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  1. Buschman you raise some good questions... I will try to answer The Hulk showboat is flexing your muscle stuff in center ring I have never seen a JCS cheerleader as of today ever take a sign to the other teams sideline and displayed it after beating them . Kids talk , they can't keep secrets ...if it was ever done it would have gotten out believe me at a small school like JCS it would have gotten out. The school administration would never allow it. ( I would bet my paycheck on that). Over the years JCS has had alot of big games and victories they have celebrated with class don't get me wrong Celebrating is good you should celebrate. IMO you do not go to the other teams sideline and flaunt it in their faces especially after it took overtime for you to beat someone as it did last year for FA . Go Eagles....
  2. You will see JCS win big in a class act way.... the JCS administation will allow and expect nothing less.... you will not see the JCS cheerleaders runover to the FA crowd after the game with a CRY ME A RIVER sign to unfold or a JCS player come over and do a Hulk Hogan showboat stance. JCS will come to your house beat you and show how a real winner acts when they come to your house and beat you . Go Eagles!
  3. Heard Bijon moved last week to Nashville to play at a private school? Is this so? What school? Did his mom go with him?
  4. Don't ya'll need to be preparing for who you play next? You got beat 38-12 instead of 50-12. ( my buddies at USJ tell me they had 2 TDs called back and put their 3rd string offense in 3rd qtr ) the kickoff return team for USJ is all frosh and soph. Do you really think you would have returned that kickoff if Liles, Pappis, Dement, Wallace, Long, Yancey, Conley and Findley were out there. Hey look on the bright side you never have to play them again thumb But you do us.... .
  5. NWTennSports "Class 1A in West Tennessee is about to get very good". Where you been? Region 7A has been very good in West Tn, has been very good for many years and will conitnue without USJ.
  6. The fact that JCS had 6 turnovers against a team like DCA and only lost by 3 TDS should scare you TCA. JCS won't be playing DCA this week ... DCA and TCA are not in the same ballpark... Don't think for a minute Cohu will not have his squad up for this game. Hirschfield will redeem himself Friday night..
  7. Hirschfield will put up big numbers. JCS will hush the TCA crowd quickly.
  8. Glad to hear Perry County will not be a cake walk, look forward to the competition.. keep this in mind while PC has worked hard so they can compete with the privates, so have the privates and they will not be a cake walk either. Heard Marley has his boys on the field Monday morning before school started.
  9. Region 7-A games TCA @ JCS ( Look for JCS to have a very good game) FA @ Middleton ( FA picks up their 1st win) USJ @ Perry County ( Perry Cty will give USJ a game) your thoughts on these games
  10. Refs did not lose the game for SS. The Hawks scored went for the xtra point and missed wide left . USJ then gave you the ball on the 10 yard line, a gift out of the blue SS could not get it in, went for a field goal, USJ blocked it ( way to go Andrew Long). USJ later scored and hit the xtra point. The radio folks said USJ held SS 3 times on 4th down conversions. If this game was played next week it could go the other way, Refs did not lose this game for SS.
  11. giterdone

    DCA vs JCS

    Ground or air JCS they will be hard to stop. JCS by 14
  12. Should have just stayed in Jackson where they belong. Doesn't Chester County have its own paper? Should Jeremy Peppas have left the Jackson Southside game (a Jackson team ) to cover a jamboree in another county that has a local paper that is already covering it. IMO No. Jackson has enough teams in Jackson to keep them (the Jackson Sun) busy on Friday nights. This Friday I believe all 7 Jackson teams will be in action. Hope they all have stories and pictures, but I doubt they will. I heard the Sun is cutting their coverage of football due to lack of staff well they need to keep the Jackson coverage and drop the teams that get covered by their local papers. This is our local paper cover the Jackson Boys..
  13. Let me 1st say in defense Jeremy Peppas of the Jackson Sun he can only be in 1 place at a time. IMO The Jackson Sun needs to cover the Jackson teams, Jackson has 7 high schools that should be covered on Friday nights. It is the ONLY coverage these boys will get. I believe Milan, Humboldt, Greenfield, McKenzie, McNairy, Adamsville, Riverside, Trenton, Chester County, Huntingdon, Haywood, Bolivar, Dyersburg, Dyer County, all have papers that cover their games. The Jackson Sun does not have enough reporters to cover the Jackson teams ( key word JACKSON ) and the other teams not in Madison County that get covered already by their local paper. If I stepped on your toes, sorry but our boys from Jackson when playing should never not be covered so 2 teams in another town can be and yes it has happened. Jeremy does a really good job , I realize he does not call the shots on where to be. BYW where is the football preview that has come out forever did I miss it.
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