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  1. You talk a lot behind that computer screen. It might catch up with you one day.
  2. True Story. Upperman will be pretty good this year. And they should be. They have 20+ seniors and half of them have been playing since they were frosh and soph. York could be the District MVP for Upperman. Upperman did win the scrimmage no doubt, but it was obvious that Cookeville was pretty basic in trying to learn from a new staff, a new system, new terminology, with a couple of weeks work in the books. On top of that, if your going to defend what Upperman does, you will have to prepare for that. And obviously you don't gameplan to win a scrimmage. On the reverse side of that, I was expecting a 6A school to look a lil better, especially in the trenches. Congrats to my good friend Coach Herron who could have a special season this year in Baxter as long as the key players stay healthy. I think it will be a very competitive district this year.
  3. He's everywhere this year. Postal, you've been in hiding with those three 2-8 seasons. This year he's back building up everything red and white and slinging ish everywhere on the boards. CoachT hits and ratings go up when Westmoreland shows a pulse.
  4. First SC/LA game I've missed since the start of the streak, so obviously I didn't see the game. But anyone that didn't see LA having the capability (as they have in most years past) just isn't thinking clearly. Now the margin of the score is a bit surprising and from personal experience I would not want to be on that practice field next week. LA is a VERY talented team that ended a streak that shouldn't have lasted as long as it did quite honestly. They could do well the rest of the way if they continue to work and stay disciplined. SC on the other hand has not arrived yet from what I have seen and heard, but I feel they will if history proves me correct. And as one poster from the mountain has already alluded, the is no gimme games for SC at this point, now get back to work and play SC football.
  5. The fact is...LA's offensive line very well may be the strength of their team. LA is extremely experienced and talented this year and is VERY capable of going into "The Hole" and ending the streak. This game will be won by the team who wins the LOS.
  6. King - Live play by play text feed at www.peteysports.com. If you have an iPhone, simply use your browser to find the site and then make then once your there, save it as an icon to your home screen. I had to do this last week to keep up and I will have to do it again this week from Hotlanta myself. Go Vols!
  7. Everyone makes mistakes from players to coaches to officials. The ball will bounce funny in every game. At the end of the game, whose left standing? That's the only question. That is who the best team is that night.
  8. I don't have to be at the game to see that it wasn't the deciding factor when a player rushes for 9 yards a carry.
  9. I wasn't able to see it, but stats tell that the line play didn't go in favor in Gordonsville's favor like originally expected by some. Manning averaged 9 yards a carry!
  10. First Smith County/Gordonsville game that I'm gonna miss since I came to my first one as a spectator back in 1999. Hate that I'm missing it. Go Owls!
  11. I do expect to see White County play a different brand of ball. They have an unproven but young and energetic coaching staff. I can see them making an improvement to equal that of DeKalb County when Trapp took over the reigns.
  12. Good post. Not many people would get on here (most of the time caught up in saying worse things) and apologize. Something should be said for that.
  13. No one is going to respond to this because everyone knows that the kids that stand out at Smith County are in fact from Smith County, every year. Why would SC recruit? They beat your team every year. No need to recruit. And on top of that, your a troll looking for attention. FAIL.
  14. I couldn't wait to get back on the T and watch fatshady splash around. Kharma is a beach! Even the king himself in the press box couldn't pull out a win against FCS. Or maybe it was that weak schedule not preparing your boys fatty. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, you and King.
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