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  1. gaulie!! those prices are crazy!!!!! i wanna say ours is $3-4 for all except the usual freebies. If i had to pay over $4 i would stand at gate and watch
  2. parents who think their kid is better then everybody else, quick way to get a chewin from me Watch your language please, even symbols are considered against the rules. -Sol
  3. www.waverlycentral.com, and yea we know, it stinks haha
  4. haha that is hilarious Uncle. Beleive I would do it right now before your post # gets to high.
  5. haha I think your prediction might have been a tad off bubby.
  6. yes it is true, hickman usually does beat wavo, but im still rooting for wavo, its time for us to have another good season :justwrestle:
  7. woo wee i was also off on 15 point prediction more like 25 or 30, awesome game by harpeth and good 3 point game, also would like to say congrats to hargrove for waverly and his 3 point shots, keep up the good work man!
  8. Ill give harpeth the win by 15
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