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  1. Showing love for the underdogs. Clay 22 McKenzie 21
  2. Yep, we like to dig on each other all in good sports though.
  3. I believe McKenzie and Tyner win comfortably but I'm gonna go all in and show some love to the underdogs... Clay County 22 McKenzie 21 ( The Comer Curse ) Riverside 28 Tyner 27 ( Looking ahead to 3A )
  4. Seems there would be more chat about this game. Getting to play football the day after Thanksgiving is something most never get to experience. Best of luck to both teams and congratulations on great seasons.
  5. Round 4 Class 1A Clay Co vs Coalfield MASE vs McKenzie Class 2A Tyner vs York Institute Huntingdon vs DC Riverside
  6. The RAM train will be full steam ahead. 56-13
  7. Congrats to Clay County . This Pirate will be pulling for you the rest of the way.
  8. Until proven wrong, I'm riding with MASE...35-17
  9. Actually we took it away but yes, on paper, they should have been the better team.
  10. Definitely a must see game. Two great teams with tons of talent. Fayetteville is a much better team this year than last year. They were able to slow McKenzie down last year but still lost. McKenzie is loaded again, along with having home field advantage. My prediction: Fayetteville 28 McKenzie 14 Best of luck to both teams. Our season ended early, but we will be back very soon.
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