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  1. i sent a money order dated 1-24-08. mo no.142-7499-182
  2. i paid for coacht plus and can't use it. how can this be corrected?
  3. I guess Smyra's coach hate he played this game. His season is shot.
  4. Smyrna's QB has been knocked out of the game with BA. Don't know how bad he is hurt
  5. I guess you are happy now the kid got hurt. BA went there to do just that.
  6. What is special about this game? You have beaten LC the last 20 times you have played them. Does this game make your season>
  7. If you are so sure RD will win why not pay LC to stay at home.
  8. you can't force people to do anything.
  9. what's the big deal of them playing eachother?
  10. when the cookie crumbles no more publics playing privates. then who you gonna call.
  11. It over the young man has been sent home so stop talking about it. i waiting to see who the next player will be to get caught. seems to me the police in knoxville has a thing for UT players.
  12. what will happen if the TSSAA has to fold ? would there be sports this school year?
  13. what is the point of playing them at all.
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