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  1. This Springfield fan will be pulling for the Page High School Patriots to bring a gold ball to middle Tennessee. Didn’t know until around mid season that our legendary Hall of Fame coach the late Boyce Smith has a great grandson playing WR for Page. His late grandfather known here as W.B. Was a stand out player for the Jackets and Vanderbilt, who later was a referee in the NFL. Go Bring a Championship to Middle Tennessee.
  2. Better get a step ladder Little man , you’ll need it.
  3. SPT football has eight straight winning seasons, 3 quarterfinal appearances, 3 semifinal appearances, 2 State final appearances and 4 straight Region Championships. Beat your chest on that one County Championship middle school trophy. Forgive me for not posting your overall record so far of 2-8. Hope your players get better coaching as they move on , they deserve better than a bitter coach who jokes about a loss for a 10-3 Region Championship school.
  4. Winning ? Last in your division 0-4 , Rucker-Stewart 44 Portland East 7. Do they have mercy rule in boys middle school basketball ? How many points did your team have at the half ? I win wherever I go ? Not this season. I believe I’d stay off Coach T and start coaching your own team. SPT land wishing for you to have a good rest of the season.
  5. Yep, kids got football genes for sure. His grandfather was at one all time leading passer for Vanderbilt and officiated in the NFL.
  6. Congratulations to Page , especially Page WR Boyce Smith, the great great grandson of legendary Hall of Fame Springfield Coach Boyce Smith Sr.
  7. Hope they will be able to do it. This is our 59th playoff game ,was in attendance at 57 of them and a few bowl games. Man I’m old.
  8. Just wondering if Brighton has a local radio station that will broadcast this game live? I will be unable to attend, Sociial Dweebs will not be able to stream playoffs because the T$$AA charges unreal fee to do the game. I was hoping a station down there did the game and I could get it online, I was also wondering if Social Dweebs will be able to do just audio online ?
  9. How is the handicapped parking for the visitor side of the stadium?
  10. Prayers for the family. His love for high school football was evident and dedication to those who played and the communities who love the sport unmatched. RIP Mike .
  11. When I first heard about the phasing out of Springfield Middle and students being bused to other schools , my first thought was what will happen with athletics there? Surely an activity bus will be provided for the students who will have no way to and from practice. I know I have seen many of the players walking home after practice from the Springfield Middle School. I hope this is being looked into , if not it will be unfair for kids to participate in sports because of transportation issues and would be a huge loss to the high school athletic programs, while it’s great that Coopertown Middle program is having great success , I just hope the current SMS students will be part of the athletic programs there in spite of the transportation issues that will follow being bused 7 miles outside of Springfield. Both schools have been a plus for SHS. If a lot these kids get left out of athletics it would be a disgrace and SHS athletics would be greatly affected by this move. I’m just hoping this has been looked into.
  12. Hoping our kicking game continues to be a big factor for the Jackets. It’s been a big factor in our games thus far with kick-offs going to the end zone pretty consistently. Against Northeast and their athletes starting from the 20 yard line always helps the defense and our punting has been good flipping the field. I’m thinking this game will be closer than some think , I got the Jackets 24-13.
  13. Good win for the Jackets in this age old rivalry, before the game at an eatery before the game last night a gentleman in his Clarksville shirt noticed my SHS hat and asked if I was going to the game just as he was , I replied yes and he told of playing against the Jackets in the in the mid fifties and was very complimentary of Coach Boyce Smith , this is what makes high school football so great , still after all these years taking pride in our schools and communities. Hats off to Coach Shelby and Coach Wilson for continuing this 98th meeting of the Wildcats and Jackets.
  14. All good points on the game , always first games are hard to predict. Jackets run game will get better #11 the starter the last did not play and our best wideout #2 were out with injury , hopefully they will be available in upcoming games. #9 running back is just a freshman and in time will be a good one (his last name) is all Iongtime Jackets fans need to know about what potential he will have. Good luck rest of the season and if one thing Jacket fans agree on with Bobcat fans is our distaste of BDP. Go get em!
  15. Little off on my prediction of a tight game. Lol. Jacket defense pretty much shut the Greenbrier offense down with their two D1 prospects being a non-factor, the Bobcats I believe only finished with five first downs, not bad for our “not impressed “ defense by the lone Bobcat poster on this thread and the Jacket offense didn’t get two touchdowns, they got five and not impressed “back ups” defense got one on a pick six for the sixth touchdown. Great game Jackets ! and hats off to Greenbrier for great sportsmanship in this game and good luck the rest of the season, I’ll be pulling for you guys and go get BDP next week. GO JACKETS !
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