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  1. I have to say after watching Elizabethton last week shut down Greeneville, I feel they are one of the best teams in the area, and I feel they will be able to stop North's running game and we all know North can't pass. Elizabethton 28 North 7
  2. IMO< this will be the best game in the area this Friday night and I will be there to watch. Boone has a real chance to come out of this game with a victory. It really depends on if Coach Clark has found his old winning ways and decided to bring it out in 2009, when you don't have the talent you have had in previous years it all comes down to the coaching and running plays that put you in the best position to win the game. How is CS's knee?
  3. Well I was awfully dang close on my score. Once again Tennessee Football is just better, see Tennessee High vs Virginia High score as well.
  4. Witten has turned the cyclones into a nice little power house that I wouldn't want to mess with. lol If they continue to play the way they did tonight they will make a nice run deep into the playoffs.
  5. Any tips on parking??? Barb get there early.The parking is awful here.The best thing to do is park on one of the streets near the stadium. Arrive early and the church parking lot is a good spot. That is where I always try to park.
  6. wgrv in greeneville carries the coverage....they use to stream it from their web site but i'm not sure if they still do. i think this is the premeir match-up in NET this weekend. if greeneville is healthy, they are pretty darn hard to run on...and if if we have hall and church back, will really pressure betsy's qb...how's betsy's size up front? Thanks Barb, as of now this is the game I plan on attending. Nothing like watching a high energy game like this one will have when these two teams meet.
  7. This will be the best game in Northeast, Tn for this Friday night. I would love to make it to this game, if I am not able to make it to the game what radio station will carry the game if there is one?
  8. After seeing what Farragut did against DB and seeing their scores the past couple of weeks, I feel Farragut is going to be impossible to beat this season. Domination comes to mind... Farragut 42 West 7
  9. My favorite stadium for many years now has been Dobyns Bennett. You have to get there early to get a good seat, but it is the most exciting place to spend a Friday night! Hopefully the Indians get back to their winning ways so it is just as exciting this year as in years past.
  10. Sounds to me like you are could be a parent of #29 and might be jealous that he isn't getting more carries, just what I read into when I see what you have to say. I see it all the time when a school has a good player, kids on the team support the player, while the parents bad mouth the kid. Thus why parents need to leave the message boards alone and let the kids handle everything themself. I see volunteer has cherokee this week, even a 4th string back for Volunteer should rush for 100 yards or more against the Chiefs. They have one of the worst rushing defenses in Northeast, Tn
  11. Cocke has lost what now 22 games straight? Make it 23 as Crockett will look like a college team playing a middle school team this Friday night.
  12. You really think Chris will have a great night? If I was Clark I would be careful with him against SC, he torched them the past two years and I am sure they will have revenge on their minds. Now since this isn't a coference game, I would play it safe, let him get less then 15 carries.
  13. Wait a minute isn't that the complaint by Volunteer fans every week that the offensive line can't block and defensive linemen are in the back field on every play? Although it seems like the Rogers kid can make something out of nothing from the stats he has put up. Once again just going from what I have read on this board and tricitiessports.
  14. I would expect more talk to be going on, guess Virginia people either don't know about coacht, or don't care. Doesn't matter though Tennessee High will make easy work of VH.
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