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  1. Sad thing is that he didn't hurt his knee making a play. He hurt it celebrating with another player after a big play in the Covington game.
  2. I sure don't miss having to battle with Springfield. We had a good stretch there between us! Good luck to the Jackets!
  3. Thanks a lot lawnman that means more than you know! Tough year for everyone and really tough one in this community. Thanks for the well wishes, I wish you and your family the same!!
  4. That is the BIGGEST compliment that our guys could give!! It would have be so easy to give up after going down 21-0 but they kept fighting. It was a tremendous opportunity for our community to be there this year after all that we have had to endure. One of the kids #44 that came out to pick up the trophy, lost his mother to Covid this year. One game, he and his brother who is one of our coaches, had to leave in the middle of the game because their mom was slipping away. That is just one of many stories of what our kids have endured this year! Hats off to Elizabethton, they gave it to us on the field but showed tremendous sportsmanship throughout and after the game! That's what it's all about to me.
  5. This is TOO FUNNY!! If you are referring to South Gibson, y'all have NO room to talk. We had to sit in a choir stand that was so low you could barely see the field. Didn't have enough room for our band much less our fans!! We should have brought our own bleachers......
  6. They are always critical when the team isn’t winning! To be honest they are terrible and can be very negative.
  7. Thanks DevilMan03!! Good luck to you guys!
  8. Looking forward to a good game tonight!! Never been to a football game at SG!!
  9. Thanks for your analysis and take it and that L you got last night and move on.
  10. Your turn to get on I 40!! We had our turn last year!!
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