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  1. Goose, The first round games almost have to be done the way they are. It is nearly impossible to get a bus or school adminn to let you leave early for games these days. With the new academic standards it would be really difficult to pull off. If you had a 4:30 start you would need to leave school in some cases before 3:30 and we have been told that that's basically not going to happen in our district. But a great idea anyway. I used to love those nights at tournament time.!
  2. I thought that the game was going to be one of the most evenly matched finals our district has seen in terms of equal size, talent etc.. It was a great game. Oneida had our number for the majority of the game and really proved that they are on a championship level...as they have all season might I add. The night should have been a celebration of the accomplishments by both teams instead of a last second ending, we are all left handling paperwork and dealing with fallout from the ejections. That was a shame for both teams. Both kids are great competitors and just have to keep their heads up and learn from all this. I think you guys are going to meet this regional tournament ready to go, your coach will see to that, and I hope we can just keep surviving! Best of luck to Oneida moving forward!
  3. Kaz, You have Tellico Plains and Harriman in the consolation game and Midway and Grace Playing for the championship.
  4. I'm just ready for Christmas break. Been interesting from my spot all year. Like riding a roller coaster
  5. Good luck to everybody in the tournament. Lets just cheer these kids on for this season, and let next year take care of itself next year. Lots of great Seniors in 4A that don't look ready to turn the page to 2011-2012 as quick as some fans are. I for one am always pleased to see the class that Oneida's girls play with and hope that the team that wins 4A is a team that can rep the district the best in the regionals and hopefully the state. As for if they can right the ship? Well I think they have done that.....I've been there before and it isn't an easy task. Far as I'm concerned there have been ups and downs for each team in 4A, how much the teams learned from the process of a long grind will determine who the best tournament team is.
  6. This proves yet again that most on here just have just barely enough understanding of the rules to criticize, but not enough to actually know what's going on. CoachT.com is full of stuff like this! Teams all over Tennessee do skills camps during this time and it is very much legal
  7. Coach Lee is a fine man and an excellent coach. I admire his toughness, ability to care for his kids, and his mastery of the x's and o's on the court. As a young coach, I'm always looking to learn about the game. I never failed to learn something new every time I watched his teams play. Coach Lee is one of a kind!
  8. Little compares to the schedules that our boys have played the last few years. I don't think you can compare the two either. Sounds like apples to oranges to me. The challenge is to get better each week, I would say that so far this season that has happened. You have got to walk before you can run. I just don't think bringing up the past is very helpful 1-41 is behind us. I think by seasons end we will have won a few games. In time things will be fine. The rest of this stuff on coacht as usual is nutts
  9. Congrats to a great kid! Best of Luck!
  10. For starters, the loss in the 4-A Consolation Game wasn't devistating, but to answer your question I told them that in order to win in a tournament we had to do 3 things (we've talked about this all year) 1. Play Hard - We did that 2. Play Smart - We didn't do that enough 3. Play Together - We only did that in spurts Then followed that by saying that we must play in the "right now" for the rest of the season. Stop being focused on mistakes after they happen and stop being nervous about the next play. Play the game in the moment! If we don't do that then we won't earn a victory this time of year. And I told them that in all honesty we didn't play well enough or execute well enough to win that game down the stretch, but if we learned from it then the experience was worth it, told them to forget the Dist. Tourney and Focus on Region 2-A and we arent done yet! Now, I told them that I was not happy at all about our hanging our heads after mistakes and was pretty straight in communicating that point but that's all that was said! No I didn't tell them there would be days like that!!!!! If you have too many "days like that" then you go to the house!!! And I can tell you I'm proud of how they have played and practiced since!
  11. If I want to post on here NXT I don't need to make up a new screen name! Why in the world would I want to post some of the stuff on here that he has to keep my kids tore up all the time. These girls have had to fight more turmoil than any team I can think of and that goes back over the past two years. I want them to have a good time playing but instead they have to constantly deal with attacks on their talent, heart, work ethic, and just about everything else. Then throw in the fact that most state that I'm just barely able to get from the locker room to the court without needing to ask for directions multiple times or at least use a map, and you've got a real problem. So with all that now I have time to make up usernames to post on here at 4:00a.m. that I'm arrogant, and have a temper, that's not even close to logical! It's laughable! Just like most of the stuff that is posted on CoachT. And my kids have never been told they didn't deserve a win that they faught to get! We will take them any way we can get em! Now as for the occasional water bottle, chair, or coaching board sometimes they get it..lol Bulldogfamily has me mixed up with someone on the not deserving to win part though.
  12. I'm not suprised that they won. It must have been an awesome game to see. Especially the ending. PC does a great job and have been building all season. JC just came up a little short but they will always be tough. Both teams are well coached. JC keep your head up you may have a run left for next year!
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