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  1. Clinton beat Seymour 31-30 Clinton beat Cocke County 41-39
  2. Does anyone know how Clinton looked? I know they lost a big time scorer with Lailah Farmer leaving and going to Maryville on a full ride. But did anyone see how they looked?
  3. Is it not a rule that when a kid shoots the ball the defender has to give them room to land? I have been to numerous high school games and seen shooters get undercut by defenders and it is never called. Isn't this a safety problem for the kids? Could somebody please let me know the rule on this?
  4. If Im not mistaking Clinton already beat Farragut once this year...
  5. Amber Taylor and Cody Houck are freshman and start for Clinton High School, they also usually lead them team in points.
  6. It is hard to play thru such times when someone ends up with a career ending injury because of poor refs.
  7. I know how you feel. I watched the Clinton and Powell game. It was 15 to 4. I want to know when they changed the rules when you take a jump shot and the girl comes under her before the girl shooting lands she gets a charge. Clinton had three of those last night. Also was wondering if a girl is on a fast break and the other team grabs her jersey is that not a foul? The same two refs have called 2 other games and both of them was terrible. If TSSAA don't get control of the refs you are going to have high school kids getting hurt. Lots of parents would like to know where we send letters and tapes to TSSAA about the refs.
  8. Yes the score on coacht is right, but what it didn't mention was the second half fouls. It was 15 Clinton and 4 Powell. Clinton got beat by 11 but there was 4 jump shots that was called charges. It was hard to get a fast break when Powell grabs the girls jersey and holds her back, then doesn't even get called for the foul. I guess they have special fouls for special players. But that is fine they won't always have home refs. It is bad when the girls play as hard as they did and the refs are the deciding factor of the game. Congratulations both teams.
  9. Congratulations Clinton Lady Dragons for winning the Gibbs tournament. Clinton beat Cumberland Gap 61-55 Clinton beat Gibbs 75-69 Clinton beat Kingston in Championship 62-46
  10. Congratulations Clinton Dragons who beat Kingston in championship game 62-46. Clinton beat Cumberland Gap Monday night 61-55, then beat Gibbs 75-69. Congratulations Lady Dragons!!! Look forward to watching this season.
  11. Clinton has a very young team, so they will struggle some this year. They have two freshman that started varsity. They had a combined score of 31 points on Tuesday night game, according to the radio broadcast. Sounds like they are getting the job done and are going to help Clinton a great deal this year. Look forward to hearing more about them. Best of luck to them this year.
  12. I saw Clinton play this Saturday at Carson Newman and their little point guard was tough and I was told she was a freshman. Does anyone know who I am talking about, she wore number 3?
  13. I heard the freshman post and point gaurd were pretty good too. If they do finish third in the district it will be good considering last year.
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