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  1. TCRadio

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    It is tougher, Gville, Nolensville, TC, Upperman, and East Robertson will be tough games for the tigers, I can see a 7-3 season. I do think ya'll edge ER for 2nd, TC imo at this point will just have too much. TC will get a couple weeks to break in some new linemen before heading to H2O.
  2. TCRadio

    Trousdale County Football 2019

    will pass this on
  3. TCRadio

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    Who did H2O pick up outside of region
  4. TCRadio

    Trousdale County Football 2019

    Looking like just 9
  5. TCRadio

    Trousdale County Football 2019

    If the coach at East Rob is worth a count they will challenge for 2nd.
  6. TCRadio

    Eagleville vs Gordonsville

    Pretty good breakdown if I don’t say so myself, 4 runs was enough!
  7. TCRadio

    Trousdale County Football 2019

    Will say from multiple sources Lake County will scrimmage Trousdale County at Austin Peay on August 2nd
  8. TCRadio

    Lake County 2019 schedule

    Is this confirmed?
  9. TCRadio

    Eagleville vs Gordonsville

    Mann is really good but not great, he has loads of potential for next level, honest answer and I’m not trying to rib Gville, coaching may cost them this game. If I’m Eagleville 4 runs vs Mann is an accomplishment and should win this ball game. Should be a dandy wish I could be at the crump
  10. TCRadio

    Spring Scrimmages

    Tell them to contact Trousdale County, they may would be interested.
  11. TCRadio

    Trousdale County Football 2019

    I have asked around a little bit, and have yet to get a answer on this, will update if I hear something.
  12. TCRadio

    Trousdale County Football 2019

    Same to you guys, you guys should walk to cookeville, but anything can happen and we all know that.
  13. TCRadio

    Trousdale County Football 2019

    Better offensively anyway, can't wait to have people wondering if we are the New York Jets. lol
  14. TCRadio

    Trousdale County Football 2019

    No idea, would not surprise me either way. DC is getting to the point he may just want to enjoy his childrens childhood.
  15. TCRadio

    Trousdale County Football 2019

    Lol well ya see Roy, that dr coach Clint’s son is purdy good at that defense thang and he needed someone to use all that ammo those jackets have on offense so he hired this here Pitts man, and this Pitts man didn’t like things at Cumberland so he wanted to coach big boy football, you think I’m joking but I ain’t.