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  1. We are hoping so still questionable, and 4 had a significant knee surgery at start of summer he will be back this year still not sure when would expect back half of the season.
  2. For the most part yes, few cramps and a bye week to rest and heel before going to the tiger den to sting some cats!
  3. The pass is there just a bit over thrown
  4. Lol nah not perfection just trying to give an idea to the people not fortunate enough to make it
  5. Jackets lead 14-0 at half ugly half by both teams jackets missed a chance on 2nd possession with Claiborne wide open uncovered and we ran a dive all we had to do was chuck it to him, but overall not a bad half for the jackets
  6. Thanks for the listen man, we appreciate it, Jackets lead 7-0 end 1st, huge INT by chumley then Jackets go 11 play 65 yards with 1 yd FB plunge.
  7. We are in pregame now, live action at 7:30
  8. Looks like it will be a wet field, with the new turf it will be interesting to see how both teams play, should be a fun one couple hours out
  9. They do a great job maybe we can get them in a halftime show this year
  10. Reminder kickoff is at 7:30 tonight, if you can't make it tune in to 93.5fm 1090am or FunradioTN app to join 35 year veteran Jerry Richmond and myself for live coverage. Pregame is at 7 with kickoff at 7:30. Thanks and GO Jackets!
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