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  1. I give Peabody the edge simply for the fact that the stands at Dyersburg on both sides are rather flat to me. What I mean by that it is a low-rise. This stands on the home side at Peabody offer a much better view as they are a bit steeper. Your view from the top row at Peabody is a much better view than your view from the top row at Dyersburg. Plus, being in the media I believe Peabody has the best and most media-friendly Press Box for high school sports in West Tennessee.
  2. I don't know if they should get turf or not but what I do know is they've got to do something about that crown on the field. You got to be a goat to go sideline-to-sideline there.
  3. I just got their roster from head coach Andre Lott and there are 37 players listed on their roster. That roster has only 8 players with lineman numbers. One of those lineman, a tackle is 6 ft 3 in tall and goes to 230. They have a center who is 6ft tall at 315 lb. That cat is an offensive line by himself. 10 returning starters from last year 5 on offense 5 on defense. They did lose five offensive lineman from last year plus their quarterback to graduation
  4. Dickson is Allstate on defense. What I can't understand is why isn't he Allstate on offense? He is an absolute Beast
  5. The overall facility at Peabody is by far the best in West Tennessee. No need to troll their Stadium.
  6. I was just wondering if there are any fans of St George's on Coach T? Would like to talk a little football about the game at your place Friday night. The game will be broadcast on Fox Sports Jackson 105.3 FM. The Countdown To Kickoff Pregame Show begins at 6:30 p.m. Central Time with Diamond Dave McCulley and Stan Gerard calling the action. You can listen to the game online at http://www.foxsportsjackson.com You can also listen on your cell phone by calling 605-468-5762.
  7. I heard old Roy Dillard goes up and down it all the time. You think I'm joking, but I'm not!
  8. If they had stayed in the West, Huntington's record would most likely have been worse then the record you indicated over the last few years. After all, with their move to a region that is more Mid-State orientated, the Mustangs should Breeze with ease through their region schedule on a yearly basis. It's not the Mustangs fault, but there are more cupcakes and Twinkies on that Regions schedule then Hostess could put in a box. You could pick any region week of the year as your homecoming week and not have anything to worry about. Huntington's only competition until the playoffs will come from their non region schedule.
  9. See as this thread has gotten completely derailed, I thought I would try and get back on the tracks. With all due respects to the dog and pony show, this game between Peabody and Milan just maybe the game of the year in West Tennessee. You can't ask for anything more during week 1. Milan coming to this game with a lot of vigor. They have some great athletes who want to show out and avenge a heartbreaking loss to the golden tide last season. On the other hand Peabody comes in this game potentially without their quarterback due to injury. If that ends up being the case I know that the chosen replacement is more than capable of holding his own under Center. He would add a different dynamic to the golden tide team. I think this game will be a seven-point game either way you look at it. With that being said, I give the edge to Peabody in this contest. They are so hard to be at their house. The atmosphere that will be on display at Thursday night will not be matched by any other game that is played this season in the entire state of Tennessee in my opinion. I think both teams will show out and I think Peabody will win in a very tight and possibly defensively minded game. Coaching and which team makes the better adjustments will be the deciding factor
  10. Dirty Pakistani. I spit my adult beverage all over my phone when I read that one.
  11. I am no internet hero. I am a jukebox Hero. And don't worry, if you take your vitamins, drink your milk, and say your prayers, you might obtain my wisdom from close to 20 years in the radio and television Sports Broadcast business. I would not ask for our Lord to give you what I have. Severe back injuries are not for sissies and you have to be a tough and mean SOB to deal with what I'm currently dealing with. Also, I will probably have a glass of vodka before I go to bed. Chances are that will make me sleep well. Thank you. Thank you very much.
  12. I think that is a bit of a stretch play agree with your choice of a game winner
  13. I would not go so far as giving out my address to anyone. Reason being, a former radio crew from another School defaced my home and yard after a ball game one night. I kept some of the tools the thing you use to deface my yard for several years waiting for the opportunity to seek revenge. Thanks to the game where the pony ran loose, I left my revenge right in the schools beak. I sprayed a lot of monkey B gone that night. It was also the night that Big Ed wore that Infamous sweater vest
  14. Don't know who you are personally but I'd sure love to shake your hand someday, even though we are involved with other teams. I have come to respect your posts over the last few years. I also appreciate the way you have handled my digs at Milan this year. You see the humor in them where others may not. I would be glad to sit down with you and tell stories over a few glasses of vodka someday.
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