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  1. First off, I would like to welcome you to the conversation. It is always good when we can get the perspective of some of the teams from the East. Let me also assure you that nobody from TCA is overlooking The King's Academy. We respect all opponents and especially those who are still playing basketball at this time of the year. I'm sure the other schools in the West feel the same way. Personally, I think there are many people who follow basketball across the state who are surprised that all four teams from the division two West region are still alive and have made it to the Elite 8 of our tournament. You did note that you hoped that the teams in the West did their research and you pointed out some of the strengths of TKA. We in the West know of your strengths, we respect them, and we are preparing for them. I do caution you and say that I hope that you have done your research on the West as well. A storm is brewing here in West Tennessee. Our four remaining teams certainly have no love for one another and have beaten on each other all season long. On Friday that storm will be barreling east on interstate 40 like a freight train going wide open downhill. I hope that everybody is going to be braced for the collision. There are only a total of seven games left in this basketball season. After Friday night we will be down to a mere three games. Here's hoping for some epic battles on Friday!
  2. Let's assume all four teams from the West win on Friday. Obviously, the brackets are redrawn as you will have had number one seeds lose. Should all four West teams win the only way that it could be seeded would be 1 TCA 2 TRA 3 USJ 4 Harding Academy. That should make semi final matchups featuring 2 TRA v 3 USJ and 1 TCA v 4 Harding Academy. Any other seeding would be totally illogical.
  3. USJ, Tipton Rosemark, and Harding Academy with impressive wins tonight. Going into Friday's Elite 8 play, all four West Region teams move on.
  4. She started and played the second half and was totally ineffective.
  5. USJ destroyed Silverdale 74-40. If I were Goodpasture, I would be very worried.
  6. At the half, USJ leads Silverdale 55 to 25. Apparently the Silverdale miss basketball candidate has not played in this game for an unknown reason
  7. That is correct Big Ed. There is no logical reason for it unless you're talking travel. I believe USA would have gone to the east end of the state and that is why that game has been set at a neutral site location. For the life of me I cannot understand why they get to host a higher-seeded team from Nashville. then the winner of that game will go to TKA. Should USJ play two games they will have to make two trips, Harding a lower seed will only have to make one trip.
  8. I am absolutely not saying that any of teams you mentioned are pushovers. The bracket is also set up so it could be multiple teams from any region make the final four. Ultimately that is what you want the best possible final four field. If two or three of them happen to be from the same region, so be it. No disrespect meant nor intended to any team still playing basketball at this time of the year.
  9. What was wrong with the Greenfield chants of "over rated" last season against Lee was that they occurred in the post game awards ceremony. That was way wrong and very unsportsmanlike. Based on that, some Greenfield adults should not complain about another teams student section giving them grief. JMO!
  10. One way that the private school bracket is far superior to the public school bracket is that the way it is seeded. What does not make sense to you actually makes perfect sense. The division two bracket is set up so that there is a possibility that multiple teams from the same region could make it to the final four. If the four best teams in the state are actually from the same region, in theory they will have a chance to be the final four left in the state. You are obviously not going to get that to happen the way the public school tournament is lined up. My only gripe is where they have some of the seeds bracketed. In other words, teams who finish one and two should be set in opposite brackets not in the same bracket. I believe that most of the reason that the bracket is set up the way that it is in D2 is because of travel. I get that and understand it, but in the end the proper seated matchups are what is most important.
  11. Here is what I do not understand about the division two girls bracket. As an example, if all three number one seeds win on Friday, and Tipton Rosemark wins Tuesday and Friday, TCA and Tipton Rosemark would play in the state semifinals. I simply don't understand how that can be. Logic dictates that they should be in opposite brackets. Of course this entire point is moot should any of the number one seeds fall on Friday. If that happens, the final four will be redrawn.to me it is clear that TCA and Tipton Rosemark are two of the top teams. They should be bracketed opposite of each other since they come from the same district and region. For the most part I like the way the playoff tournament is run in Division 2. Sadly, the championship brackets are whacked. I understand that part of the reason has to do with cutting it down some of the cross state travel. However, correct matchups are most important. Just my opinion.
  12. TCA wins 60 to 52 over Tipton Rosemark. TCA with a 13 to 1 run to finish the game. Standing room only crowd who got more than their monies worth! I would not be at all surprised to see these two teams meet one more time in Nashville with a big gold ball on the line.
  13. The state quarterfinals are actually played at school sites. Only the semifinals and finals are at Lipscomb. In division two there is a real prize if you stay out of losers bracket games. Once you get to Nashville it is still bracketed. There is no redraw like there is in the D1 tournament when they hit Murfreesboro. In D2 the bracket rotates a little bit every year as well to keep matchups fresh
  14. So when the gate does not pay for officials and workers, does the SCIAA and the two participating schools each pony up the difference or is the host school stuck with this?
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