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  1. It don’t matter if they catch on we defended him better than this last week he just makes the plays at the biggest spots of the game
  2. 16-7 Meigs winning Peabody driving 1:15 left in half
  3. Can’t make that throw if your Baugus, take the sack or throw it away, gave Meigs a ton of momentum
  4. Horrible officiating and after yesterdays D2-2A game they should implement replay for state title games
  5. Greenback’s Willis leads team to state title in Thriller over Lake County, 41-35. Swafford rides the tide to State Championship 36-30
  6. Trousdale will very likely go back to 1A.
  7. Too bad those little brothers have left the purple kitties crying two years in a row when it really mattered.
  8. I know for a fact this past season it was Forrest that said no, straight from coaches mouth and not our coach. Referring to TC not cornersville my bad.
  9. Sounds like you and then you would mention how y’all could hang with the cream of the crop in 2A.
  10. Buddy Friendship would have spanked the bottle rockets, and that’s a fact, and you say I mention that scrimmage a lot, yet you mention wins vs Meigs, H2O, and Tyner that happened 3/4 years ago, fact is Mclendon is a good player, but he would have had less than 100 yds vs the TC defense and the jackets would have won comfortably but you keep priding yourself on your teams best accomplishments, 2nd round playoff wins!
  11. Last time we scrimmaged we won 7 Tds to 0 TDs, y’all don’t want the smoke and that’s a fact, you should send a letter of appreciation to those officials they saved you some embarrassment, top 4 teams in 2A were Meigs, Peabody, TC, and H2O no one else was really that close imo, Forrest was a top 10 team and has a great season, I just can’t stand you down talking these teams that would honestly shove Forrest around, I understand y’all beat Meigs and Watertown but just like your team those teams are way better. You always say TC is living of past accomplishments but first thing you mention when confronted is oh we beat Meigs or oh we beat Watertown, If you want to be about it then step up and schedule us.
  12. Your welcome sir, why don’t the rockets make a trip to the creekbank come around week 2, would be a good test early for each team.
  13. Not as arrogant as thinking you have a state title contender when you don’t play nobody
  14. Being small in roster size does hurt but TC has won multiple state championships with less than 30
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