000's who were really good CCS- WIllie Lucas, Holwerda
  2. Rockvale Elem is k-5 Rockvale Middle is 6-8
  3. Girls games are now Monday(Satellite) Tuesday and Wednesday at Riverdale. Boys games are Tuesday(Satellite) Wednesday and Thursday at Riverdale
  4. Rising seniors and Blackman's collegiate academy students are allowed to stay at their current schools
  5. The video I watched( if you are talking about the Whitworth-Buchanan vs Rockvale game ) the players did rush the kicker and the play did not take that long to develop. https://www.facebook.com/foxnashville/videos/10154448899667290/ this link of the video should work
  6. the would be Crystal Dangerfield from Blackman
  7. Riverdale -Christiana, Buchanan, RockvaleOakland- Buchanan Oakland middle, Siegel middle Siegel-Siegel middle, Oakland middle, Buchanan Blackman - Blackman middle Stewart's creek and Rockvale
  8. I would say with the exclusion of warrior drive Rockvale's zone may be pretty much in line with Rockvale Middle's zone, which goes from Old Fort Parkway area behind Zaxby's and Fazolis ( January and February Streets going towards Eagleville covering parts of the River Rock, Cason Ln and St. Andrews areas
  9. I think the operative word in this thread is "kid" kids should be allowed to be kids. play as many sports as you want, because one day you wont be a kid any more and you wont have time to play sports because you will have adult obligations such as going to work and taking care of a family. I know there are special cases where some kids have a future to play in college and eve professionally but that is a small minority. Any coach who has the nerve to force a kid's hand shouldn't be coaching at the high school level
  10. Coming into this game I thought lavergne would win. If this qb play doesn't get any better people are going to load up the box and dare them to throw the ball
  11. Not only do both of those two schools play football but they both have won a county championship. Something Christiana has never done in it's existence. Rockvale feeds into Riverdale Blackman and Eagleville. Whitworth-Buchanan feeds into RIverdale and SIegel. Also Christiana does not feed into Riverdale only. Christiana has kids at Oakland also
  12. I have no ties to Riverdale whatsoever and have no reason to make an excuse for them. yes Christiana is the primary feeder into Riverdale but Riverdale also gets kids from Rockvale and Whitworth-Buchanan. I can see that being difficult for any high school coach to get three middle school coaches who are competing against each other to run his specific system. Thats all im saying
  13. Kelly Holcomb Tyrone Calico Gerald Riggs Jr
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