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  1. I went to this site and found it quite interesting. The graphics were a little cheesey, but somebody has really put a lot of time into this, it is really informative. www.goodpasturefootball.com I also went to this site, posted by Cougars 2 State, this site is not as informative, but the graphics are much much better, looks more professional. The point is both schools obviously have a lot of support for people to make a website for high school football. I LOVE IT! p.s. the ERA sales guy looks like he is from the 70's , but hey, at least he put up the money to sponser the site. Good Luck to both teams.
  2. Think of the Beech game without the Kickoff returns!! That is your answer.
  3. Which fans have the best tailgaiting? Whose side should I go to for free food?
  4. Every week I go to h.s. football game. I thought about going to see Riverdale and tape this game, BUT it sounds like I should see this LIVE. Any thoughts? One bad thing about seeing it on tape is you have to listen Blake Fulton.
  5. Sickning!! I read that the cuts were $9000, can you imagine paying coaches that little then taking it from them. Is this right? $9000 for 3 high schools in EVERY sport? Do they really get paid that little.
  7. HILLWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to knock them, but they are not as good as their record indicates, but hey they are undefeated.
  8. FROM hsfball Similar to Corey Brewer formally of Portland, currently of UF bench. Who is this? I try to stay up with the D1 prospects in Middle TN in football every year. I guess this one got by me. What position does he play?
  9. I am there!!! The Perfect Pig--The Perfect Meal--The Perfect Team!
  10. Patrick Turner is headed to Miami University! The next Michael Irving.
  11. Greenbrier by 35 +, no slam at Creekwood, GB just that good.
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