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  1. Good to see a couple of less familiar teams in the field this year with Tennessee High and Cleveland. I was looking at the scores for all the AAA sectionals and they were all 3-0, which is disappointing. It will be interesting to see who the final 4 teams are. Brentwood is clearly the fav. I think Siegel might actually be able to make the finals for the first time ever. Has anyone seen most of these teams play? Predictions for final 4? I got Ravenwood, Brentwood, Siegel and HV. Bwood vs siegel in final with Bwood winning....again.
  2. They haven't updated DIV 2 A either. Wondering how all that played out. I am sure Goodpasture won but not sure about anyone else.
  3. Agree 100%. There was a time when this message board was really good and supportive of HS volleyball. Now, it is almost vacant, in large part because it became so toxic a few years ago--especially from Knoxville folks. You can't believe anything he/she posts. On a side note...cannot wait for the State Tournament to kick off!
  4. There was a time when 7AAA was a good volleyball conference. Rutherford County volleyball hasn't developed like it should. No reason for them not to be close to the level of 12AAA. It's not even close. Siegel is the only good program.
  5. K2, you realize that all the district coaches vote on that....right? Mom's don't typically get to vote for all district. Typically you can't vote for your own players either.
  6. Can't believe another regular season is about to wrap up. Any updates on district regular season champs? I think that Goodpasture, Siegel and Brentwood have wrapped up regular season titles. Who else? Portland, Station Camp?
  7. I agree with the Portland comments. They have been doing a good job up there for a long time. They have kids that have committed to getting better and they are well coached.
  8. Logan's little sister, Shay, also has a stress fracture in her foot im told, so she is out got a couple of weeks too.
  9. I have seen them play. They are def improving. The problem is the district they are in. Goodpasture and Friendship are clearly the 2 best teams in that district and probably will be for a while. I do like your coach a lot. If you can hang onto her, the program will grow. They have a long way to go before they can compete with the top of the district. I do agree though, the future looks solid.
  10. It is def different, I have coached both. But you aren't answering my question. I also agree that playing for a club, or playing club at all should have no affect on play time. It is rare for a kid that does not play club can compete against a kid that does play club. But what you are saying is that the coach there is intentionally not playing certain kids, who are more talented, just because they play for K2. I have never one time met a coach that refused to play more talented kids for good reason....coaches want to win. Not saying it hasn't happened, I am sure that it has. Part of my push back is because some of the ridiculous posts I have read of yours in the past. If this is actually happening--and I sincerely hope that it isn't, I can't imagine that coach being around very long.
  11. So you are saying that a coach is willingly playing less talented athletes just because of the club they play for? So skill and being coachable isn't considered-just club? I've been around coaching for 20 years and I can honestly say I've never seen a coach play a less talented kid without reason. I love those parents who blame "politics" on playing time.
  12. Is the Catholic setter the K2 14-1 setter? If so, I think she is really good. Such a strong kid. I really thought that 14's K2 team would be really good and they just haven't improved like I thought they would. The setter is good tho.
  13. Agree with Teeter. My daughter gets 3 months off all told and for only about 2 months are they going 5 days a week. And BTW, it isn't for everyone. Some kids can deal with it, and some kids cant. And there is nothing wrong with that.
  14. My daughter plays high school and club ball. She plays on a high level 1's team and has played club since 8 or so. I am a little unclear on what your opinion of "intense physical training" is. IMO, my daughter hasn't experienced that at this point. Her club team practices 3 or 4 times a week for 2-3 hours. Usually one of those days in a strength training/agility session (not weights). Her high school team starts practice in July, but is only 2-3 days a week. I know there are clubs out there that practice way more than that...and that might be the clubs you are talking about. I would be interested to know what practice schedules for other clubs in our state look like. Our daughter loves it, and to this point hasn't been too overwhelmed by it, however she is still young and that time might come. She will have off Oct-Dec. Club might start a little bit of practice in Dec but not too much. Usually after nationals till Mid July is pretty light as well. Now if she played at a powerhouse high school, they might go harder starting in June, but honestly, I am not sure about that. It def isn't for every kid but so far it has been a great experience. If she were to stop playing--it would be high school mainly because it isn't taken seriously at all and has very little support.
  15. We play WAY too many HS matched in TN. Look at the Midwestern HS teams. They play 25 matches or so. We should limit to 2 tournaments as well. I would have no problem with later july start date, as long as the matches in HS don't start till mid-late august. Great idea. If my daughter would quit HS volleyball way before club (our HS team is not good at all)
  16. I tend to agree. Starting HS volleyball in august is too late though, because the season starts in august. Maybe start high school practices in mid july. The kids who go to nationals are the ones that are playing year round (almost). If a kid plays on a regional team, they are not really playing that late. Most club kids are off Nov-Dec and start practice in January. I do wish nationals was about a week or so earlier. Many of the low level teams need the summer time to even know how to line up. The high level teams do not need nearly as much time to be ready for the high school season.
  17. A coaching friend of mine is looking for a High School tournament. Low level program. Team is in the mid state. Please reply with the school/coach contact and I will have the coach reach out to you. Thanks
  18. I too saw the 13-14 teams play. The 14 are a solid group and I think you are right, all but a couple are from Wilco--maybe one of the OH and a Libero. Alliance beat A4 south in the final. I was surprised how poor the K2 14 team looked--I think they just had a bad match. Their setter is very, very good however. The older K2 teams appear better that Alliance IMO. that 16 team is crazy (I think they are 16). The 15's alliance team is more spread out. Their setting is very good on that team too. The talent level in this tournament has improved so much. There are some really good clubs present. K2 does a great job.
  19. This is the first conversation in about 10 years that I have enjoed on this forum. Good stuff.
  20. if you look back at the last 20 years of AAA champions coming out of 11 AAA. Have they ever been the 2 seed of the district? The one time it might have happened was Indy's championship when they beat Bwood in the finals. All of Ravenwoods and prob all of Bwoods championships came as the district champion. But I get what you are saying. I am convinced that most years 3 of the 4 final four teams would have came out of 11 AAA. It seems whatever team wins 11 AAA is completely dominant and the 2,3 seeds are fairly close. If we could ever get Memphis AAA healthy again, it would help our sport so much. Germantown used to be so good.
  21. I agree completely. When Ravenwood/Indy was so good Brentwood didn't get out of the district a couple of years in a row. They were def a top 4-5 team. That didn't even include Centennial, who was also good. If this was basketball, the top 4 move forward. Now, I totally don't agree with that system, but why not be consistent. I have a hard time with a team that can lose in the district and the region and still be a state champion. But let's be honest, the team that finishes 3rd-4th in the district probably isn't going to win a championship.
  22. How will 3 wilco teams get of out district? Are they changing the tournament to be more like basketball where 4 teams make it?
  23. I am very impressed by Knoxville volleyball. K2 has completely changed the landscape of HS volleyball there. 10-15 years ago it was a completely different story. Brentwood is certainly still the class, and will be for a long time, but the lower divisions have come so far. Even Concord looked solid--really like their setting. KC and Webb speak for themselves. When you look at Brentwood, Goodpasture, Father Ryan, Siegel, Ravenwood, Ensworth in the midstate, it is still pretty strong--even though Ravenwood was down this year. Siegel are what they are--a top 5 team almost every year that really hasn't been talented enough to win a state championship--but a very good program. Knoxville has elevated HS volleyball in our state so much. Pumped to see what the next 10 years will bring over there. Would love to see Farragut sneak in and beat Brentwood. I love watching their K2 elite teams play.
  24. look folks, K2 get's on here every year and makes a ridiculous prediction about a Knoxville AAA team winning the state and having the best talent in the state with the best coach in the state. Then she takes shots at other Knoxville coaches and programs. Then at the end of the year when Bearden, Karns, Farragut or any other team loses to Ravenwood/Brentwood or DB a few years ago she disappears. I would love nothing more than Maryville to win the state, but let's pump the breaks a little. I've seen every State Champion in the last 20 years and this Brentwood team is loaded. BTW, the Ravenwood team from a few years ago is the best TN high school team I have seen.
  25. 99% of their kids have either played club, or still do--over the past decade or more. Volleyball is an affluent game unfortunately. That is why certain school systems dominate volleyball year after year. Barbara is also a good coach, which makes that program even more impressive.
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