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  1. I assumed that the coach had communicated what he was trying to do with the players, but I think that the question and replies were too quick to question the coach's motives and tactics, especially before the regular season has started, and more so if a parent is questioning his system. I still think that a coach who is teaching new ideas, such as a zonal defense to players who have only played man-to-man, is commendable. The players that he is training may be the coaches that take over the program in future years, and the more ideas that they are introduced to may help the program in the future.
  2. i think that it is unfair for any of us to judge what the coach has or has not done, and it is unfair to judge what the coach knows or doesn't. we all know that it depends greatly on the experience and talent of the players as well as the training. I would compliment a coach who is trying to train his/her players to play a zone in the back, especially if they have never played a zone. It may take the team most of the season if not years to play it correctly if never played before, not 2 or 3 games.
  3. Can anybody give details of what is happening at tnfc other than the firing and resignation of several coaches and DOC's? I know there was a disagreement b/t the board and the DOC, but are they going to be able to continue as a club?
  4. It is ridiculously confusing, but the winners of the semi final games will go to Baylor. The champion of the middle will play the champion of the East for the Region Championship and the number 1 Middle/East Region seed. The #2 seeds, East and Middle, will play each other for seeding purposes only. Obviously the winner will be the 3rd seed and the loser the 4th seed. The loser of the two semifinal games in the Middle will play one another at the higher seed in Middle Tennessee, not Chattanooga, on Saturday. I don't know if that makes any sense...a diagram may be necessary.
  5. In what division do you think they would play if they did get to play in post season? Would they be considered a private school/financial aid division, or a/aa?
  6. If you are going to split hairs, the entire team should get credit for the shutout, not just the back four.
  7. sccr11


    Richard Mulrooney--CBHS--played for full national team in 2002 World Cup Chad Johnson--GK--CBHS--caps for national team Ross Paule--retired MLS, Colorado Rapids, retired due to # of concussions
  8. Tape of the game shows that she was clearly in the box. Congratulations to both sides for great seasons.
  9. sccr11


    You play 2 full 10 minute over time periods. If there is not a winner, you play 2 five minute golden goal over time periods. Then PK's. Something different about the PK's is that the shooters don't have to be on the field at the end of the overtime period to take a PK.
  10. There is certainly parity in the district this year, but do any of them stand out? Do you think any of the teams are good enough to win the state tournament.
  11. Ask your coach. He is the one who knows your weaknesses the best.
  12. When you are playing mba, the last thing that you need to worry about is the surface, but to answer your question, they play on a natural grass pitch to the west of the football stadium, but the lax team plays on the artificial field. mba 2 houston 1
  13. They are not registered on Eurosport either. You can't post a game with them on your schedule.
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