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  1. A fairly accurate description of the game I think. You were gifted at least two touchdowns. TCA was selling out in an attempt to stop or slow down your run game and we blew pass coverage twice . Sadly, that was the difference in the game . The DA offense was extremely predictable. You ran 100% to the strong side on every rushing play. Number one is good don't get me wrong but DA had a hard time finishing in my opinion. However, if if ands and buts were candy and nuts, everyday would be Christmas. TCA was given a good opportunity to steal a win and we did not finish. Thus, my statement that we let one slip away has validity. Nobody to blame but ourselves.
  2. I will answer that question Big Ed. The ONLY chance Gibson County has of making the playoffs is to beat Peabody. If they do they're in. If not, they would end up in a tie for 4th Place with either Adamsville or McKenzie. Gibson County loses the tiebreaker to either one of those two teams via head to head. I asked GC Pioneer this, how do you feel about your chances of making the postseason now?
  3. Heartbreaking loss for TCA tonight as they fall 28-13 to the defending state champions from Davidson Academy. TCA had their chances in this game. Blown coverage on pass defense lead to a couple of Davidson Academy touchdowns. TCA also allowed a couple of 4th down conversions. If I'm not mistaken at least one of those 4th down conversions had the end result have another Davidson Academy touchdown. Many people thought the Davidson Academy would come to Jackson and roll over TCA. Well, Davidson Academy won the game but they certainly knew that they had been in a tough battle when the game was over. Conversely, many TCA people left the stadium tonight with a Feeling that we let one slip away.
  4. Pirate Mike I live in Madison County, specifically Jackson Tennessee. I stay out of Shelby County at all cost if I can. I have had to have dealings with Shelby County in the sports Realm. I mainly jumped into the this particular Fray when you said the private schools were the problem. They actually are not the problem at all private schools got a foothold and got rolling because of a crappy public school system. To blame private schools at all for the message Shelby county is actually wrong. Shelby County only has Shelby County to blame for the mess in the public schools. That is my opinion and there's blame to be throwing around on many levels from Mom and Dad to teachers and administrators along with politicians and probably a bunch more people. It's just not one person. I don't really blame the suits as you call them either. Those suits pay a tremendous amount of property taxes which fun the school system. If those suits weren't there and contributing that tax base the schools would be in even worse shape. I agree that may not have been the best worded statement that you have made because I read a lot of what you say and it really makes sense. Was not trying to bash you personally. I am a private school guy who supports one team in particular. And I will go to war against another private school at the drop of a hat over a ball game or something like that. You know we get rather chippy with each other over here in the West and it can get pretty ugly at times . But I will rally around private schools as a whole when we are attacked in what I perceived to be an unfair manner. Hope you have a blessed day sir and I look forward to reading your posts and comments in the future
  5. Apparently I got somebody's panties in a wad. When that happens somebody usually doesn't like the truth
  6. If I am reading things correctly you disagree with my point when I said that fixing the problem must come from within. I believe that you think I meant that the problem must be fixed by teachers and administrators of the schools. While that is true to an extent, when I said the problem must be fixed from within, I meant that had to start in each individual household in Shelby County with parents of a child doing the right thing. While I set it slightly different. We are on the same page
  7. Let me address your post. First you said private schools were part of the problem. Why is that? The reason private schools are becoming more prevalent in Shelby county is because of the collapsing condition of the public schools. The private schools didn't bring this on in any way shape or form. The public schools did it to themselves. What other funding for public schools is needed besides property taxes? Tradertwo eloquently and factually explained why throwing tons of money at the Shelby County School System is not resulted in better schools. You also ask what am I doing to help. Why should I help the public school system in Shelby County? I don't live there and I do not enter the County unless absolutely necessary. I live in Jackson Tennessee and I pay property taxes which fund the bulk of the money for our Public Schools. I do not even have a child in the system. The cost per child ratio is very high in Madison County and we are not receiving resulting higher test scores. The moral of the story is that simply throwing money at the issue will not turn around and fix the problem. While you took time to bash private schools let's also remember that the parents of private school students also pay property taxes to fund the public school system in addition to paying tuition for their children to attend private school. You also seem to try and say that I am part of the problem for the lack of quality of public schools. I would love for you to explain that. As I live in Madison County, it is not my duty to help fix a broken down rust-bucket school system like the one in Shelby County. If you want to improve that dumpster fire of a school system, you must look from within. Rebuild those schools from the inside out. Better public and neighborhood Pride would be a good start. Many mothers and fathers in Memphis need to start worrying more about their kids and less about where they're going to get their next beer, cigarettes, or lottery tickets. The moral to my rant is don't expect me as an outsider to help fix a broken down Memphis school system repairs must start from within.
  8. Thank you sir. On behalf of my broadcast partner and I, we again I want to thank you and the staff at Columbia Academy for the hospitality that we were shown last Friday night. As far as my back goes, I have had some slight Improvement but not nearly what I'm going to need to have a decent quality of life. I am told that it will be a long process. Good luck to you guys during the rest of your season.
  9. The Davidson Academy bears will travel to a Jackson Tennessee for their first ever meeting with the TCA Lions this Friday. The radio broadcast of the game will be on Fox Sports Jackson 105.3. Dave McCulley and Stan Gerard will have the call of the game beginning with The Countdown To Kickoff Pregame Show at 6:30 p.m. Audio streaming will be available at http://www.foxsportsjackson.com . You may also listen to the game on your cell phone by calling 605-468-5762. Fox Sports Jackson 105.3, in association with the a TCA audio video Department, will also have live streaming video of this broadcast. The video broadcast is tentatively scheduled to begin at 6:55 p.m. the link for the video stream is at http://www.tcalions.com/live .
  10. I was waiting on someone to try and put blame on the private schools for the mess in Memphis. Didn't think it would come from one of the longtime posters on Coach T though. Also suits as you call them, can donate money to whatever they want to. After all it is their money. You must also remember that these suits also pay ridiculous amounts of property taxes which go to fund the public schools. Thus these suits are paying their way. Your comment was not exactly well-thought-out and is disappointing from a person of your stature on Coach T. The bottom line is a coach and a school played an ineligible player and they got caught. It is sad that the kids that did right have to pay the price but there is no other way to get around it. A school and a player were wrong. That is all that needs to be discussed.
  11. Another reason I have zero respect for the Shelby County School System and another reason I have zero respect for Freedom Prep.
  12. The three games you mentioned were among the most difficult to make a pick. If I would have had a dartboard I may have used that you decide. LOL
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