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  1. Hard to argue with that dang record! i saw the 95 team play and i thought they were pretty amazing.
  2. Here is a good article about the game from the Sparta newspaper. http://www.myspartanews.com/articles/2013/11/06/sports/football/doc527a4594ee67b077699091.txt
  3. I can not wait either, even if we lose I will pull for Cleveland the rest of the way because I do not want to see Rhea Co win it.
  4. 31-0 Sparta prediction is beyond idiotic, wake up! I am telling you Sparta will come to play and they will be psychical but they do not have the speed to match the raiders offense. Our offense is to one dimensional to keep them off balance, we can not throw the ball well enough to keep them from stacking the box. I want Sparta to win as much as anyone but Cleveland is on a higher level than anyone we played excluding Rhea Co who we lost to 33-6. Like I said before our only shot is to get 200 + yards rushing and a couple of turn overs and not turn it over our self. We can not win a shootout with them, their QB is by far the best player we have faced all year and if we do not get pressure on him he will carve us up.
  5. After watching the highlights of their qb on youtube I feel even less confident, he can throw the football.
  6. We were a basketball school, everyone beat us in football back then,I can promise you this, those games will have no bearing on Friday nights game. Stay classy
  7. Just like we beat up on you all in Basketball, even Vincent Yarbrough couldn't save you as we knocked you off on our way to one of back to back state championships
  8. Yes they did, the only close game was here in 98 I was a sr but times have changed.
  9. Thanks for the report, sounds pretty much what i expect to see Friday night, I just hope we do not get blown out, we have not faced a fast team all year nor have we faced a good passing team.
  10. Ive never heard of hickey, i looked him up, said he squandered his talent at the college level and walked away from the game. Woods was amazing to watch, i played against Fields and I know he was great but I kind thought he went down easily, I speak from exp, I tackled him several times and he was not hard to bring down, hard to get a hold of but not to bring down. Tony Styles was a good player but seemed like a punk, I remember watching film on him the week we played them and they were playing Soddy Daisy and getting beat up bad and he took himself out of the game and threw his helmet.
  11. Wonder where they are now, Woods and Fields still around there?
  12. On a different topic for you Cleveland guys, who do you consider the best player Cleveland has had in the past 20 years? I played against Demetrius Fields and Tony Styles but i remember in 95 I went to watch Cleveland play in the playoffs in Smyrna and the raiders had a tailback named Stefon Woods and he was one of the best high school players i ever saw play.
  13. As Johnny Majors once said "You dont mind if we tee it up anyway do you?"
  14. I have been to every Warrior home game this season and I support them 100% and will be there pulling for them Friday night. With that said I am concerned with our ability to contain Cleveland's speed, I know the kind of athletes they usually have and by looking at their schedule and stats I worry about Sparta being able to match their over all team speed. I played for Sparta in late 90's and we played Cleveland 2 years in a row and they had a ton of speed then and they always have had a lot of very good athletes. Sparta is tough and very well coached for the first time I can remember in my lifetime but in football there is no substitute for speed and that is a department we lack in. Our defenses biggest weakness is the ability to defend the edge and we have been lucky to this point most teams we have played do not have the speed to burn us on the corners. If we want to win this game as far as i can tell we have only one way to win, run the ball and control the clock and try to keep the raiders offense off the field as long as we can and if we can do that and get at least two turnovers and not turn it over our self we have a shot. We do have a great advantage in the kicking game, we have the best punter in the state and a very good place kicker so if it is a low scoring game that will help us. I warn you Cleveland do not take this team lightly, they will hit you in the mouth and fight you to the death for 48 minutes. Never underestimate the hunger factor, this team as well as the entire community is hungry and have never had a team this good. I think the match up that will determine the out come of the game is not Sparta defense vs Cleveland's offense but Sparta's offense vs Cleveland's defense, we have to find a way to move the ball and control the clock. Sparta will have to have some success in the passing game to open up our running game or the raiders will just stack the box, we did not complete a pass against Cookeville and had less than 100 yards total offense, that will get us blown out against Cleveland. As far as players to watch, #7 Blake Lynn RB/LB is probably our best all around player he has over 1000 yards rushing, also #8 River Boruff RB is good. #21 Perry Clayton CB is a play maker in the secondary as well and our punter who averages around 45 yards a punt I believe. I hope for a good game and a safe game for both sides, good luck to both teams.
  15. Yes and now he is a assistant with the Philly Eagles last I heard.
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