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  1. Shannon Williams will always be known for the love that she gave to not only the players but everyone she came in contact with. Even after graduation she kept in contact with students. My son graduated in 2010 and has received multiple letters from her just to see how life is treating him. The Lord called home a good one, Smyrna lost one of the best. She will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the Williams family. May the Lord lay his hands on them, guide through this time. May they see his wisdom and his love.
  2. Both teams got a two year ban from playoffs. Again this might be a bigger punishment for Overton.
  3. It would have been nice to do this. But the letters went out today. It would be kind of screwing Mcgavock over by telling them to play Ravenwood after preparing all week for Brentwood and then today telling Stewarts Creek to play Brentwood tomorrow with no preparation.
  4. I dont remember him taking the bye week off and Smyrna. Can’t speak for Blackman
  5. Well Blaze your squad was dominant. Every skill player is threat to score. What’s is equally impressive is your sophomore quarterback. He is going to be pretty special. We didn’t play well at all. We don’t have any toes left from shooting ourselves in the feet all night long. And that’s not to take away from the fact that Blackman is a better team. Again that was a dominant effort. Good luck the rest of the way and I hope you guys make it through your season injury free.
  6. BT44 you guys are loaded for bear. Well coached. Good to you guys the rest of the way also.
  7. Blaze45 nice title to the topic. I see what you did there. I hate the fact that I will miss this one. But I believe this one will be on WGNS. As far as the game this Blaze team is loooaaaded. From top to bottom. This will be a tough game. The Bulldogs will have to keep the mistakes to a minimum. But I believe they are up to the task.
  8. LaVergne’s roster is small. The smallest i have seen it in a while. Multiple kids playing both ways.
  9. I am sure that anyone that has followed high school football in the last 15 years is well aware that the road to a championship usually goes through Maryville. There have been a few of us middle tenn folks get on here and make some stupid comments about big boy football. The vast majority have the upmost respect for all teams in the state. Maryville and Whitehaven have been the top teams year in and year out. That being said Oakland is loaded this year. Brought back a lot of starters. I look for this game to be a great game. Lots of talent on both sides of the ball for both teams.
  10. Blackman a beast this year. Loaded with talent on both sides of the ball. We will need our very best effort and will have to play mistake free football.
  11. You never want to hear anything like this happening to anyone. I feel bad for the young man. Prayers to him and wishing him a speedy recovery.
  12. Going to be a tough task for my Bulldogs. They are a young team but are getting better each week. CPA is coming off a huge win over Ensworth. Go Dawgs!!!
  13. Coffee County will need help this week. A bunch of turnovers and Blackman looking past them. Nothing against CC but Blackman is loaded.
  14. Prayers to family and friends of the players involved and to the Blackman Nation!
  15. Not a big beer guy myself. The food is pretty good
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