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  1. Congrats to Holden. Great young man and football player. Enjoy every moment...
  2. Best of luck to Coach Peek. You will be missed... After 5 seasons as South Pittsburg defensive coordinator Shawn Peek has accepted an offer to become the HC at Chattooga (Ga.). South Pitt's defense last season allowed just 9 ppg. Peek is also a former HC at North Jackson (Ala.), where he went 50-13 in four seasons. #bestofpreps — Stephen Hargis (@StephenHargis) January 8, 2020
  3. Don't forget about the one from... Well just wait and see.
  4. Let me be clear, I love my Pirates but NO, we would not have beaten this Lake County team.
  5. Without a doubt , Lake County is the best team in 1A this year. Their physicality is something to watch. As a Pirate, I stand corrected. We would not have matched up well with them at all.
  6. Anyone notice the right foot on that catch. Looked out of bounds?
  7. Yep and I was right there helping carry some of the wheel chairs up to the top row. So again, no smoke and mirrors for me. I'm not saying I agree with anything regarding facilities and orchestration, I'm simply giving respect WHERE it is due when it comes to me and my family.
  8. OP, I'm very aware of everything but on the field we still could have won the game. Some good people who were going to go out of their way to accommodate my brother if he got to go. Football aside, that in itself demands my respect....
  9. Greenback 42 Lake County 21 Meigs Co 35 Peabody 28
  10. Congrats to LC and GB for making it to the Championship. Having seen both play this year, I'm picking the Kees to keep the Gold Ball in the East. GB 42 LC 21 But anything can happen....
  11. Just now getting a chance to make a final comment on the game. It definitely lived up to its billing. Two great team going head to head. Not the outcome I had hoped for but very proud of my Pirates. Nothing to be ashamed about. Many chances to put the game away but Greenback had opportunities as well. Yes, there were some questionable calls but that's football. After the late interception, 1 first down could have sealed the game for a Pirate victory but that just didn't happen. Carnes and Willis were the difference in my opinion. It was great to see @orngnblk again. Sorry I missed getting to meet others. Pirates return a ton of Athletes so I fully expect them to be considered another potential favorite in 2020. Again, all roads lead through Greenback, just next time at the PITT. Congrats to the Kees, bring home the GOLD and as always GO PIRATES!
  12. You forgot to mention as we sweep right passed the Greenback defense into the end zone. Lol. See y’all there tonight.
  13. Do me a favor and throw a shoutout his way during your broadcast!
  14. Riversides magic carpet ride ends abruptly tonight. Peabody 56 Riverside 12
  15. Good luck to TC and MC tonight. This will be a great game! Meigs 28 TC 21
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