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  1. Who's the best? We all know how great the public schools are because of their size but what about the private schools?
  2. learn to spell, jon sochovka. we'll see who's callin who tater tot on friday
  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Zoccola family as they go through this tremendously difficult time. Regardless of the outcome, this game will provide an outlet for three hours of competition after an extremely painful, grueling week for both communities, especially those of Father Ryan and Holy Rosary. I fully support the JPII program and hope they win, but if they do not, it will be less painful knowing that the Father Ryan community has something to be happy about and look forward to. Good Luck and God Bless
  4. Can we get some live, streaming video of the father ryan game for those who can't or don't want to make it to hillsboro. We'd really appreciate it
  5. Golden Tate (TB, WR), Courtney Coffee (FB, LB), Josh Lovett(WR, CB), Jay Wilson (C, DT)
  6. jp2fan, i also attended st. henry school and church and was wondering how you got your move up north. send me a private message and let me know who this is by the way
  7. Your talking like father ryan has done anything against jp2. If anyone should be telling anyone else to tighten the chin straps, it should be the other way around. 49-21.
  8. Let's hear about the atmosphere we're gonna have friday night. We hear its a great place to watch a game, one of the best in tennessee because of the town's support of the team.
  9. As far as the move from AA to AAA goes, for starters, Father Ryan has little if any room to talk on the matter seeing as how they have had very limited success in the past decade in this division they claim to know so well. Secondly, JPII will be one of the smaller schools in the division. While we're on the topic of Father ryan though, they are a school of 1000+, while JPII is barely over 700. Just more food for thought.....
  10. Good one, father ryan. You guys are running your mouths like you do every year. A few good scrimmages and practices and all of the sudden they're the '85 bears. Just like was said before, father ryan always has great jv and freshman teams but the big boys must only know how to play on thursday afternoon instead of friday night. Wait until Friday August 25, 2006 at Hillsboro High School (because you have no stadium) at 7:30 then you can talk if you can pull it out
  11. That's the most ignorant comment I have ever heard. I think most people are in agreement that the three biggest high school sports are football, basketball and baseball, and probably in that order. If JPII has beaten Ryan in two out of three, with the third maybe coming this year, what other regards are you talking about?
  12. Middle will be BA ryan and JPII
  13. Are you saying Pope isn't an academic school now? or are you saying that Golden is all JPII has because if thats what your saying, why did Timmy Galvin score more points in the basketball game last tuesday and Brian Sneed scored as many touchdowns as Father Ryan did in the football game.
  14. First off Golden is not the whole team, a big part, yes, but not the whole team. Secondly, This rivalry will never contain a "no contest" sort of like duke and unc but on a smaller scale.
  15. The shocker was how overrated the "mustache mafia" is. There were no creative chants, little cheering and there were maybe 20 students who made the 30 minute drive up I65. I was disappointed. JPII's student section was louder, larger and more creative despite never receiving the front page of coacht.com or a goofy nickname.
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