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  1. 3sports

    8-AA Tournament at Greenbrier

    SC: 3 HFA: 1
  2. Tonight Coach Julie Head got her 300th career win against MLK... Congratulations and we're hoping to add some more wins on for you this year.... We all love you Coach Head!
  3. 3sports

    Need Scores For MTSCA Tournament For Saturday

    Greenbrier beat Riverdale and Brentwood beat Marshall Co.
  4. 3sports

    MTSCA Friday Pool Play Games

    Greenbrier beat Riverdale in the semifinals and lost to Brentwood in the finals
  5. 3sports


    Is that at Greenbrier or DCA?
  6. 3sports

    Hume Fogg vs David Lipscomb

    Don't know the score... but Hume Fogg won!!!!
  7. 3sports

    AA Predictions

    Yea most likely
  8. 3sports

    AA Predictions

    ohhh ok... I had heard they got a transfer in from out of state
  9. 3sports

    District 8 AA Tournament

    Station Camp beat Portland and Macon Co. beat Greenbrier....
  10. 3sports

    AA Predictions

    Who is going to be pitching for David Lipscomb this year?
  11. 3sports

    Greenbrier's Coleman reaches 1,00

    I'm sooo proud of you Kenton!!!! Congrats on the 1000th point... and you and Jeff looked so handsome in your tuxes lol...
  12. 3sports

    Station Camp Information

    If you're looking for a good volleyball program, even though tis further away than Hendersonville and Beech, Greenbrier has a really really good volleyball program
  13. 3sports

    AA State Championship

    I think Lipscomb has a shot at state
  14. 3sports

    Greenbrier at Hume-Fogg (2/8/05)

    Springfield beat Greenbrier tonight....
  15. 3sports

    MLK @ Greenbrier

    I thought the sign said.."Put down the dream of state..." And I saw classless acts from both sides some... not necessarily from MLK's students, but from their adults....