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  1. Reports are he has been in town a lot of times lately. If he has no intentions what on earth is he trying to accomplish? I don’t know him personally so can’t say what he’s doing.
  2. Would you like to retract this statement and many others….oh ye of little faith.
  3. Your new coach should be able to get you a silver ball next season. The team we played was all underclassmen and should win the gold.
  4. I’m not sure that’s entirely true. Time will tell I guess.
  5. Why did you change your screen name? Change team alliances?
  6. That was confusing. In other news. What’s the timeline?
  7. What are some of the different things?
  8. Lots of pole polishing talk in here. Shouldn’t we be more concerned with polishing the new ball? Do we need to let Geno take care of that for us or someone else?
  9. 200 pound RBs in the 6th grade. It sounds like you just need to go on up to 3A and meet Alcoa every year.
  10. That 2007 was a really good team. I’m partial to the 2003 team but we ran into that pesky sweater vest bunch from Moore Rd.
  11. Unfortunate for those guys then if either wanted the job full time.
  12. Any chance they leave it as “co” going forward? It worked for Greenback a few years ago.
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