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  1. I was at our softball game, watching the baseball game on Facebook, #11 pitched the whole game for them but don't know the number of pitches.
  2. It says in the article thanks to the lower everyday school operations cost. Gate goes(suppose to) to the sports team not the school, and this is being paid for by the school not the football team. But who knows lol
  3. TC squeaks past Van Buren 3-2 in 9! down 2-0 after 3, TC found a way to scratch back to tie it, and won it in the bottom of the 9th on a bases loaded wild pitch. They will face Gordonsville for Region 3 title tomorrow on the Creekbank! Gordy advances with a 9-8 win in a 10 inning game. Gordys pitcher threw over 150 pitches. TC should be a little fresher. Not sure if either will have anything for Eagleville or Huntland.
  4. South Pitt got the better of TC last night, 7-3. Down 7-1 after 2, I was really happy to see our guys fight and not give in and get run ruled. We have a foundation to grow on, a lot of young talent, future could be very bright. Congrats SP, now go beat Gordy!
  5. Still no word, but the last I heard it was likely going to happen so we will see.
  6. Trousdale beats Gordy 6-0 to win 6A district championship.
  7. Trousdale vs Gordonsville Saturday at 4pm for district championship
  8. MC should continue to improve under Shoulders, the playoff swap is a good thing for MC, they should be able to compete with region 3 teams, bad part is you would have to go through one of :Anderson, Greeneville, or Betsy. Definitely headed in the right direction though.
  9. They were pretty tough 2 years ago when they put us out in regionals, they don't seem to be that tough again although we don't have the ball club we did 2 years ago. I don't know if any of the 4 in this region has anything for region 4.
  10. Looking at who they have played and scores, they are up and down. TC beat monterey 7-2 to advance to regionals. Gville beat TC, not sure on the score, it was 6-0 late. The TC team is young so they will get better, we struggle with the same thing a lot of 1A teams struggle with, depth pitching.
  11. I was told D-5 champ is South Pitt, D-5 RU is Van Buren, but apparently they didn't play a tournament.
  12. Injuries will make or break this season, I am fairly confident in the O-line but we lost the front 7 on defense which is scary. Only time will tell....
  13. Yes it is over, I haven't heard anything about how it went.
  14. Monterey came from behind 8-1 to force if necessary game, winner of TC vs Monterey will play Gordonsville for District championship tomorrow I believe.
  15. So I have noticed, why has there not been any District 5-1A baseball tournament games according to the CoachT scoreboard?
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