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  1. Nah we ain’t scared and only advantage it took last year was making Watertown one dimensional, and making Webster beat us and he couldn’t, threw a couple picks maybe cousino is better I haven’t seen enough to tell yet.
  2. Man I was watching the news last night and the lady said steady rain Friday from daylight to dark but when it showed the 7 day it showed 60% rain for Friday like really they just guessing.
  3. I highly doubt it, both teams would have to agree and myself personally would think TC would be ok with playing in a monsoon since we did at Portland a few weeks ago.
  4. Some of the things said about TC being the better team are a bit far fetched but this is one of the silliest statements in this thread, 5 and 7 are both great but our defense as a whole are lights out and Watertown will not move the ball with ease even if they do block 5 and 7. 23,50,52,70,4,11,6,2,9,and 60 all have something to say about Watertown moving the ball with ease.
  5. Nowhere near as bad as Portland did lol, how’s 6 feeling, getting closer hopefully
  6. Jackets are going to have to hold on to the ball this Friday, hope coach is making them practice with a wet ball.
  7. Lol there isn’t anything funky about what we do!
  8. It would be a classic, Peabody vs Meigs would be entertaining too
  9. Yeah it’s crazy to think about the battle in that game and it could have been that much better, maybe this year it will happen. Watertown will be a tough out and likely Meigs will be extremely tough
  10. That would be a nice rematch, we have a lot of work to do to get there, hopefully healthy this year if we can make it.
  11. Most the time those big time athletes don’t like to play big boy football between the tackles. I am unfamiliar with fairley but Peabody and TC are similar, how did Peabody do stopping Wilkins last year.
  12. Rain and slop favor the big orange, but if I were Meigs I would line up in that unbalanced line power over with a FB and RB on that said and just run QB power all night, do what it takes to survive.
  13. TCs defense has allowed 62 points in 11 games, the starters have only allowed 29 points in 11 games, 16 of those 29 were against Watertown, so the starters allowed 2 TD in the other 10 games, the TC defense/special teams(blocked punts) have scored 7 TD this year, that’s dominance even if the schedule is on the weaker side, doing what you are suppose to do vs the competition in front of you.
  14. But the back and forth is what makes the T fun lol but I agree in the 1st game we made the most mistakes and it cost us the game. Hopefully we have grown enough to be able to stop and answer a Watertown momentum run.
  15. I have some ground to make up so I’ll go a little on wild side, semifinals listed. 1A Greenback vs South Pitt huntingdon vs lake county 2A Oneida vs Trousdale (I think Meigs wins but have to go for it) Riverside vs Peabody
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