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  1. This post needs to be in the Travel ball, AAU board. This is the high school baseball board.
  2. Meh. His kid should play one way or the other. He didn't do anything to warrant a suspension and it's selfish of his Dad to pull him. If he can't play without Daddy now, what's going to happen later on in life.
  3. How in the heck do ya'll figure who's north and south, cuz it ain't by a map.
  4. Going good. Pitchers and catchers report today. One of my favorite times of the year!
  5. Sweet. I'll see you at our place for sure.
  6. Are you coaching baseball howdoitknow? I think Harpeth already has Stewart on the schedule. That's a trek for us...
  7. Most of the more recognized summer ball tournaments will be with wood bats. Knights play 90% of their games with wood bats. Games go faster because there's no cheap hits. Pitchers can go inside. Lots of reasons to go wood in a tournament format. Faster games mostly.
  8. Most travel teams have enough players to overcome the few on their roster that might be playing in the state tournament and miss one tournament. I like this idea except I would play on Memorial Day and get through by Friday. As far as missing school goes, it's no different than the school that is missed for football and basketball except it's at the end of the year. In fact it's less. Football has 5 weeks of playoffs. Basketball takes a month to crown a champion. Baseball has a 3 week post season.
  9. Is it one man at TSSAA the coaches association has to convince or the board members? As much as they've monkeyed around with football over the years I would think they'd let the baseball coaches decide their own post season. Time and travel have to be the only variables that could prevent it.
  10. Lol at travel! Harpeth has 3 AA schools closer to them than anybody in their district and the DII schools really make use of the Bristol-Memphis highway. I think we have to show T$$AA what a money maker a different format would be and get some coaches to think just a little outside of the 'we've always done it like this' box. It is all about developing a pitching staff rather than riding one kids arm.
  11. I've hated the current format for years, so almost anything that doesn't have a meaningless seeding game would be an improvement. Likewise to portions of the post season being single elimination, portions double elimination along with the Wednesday game that doesn't accomplish anything but provide rest for the #1 pitcher. 1. It starts with allowing the districts to determine their own post season format including automatic bids for regular season champs. There needs to be a uniform district tournament format that everyone must follow. 2. Once the region participants are decided, I like the double elimination region or substate tournament. It is an early indicator of what is needed at the state level rather than riding one arm. Single elimination games promote arm injuries. The pitch count/days rest only marginally help. 3. Another idea is a super regional where 2 regions are combined for one big tournament and the winner goes to state. It's an 8 team double elimination tournament just like the state tournament. A one horse show will not be able to survive. Best pitching staff should win and the lopsided games are at this level rather than at state. Hey T$$AA! More $$$!
  12. Elimination games on Monday and Friday. A seeding game on Wednesday. I doubt anybody threw their #1 for more than a bullpen on Wednesday. It's not sound strategy if they did. These Wednesday scores will not be very indicative of who has the better team a lot of the time.
  13. Exactly. A 7 team double elimination bracket. I like protecting the higher seeds that lose their first game. I think that's what throws folks off. I get why they divide and go to 2 sites and play simultaneously so they can get through quicker and have the top 2 seeds ready for regions. But winning your first game and getting penalized because there's no where to go in a 3 team bracket is ludicrous. What they have now takes 10 games if you include the play in game. A 7 team bracket takes 12 +1 for the if game. Play the opening round at the higher seeds and knock out 3 games in one day and you can still play 2 brackets simultaneously for another day or two. It wouldn't take any more time to do it right. The winner is going to have to have that pitching depth to compete at state. In this light, TSSAA should dictate post season formats at the district level in my opinion. Not that they can't mess it up themselves, but it would at least be consistent across the board.
  14. If they really put that much emphasis on the regular season and want to protect the sanctity of those district games, they wouldn't start district play until almost April. Let all the basketball guys get back and play your non district games on the front end and then play a real district schedule. Do away with the freakin tournament as far as I'm concerned if you're just going to monkey up the format to protect the top 2 seeds. God I miss 11AA.....
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