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  1. Einstein, nobody is blasting the Umpire for correctly enforcing the rule. Get that through your skull. It sure sounds like this discussion has gotten somebody's undies all in a bunch so their bush can't be shaken.
  2. What some people fail to realize is that nobody is condoning the actions by Dusty Rhodes on the field that day. Also nobody is saying that the Umpire involved with the ejection of Dusty Rhodes did anything wrong in any way. What people are continuing to fail to understand is that if the hybrid stance was a point of emphasis all year long why was the pitcher in question not confronted one single time all year long by umpires in multiple associations over the hybrid stance? Inquiring minds. who were just shaking the bush, want to know.
  3. You still fail to address Big Ed's original question. What about the inconsistencies by the umpires who all season long did not make this call against the picture or the team? Please address this none of your other BS just answer the question. What about the amps who all season long did not make the call against this team or the player for an illegal stance? Inquiring minds want to know your thoughts on this subject. Or are you just going to stick together and Duck and Cover? I will be shaking the bush waiting for your response.
  4. It is my understanding that this was the first time all seaon, including state tournament games, that Haywood and the pitcher were called on this hybrid stance issue. Does not seem like it is that big a point of emphasis. There has to be more to this than a coach just going wacko.
  5. The coach at Haywood County has created a huge mess that current returning and future players will have to deal with. I hope that the administration at Haywood County will also take apprpriate action.
  6. I feel bad for the returning baseball players at Haywood County. They will pay a penalty for something they had nothing to do with. This is far from the first controversy that this coach has been involved in. You know what they say about Karma, she's not a nice lady. The Bionic Elbow fell hard on The Dream. Haywood County baseball now has to deal with the nightmare.
  7. As my team has been moved to Division 2 by the powers that be, I thought I would slide on down and try to wake up this board. Get ready folks cause Big Ed Mo, Reitz Fan, and Intense are on our way and we are going to shake things up. We are like the Boogey Man....cause we're coming to get you. You may not see us but you will know we are here as we will be the ones "shaking the bush".
  8. I had a response to you that I thought I had posted. Somehow it didn't take and looking back I'm glad that it didn't. Comments like yours are not worth responding to
  9. I have spent several hours thinking of something to say without success. I can stop thinking because Big Ed said it good.
  10. It is a very hard loss to swallow for TCA. Congratulations to Greenback
  11. My quote to the errors we have committed... "You are killing me Smalls"
  12. As of 10:45pm on Thursday, there are 2 more posts on page 1 of this thread than there are on both the AA and AAA threads combined Pretty sad.
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