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  1. Camden is actually a solid team this year, but didn't expect that.
  2. I don't think TSSAA dictates how All District and all Region ae selected. Each district might have a different way. I've seen districts that require one kid at min from each team, and other that don't. Most of the time the coaches rank 1-16 (or so) and then tally the points. 1-8 is first team and 9-16 would be 2nd team. The highest point achiever would be MVP. All Region each coach would vote as well. Having a 1st and 2nd team is the best way IMO. It does allow most every program to have someone on the team. I'm not sure how All-state works however. Do you have to be district MVP to make all state? or something similar?
  3. This was my point earlier in the thread. WAY to many matches. 4 tournaments are too much. I just don't think it's debatable. I really hope DC get's it done. My only worry with DC is the pressure of it all when you have never been in that situation.
  4. The only way this ever changes is if TSSAA starts allowing the top 4 vball teams into the region. Wilco's 2nd place team isn't great this year (good not great) so I think DC will have a chance. They are 4-0 against WIlco teams and also beat a solid goodpasture team. They def can beat the 2nd place team. As far as the rest of that district, they aren't quite ready to compete at the state level. What 6, region 6 teams do you think deserve to compete at the state level?
  5. This is such good news. anytime we can get non traditional volleyball school to be competitive it's a big deal. Now if we can get schools in Rutherford County and Wilson County competitive it would be huge. I can't understand why programs like Oakland, Stewarts Creek, Blackman, Riverdale, Mount Juliet, Wilson Central etc can't be good. Mount Juliet is a massive school with tons of kids and they can't compete. Same for Riverdale. Siegel and Friendship are both really good in those 2 counties, other than that, it's very average. Middle Tennessee Christian and Watertown are much improved, but still have a little ways to go. I haven't even mentioned Hendersonville schools, which are also average at best. Portland is the model. They take it very seriously and have for many years. Let's hope DC can get there.
  6. so who is the coach at DC? do they have kids that play club? What has turned the program around?
  7. I can remember a few years ago we would do tournaments from 9:00 AM and the finals would be around 6:00. Granted, you have some down time and it is 2/3, but still too much I think. We used to play Tues and Thurs primarily, and now because the season was shortened some you play at least 3 days a week too. Maybe I am wrong. But it's just seems like an awful lot. We would lose kids after their sophomore year a lot cause they were tired (and they were getting the driver license too).
  8. 3 prob is too many. But 4 def is too many. It actually has to do with how long the days are. It's really insane to play for 12 hours. College teams don't play as many matches and would never play from 8am-8pm on a Saturday. If you look at other states---good volleyball states--nobody plays 55-60 matches in a season. You disagree?
  9. 4 tournaments are too many. I think we should limit it 2-3. 50 matched for high school kids, after 60 matches for club is insane. 30-40 matches are plenty.
  10. Ok, it is time to officially give Dickson some love and respect. They are undefeated according to CoachT. They are 4-0 against Wilco Teams, and beat Goodpasture and Hazel Green. This is really cool and a good sign for volleyball in middle Tennessee. Really exciting.
  11. I haven't heard anything about locations, but I would assume there will be a announcement fairly soon. There is no doubt that it's going to be everywhere however. There is no way they will have a central location for all teams. Thompson Station will be brutal for many players. Hendersonville, Wilson County, North Nashville especially.
  12. There is no question that's a bad loss for Summit. However, obviously Dickson County is good, that is really exciting. They have beat to WILCO teams that are supposed to be in the top 4-5 in their district. Legit.
  13. I am blown away that Indy lost to Dickson County. That is a bad loss no matter how you shake it. Indy Should NEVER lose to them. I am not as surprised as the Lebanon loss (for summit). I saw them earlier this year and they really are pretty good. They are coached well and run a quick offense. It will easily be Ravenwood and Brentwood IMO. I think Summit will develop. They have a good libero and a good block up front. Don't know much about their coach--coaching matters in that district...a lot.
  14. yes, she came over to Alliance and will be the Recruiting Director as well. Which is a BIG need for that club.
  15. who is the Brentwood freshman? I agree about Shay. Real deal. The drubbing of Siegel is disappointing. Was hoping they could compete with them. Can't wait to see how the top 4 of WILCO plays out.
  16. I saw Lebanon play and agree they do look pretty good. Not sure who the lefty for Brentwood is? I still think that Brentwood will fairly easily win it. Their setting/serving and defense is so freaking good. So they will have a Soph and a Freshman on the outside. That will be interesting. I hope you are right about blackman, they have been mostly bad for about 15 years. Which I cannot understand. They have good enough coaching, they just don't have the talent in Murfreesboro for some reason.
  17. No doubt she is legit. who looked good at A game this weekend?
  18. had no idea she was hurt. Hate that.
  19. who did siegel lose? They still have quite a bit coming back though. If you have a good Lib and a good Setter you can win at a high level. SIegel will walk through that district.
  20. unfortunately for AAA we can pretty much pencil in the state tournament and final 4 (like most years). Siegel, Brentwood, Ravenwood and who else? What does East TN AAA look like this year? Ooltewah has been down for a while..can they make it back out of Chatt? I think it is time for the top 4 of coming out of the district tournament to make the region (like basketball). Now that most every high school in the state has vball, it makes sense. This would allow Williamson County a shot to get 3rd and 4th out of the district. 3rd and 4th there would win almost every district in the state.
  21. completely agree Teeter.
  22. at this point you cannot compare the 2 clubs. Alliance is and should be much better. The question will be in 3-4 years. I can't imagine any of the key players from the 15 or 16 teams leaving, If the 15's had one more good offensive player they would be really, really good.
  23. I am hopeful that the club director change will allow better relationships with other clubs. There is no reason why K2 and Alliance don't host each other at some point. Not sure if that was a director issue, but I have heard that it was. Also, we are such short drives from Kiva, Mava, A5, Circle City etc. We could really pull some great teams that guarantee tope level competition. Seems like Alliance had a solid showing at Orlando. 16's had a great run. 15's finished about where they were expected (15th I think). One of the younger teams also really did well. Maybe 12's? Overall I feel like it was a good club season for alliance considering the there was a coach that left and the director change. One of things they HAVE to improve though is recruiting assistance/coordinator and their technology. There just isn't enough communication around that area.
  24. I completely agree with you Osage. Good post. K2 is not close to those programs. I think K2 and Alliance are very similar. I do think K2 15's team is solid and will get better with time. I think Alliance 15 team could be really good as well-they need another hitter badly. I thought the 16-1 Alliance team really had a chance to really good team, but they just haven't been consistent enough.
  25. I am anxious to see how it plays out as well. I am less concerned about the facility and more about coaching. There will def be moving back and forth from both sides. Honestly, it makes the product better when that happens. With the new club director at Alliance, I think things will be fine.
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