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  1. What year did your kids quit? Did they make it to atleast their 10th grade year? Ive personaly seen many "studs" in middle school never make it in highschool because 1. Playing against better competition 2. Parents let them quit before they have a chance to even learn the system and earn a right to play. The easy scape goat for this is always "politics". As for the parents who have the kid who can knock the "star" player on his butt (not only talking about you here) many times the parent only sees that play in practice but in between plays while your talking to your friends, you never see the coach have to line your son up in the right spot everytime, or see the coach explain to him that even though that was a great hit, he was susposed to be running somewhere else and that if he hadnt made that great hit it would have been a touchdown because he screwed up. Having coached a little myself i can say that as many posters on here have. Great talent doesnt always play and may give the appearance of favoratism but almost always its for reasons like i just mentioned. If I could just walk onto the field with your great sons and say "line up here and when you get the ball run here" then like in little league and middle school, "everyone could play"
  2. If you havent noticed Bearden, the team you guys beat last year, hasnt just been a barn burner the last few years either. There hasnt been any changes there either. So dont say its just cause your in South Knox.
  3. As a former HS coach and College player ill tell you. 4.5 40's are good for any position in Highschool and a TRUE 4.5 is even better. I would guess the average college prospect lineman (250 + pounds) is going to run in the 4.8 -5.05) of course there will be better times and worse times than that. The average college prospect at reciever, rb, db, and lb All grouped the same cause regardless of size will be about the same will range from 4.5 to 4.6 obviously some will be faster and some will be slower. As far as Highschool kids running sub 4.5 40's (legit) i havent seen it. (coached a rb who also won GA 5a 100 m in track and he only ran a 4.52 40. As 40 times go, in general they are considered a tool to evaluate players speed. BUT it is not always a good tool. How many times have you ever seen a lineman run 40 yards straight in a game. or for that much how often does a rb break a 40+yard run. There are many things that a college coach looks at besides 40 time. I will admit that 40 time does catch their eye, but only if its extreem. such as a 4.3 or a 5.6. just out of curiosity, who knows what Jerry Rices' or steve largent's was? http://pages.prodigy.net/seangates31/RiceFacts.htm
  4. if you want some real good information go to post #825438613 there is some valualble stuff through out that board.
  5. Fan support is good here in Tn for the most part but like Tx and Pa. go to South GA and you'll see some real fan support. I just wish East tn (especially the Knox area) would put more support in to it from the admin. of the school point.
  6. 5-5 or maybe 6-4 but a definate improvement..
  7. The biggest problem you will come into if you allow school systems to decide and AD's approve transfers (without a valid move). Any coach worth anything is not going to let his AD approve a transfer of a student who is anygood at all. Therefore the only kids who will be allowed to transfer are the ones who arent 1st or potentially 1st string down the road material. Then after the transfer you run into the same problem. The parent is mad cause their son/daughter is not playing and then what? transfer back?
  8. bdog3741

    2A Gold Ball

    Alcoa 2004 state champs Alcoa 2005 state champs good luck guys
  9. Congrats to the Rebels. Sure did hate to see those THS fans whose been on here all year talkin and screamin for ya. Guess they got what they wanted.
  10. Im suprised myself to see Fulton make it this far. Congratulations guys on a great season. Bring home the Gold again next week.
  11. James "choo choo" Parker South Doyle from about 89-92 Very tuff and would have been much better but had no supporting cast around him or any blockers for that much. Signed at MTSU
  12. bdog3741

    Speed Training

    For a team like Bearden who is fixing to spend well over $5 gran to bring in a group for the next 7-8 months, what would you and ghost recomend? Is the 3 people fort sanders sends going to be good enough for about 50-70 kids or is there a better solution to this. ( besides bringing in 10 trainers)? Do you feel that our program will benifiit from bringing these guys in?
  13. bdog3741

    Speed Training

    that was recomended to the coach tonight but he was not interested in it.
  14. Beardens site www.beardenfootball.com
  15. bdog3741

    Speed Training

    Bearden is taking bids to have a strength and conditioning coaches come in and do our spring weight lifting and conditioning. Right now Fort sanders west has put in a bid and we are waiting on another company to submit another. Either way come jan 1 our coaches will not be conducting our strength and conditioning program all the way till camp. After reading everything that Grey Ghost has written im starting to believe this will be a good thing for our program.
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