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  1. Dude, your name is “Playerscoach”. Fair assumption by Elmer.
  2. Such an exciting life you guys must have!
  3. Not surprised to see Playerscoach be offended by Hatesoccerparent’s post. I love that handle btw.
  4. I saw the post back when it first came out. You’re both silly. So many parents of teenagers playing sports act so ridiculous in so many ways.
  5. Not the point at all. The point was that I think it’s silly and frankly pretty weird that parents of high schoolers want to talk so much trash on forums to each other. Behind a screen by the way. It was more understandable 15 years ago when high schoolers themselves would come on here and do that. Even then, there was a lack of class. But at least it was from teenagers lol.
  6. It’s very funny watching parents of high schoolers get on here and talk so much trash to each other. Especially the idea that one would say that their daughter made another team cry. I really am laughing out loud at that.
  7. I haven’t seen Greeneville play. But I will say this: people, normally on the losing side, use this excuse way too often. Soccer is a physical game, but it’s not as physical as the way high school boys in the US play. At least according to the rules. I can’t watch a quality high school game, especially between two high level teams, because it’s one body slamming into another over and over. When a rare team (very rare) tries to play true possession soccer, more often than not the opposing team is fouling at every opportunity. Few refs give yellows for repeated fouls. Yellows are generally just for hard fouls and mouthing off. You say not enough cards for simulation, I say not enough cards for repetitive and hard fouls.
  8. Whoa! Richard Belding! Didn’t know you liked soccer. We’re a long way from Bayside though.
  9. I’ve completely given up on this. I just scroll right through his posts. In all seriousness, Booger, is it really worth the time it takes you to type this way?
  10. WTH?! First, if he received two yellows he’s kicked out for the remainder of the game but would be coaching again next game. If he received a straight red, I believe he’s suspended for the next 1 or 2 games. Second, come on. You know that’s not common for other coaches. I’ve never seen this before. As for common for him, I don’t know. I’m assuming Webb lost this game and are done?
  11. Lincoln19

    Post Season

    LOL that’s not a penalty shootout.
  12. Lincoln19

    Post Season

    When did ND lose a penalty shootout?
  13. Lincoln19

    Post Season

    Thanks! The numbers being the way they are, obviously one of the #2’s has to get a first round bye at state, but why does this privilege go to the West?
  14. Lincoln19

    Post Season

    Big G can you post an updated Division II A bracket? Or post the link to the website?
  15. Lincoln19

    Post Season

    This description, combined with the bracket Big G posted - I can’t make sense of this. Do 12 teams from Division II A make it to state? How does that work? After the Region Semifinals are played, there’s another 3rd place game, but all 4 of the teams advance to state? And then play each other again? That’s the way it looks in that bracket. And according to eurosportscoreboard.com, Webb beat TKA 6-0 yesterday. A rare score posting. Between that site and this one, very few scores are posted these days. Several years ago, everyone posted scores. You’d think with the direction of technology, it would actually get easier to find out game results, not harder.
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