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  1. there are no hills...but sheep. lots of sheep. swarming our tracks...you dont have to get smart buddy. im not tryin to use anything on you. im just saying things will be alot different when we're all in the same race, and with all these time bein so close i'd say everyone is at least gonna have a shot to win. so get off my case Pedro! this is not the bash on josh jaynes forum. and as for the arrogant stuff...i like it. its my personality. but i always shake hands after the race and i nvr cause problems so i dont see whats wrong with being arrogant.
  2. thanks matt. it stunk yesterday. we got back @ like 12:45 but I finally got some sleep. 3hrs. before those races.lol. not bad. see ya at state!
  3. im almost certain 4:27 will not be enough to destroy me crippler (afraid to let us know your name?) . do you not remember XC? my times were nowhere near middle TN's times. but i pulled through at state. does that make pair, rodewald and the other 170 ppl in that race horrible just because they lost. Im not gonna fight you over this, making our section look bad. ive worked hard this year and ill be bringing my A-game to state, so lets wait till afterwards and then you can talk all the trash you want. gphstrack and Coniglio...thanks for the comments. i look forward to running thursday. See ya there and Good luck to everyone...even you crippler.
  4. why r u gonna go and be that person? the 2 mile is a completely diff. race. i doubt ill get destroyed. are you the one who will destroy me? but who even said id be running that at state. i can go in the 800, 4x400 and the mile. I've ran 4:32. I dont think anyone will be destoying that in a/aa. I've lost many a times so it wont kill me to lose again. lets just see how things play out at state...cause im not the least bit worried...
  5. Adam pulled a hammy a couple weeks ago, but i am not hurt. I ran to win the mile and the 800. Im just horrible at the 2 mile.
  6. ur ######...i dont need ur speeches. i did all i could...i nothing more to say cause u kno ure wrong...our loss had nothing to do with me...FRA, ur #1 stunk.
  7. i do more than run my mouth. i back it up. yea the time was slow...is it my fault that you all are slow and i led the whole race...push me...ill go faster. and who r u to tell me im not good. OK im not Bumbi. did i ever say i was. NO. if im bad..ur really bad cause i killed u guys. who r u anyways? who r u to tell me im bad....######
  8. ima call a bs on beatin me in ball... lets see it buddy...like i said. yall want a peice come get it...u wont win. how r u gonna call me out...i think not. we got all of track..call me out then.
  9. how did i fail...can u do any better than first...no..im not a pansy...i could whip your ### at anything and u kno it. find me next time...well see whose the crying pansy. i did all i could do for my team...dont be an ### cause u cant stop me.
  10. well since this makes my 4th state title...i think i can talk on here. dont say im a disgrace...u only wish u could run like me. 30 miles a week...state champ. thats a way to do it. I may be self absorbed but the sold hard truth is that i backed it up...didn't I?
  11. all i saw was josh jaynes...etown stompin on all u FRA guys.
  12. Yea. FRA won. but im pretty sure they got killed by jaynes. U guys were nothin...i've been to wheelchair races that were more competitive than u all. ill nvr clap for FRA cause theyll nvr beat me...thats mcnastiness for ya. feel good about yourself...but i won the race. it will always be that way. Look what happened to FRA's #1...he messed with the best...and died like the rest. I mean did he really think he could beat me? i think not. also he was taller than me. oh well. it didnt win it for him did it. and i can dunk a basketball, can he...NO!!! i was smaller but bigger. u kno u kno. so when yall think back to winning the team championship remember me...7 of u...1 of me...u lost...real bad...and i didn't even try...look at the finish. i was smiling. ill see beat you in track.lol.
  13. FRA u think ur so tough...i wanna see ur E-Town stomp...ull nvr beat josh jaynes in anything...so don't get excited...if u win team it wont mean much to me because noone from ure team can hang with me...yea i just called u out. when ure name is josh jaynes or joseph pair, then come back and talk crap. It will take better than a 16:30 to stop me. Maybe u were talkin about winnin team but nobody will be talkin about that. they'll be to busy talkin bout how i stomped ALL 7 FRA runners...Bring it girls.
  14. todd smalling is a crazy fast runner and works harder than anyone in the state...he's a machine. I don't think anyone has a chance at beating him. injured or not, its gonna take somethin crazy to beat him. good luck Todd.
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