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  1. Mueller


    Its been quite some time since Tully hasn't made it out of the district...If they pull an upset I'm gonna go nuts lol.
  2. Mueller


    Alright whats the deal with Tully now? Weather/Sickness? whats really going on with my old Alum. I hate. Absolutely Hate seeing my team not even getting to play. MJUHB please pm me if this is something too bad for the boards, I've tried to call richie but haven't gotten through. Please somebody fill me in as to whats going on with Tullahoma.
  3. Poor blackman...this is how these things start...Soon enough Blackmans integrity will be called into question again...they played like that and got alot of cards a few years ago..then everyone that played them was out for blood..ref's started being bias'd... I'd hate for that to happen agian to such a talented group. Come on Blackman..you gotta know your team, especially, just cant' get away with that kinda stuff for a few years...
  4. Mueller


    Tullahoma always finds a way to be good. They lose EVERYTHING and they're back next year. Its a tradition that Chadwick seems pretty intent on keeping. Though Dylan and Cameron are gone, Pedro, Jesse, and Jose maybe an underclassman or two will fill their spots. Boland will come into his own this year and be a real force in the back. Tullahoma always finds a way, though I don't know if they'll be champs this year, they'll be in the championships.
  5. Well..Id be really happy If I was the Hume Fogg coach reading all this. They are going to be on fire when they hear all this trash. If you guys are actually CAK fans I'd say you would be wiser to try to say it will be a close match. You're only going to make Hume Fogg play better with all this.
  6. Some other Key players whose teams did well: Backstrom - Farragut Walker - Bearden Reed - Blackman Yah- Science Hill Sixtos - Independence Putman - Cookeville Brown - Hendersonville Moorad - Ravenwood Chumjock - Gallatin Dent, Jacobs - Brentwood
  7. hey Mjuhb are you gonna be watching blackman today? I was thinking of swingin by that game
  8. Yeah, as good as any. At this point, these teams are all great. Some great teams have already been left home, but these eight have remained. The four from middle tennessee deserve that recognition as much as any.
  9. I believe blackman has 11 seniors? I think I read that in my towns newspaper.
  10. I would hope that a far east tennessee would be in there. My vote is for Science hill or DB in the state tourney.
  11. Dobyns Bennett, Science Hill, Collierville. Each one has been relatively under the radar, each one has the potential to be the state champion. in AAA at least.
  12. any summary of the blackman/Tull game?
  13. Well I was a midfielder last year and we didn't have a midfielder MVP, so this is why I was wondering. Sorry if you feel that my post was counterproductive, but after the list has been named, any new information is in fact relevant, so unless you didn't know that there wasn't a midfield mvp last year then you wouldn't have a reason to complain. Not counter productive.
  14. oh ok...well that actually works out pretty perfectly then
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