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  1. The Toddster was from Powell? Didn’t know that. Here’s a fun fact, that’s kind of off topic: Both of Harrison Smith’s (former Catholic & Notre Dame star, who now plays for the Vikings) parents are Oak Ridge High School graduates, and he probably would’ve went to OR if they weren’t Catholic.
  2. Definitely. Not the sharpest tool in the shed to announce it all over social media, if you were planning on shooting up the place, but most likely a good thing that they did. Yeah, I’m sure you were freaking out with lil man there. I know I would’ve been.
  3. Apparently earlier today there was a social media threat (by whom, I have no idea) by someone to shoot up the school. I drove by earlier and there were some police cars outside the school. Hopefully they got it taken care of. You just never know this day and age. Lots of crazies out there.
  4. You’re welcome buddy. Don’t blame ya a bit for being happy for and proud of all involved who finally brought the Panthers their 1st state championship ever. That’s always special for a small, tight knit community such as Powell.
  5. It’s almost like they did it out of spite. I don’t know, I don’t wanna be too judgmental of them, because I truly don’t know their reasoning behind it or their motivations as a whole, but it’s just completely odd to me.
  6. I know I already congratulated Powell, but I wanted to specifically include OSU and KnoxPhoto, both really stand-up gentlemen that I have a lot of respect for as a fellow poster. You guys deserve to bask in this victory. I’m honestly happy for both of you.
  7. Great game and congratulations to Powell on what looks like will be their 1st ever state championship. As everybody knows, I’m not a big fan, but you gotta humble yourself and give credit where it’s due sometimes. Great game fellas.
  8. Keep it in the middle Page haha. No offense to all you good Powell fellas out there, but I just can’t bring myself to root for Powell & Lowe, from the East or not, it makes no difference to me. Hey, what can I say? At least I’m honest. *shrugs shoulders* I don’t see them losing though.
  9. Let’s just say it’d be like former Powell players that also coached and went to school there, teaching at Powell, while coaching against them with Halls. I’m sure that would go over like a turd in a fruit bowl, same as what I mentioned with our former players. It’s one thing to do it with 2 different teams, but when those 2 teams are arch - rivals? Nah. There’s just no loyalty anymore, and really that’s more of an indictment against our culture as a whole, than just this one instance. It pervades all sports, and the society in general.
  10. Don’t know, and frankly don’t care. But, the principle of it all is what’s ridiculous. You have 3 guys who played for OR, coached for OR, and went to school @ OR, not to mention 1 having a son that went to and starred at OR - coaching at a school that is OR’s arch nemesis, while teaching at OR. Whether Clinton has any positions available or not is beside the point really. Like I said, RIDICULOUS. If you love them that much, then wait for a position at Clinton to open, or better yet, just leave the OR school system altogether and go teach somewhere else.
  11. If you wanna Coach @ Clinton, then take your a$& there and teach, too. I don’t get it.
  12. Good win tonight for the Cats on the road against a highly talented team in Alcoa. They will win a lot of games this year. Cates is a special special player.
  13. 2014, I think? Someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.
  14. Probably a long shot after his unfortunate ordeal @ Catholic, but what about Steve Matthews, former Catholic Coach? I doubt he would be in consideration for the job after what took place when he was Coach there, but keep in mind, him and Gaddis are really close, and JG coached him when he was at Tullahoma. Just throwing it out there.
  15. I don’t see it either, but I’m guessing OR would be a pretty significant pay hike for him, even if it is only 1 class up. And when someone has a family, like I’m sure he does, that always comes into play. As I said on the other thread, he applied in 2012 when Scott Blade left OR, but of course that was before he started having all the great success he has enjoyed the past 2-3 years. I’ve gotten to the point where I take most things with a grain of salt in the sports world, especially when $$$ is involved, because my personal speculations on things are more times wrong than not. Guess we’ll see. Elizabethton may pay their teachers more than OR for all I know though, so I may be wrong about that. I’m too lazy to look it up.
  16. I can’t see him ditching out on his hometown team, especially after the great run they’ve had there the past 3 or so years. Money talks though, and maybe he is looking for a newfound challenge, you never know? He’s accomplished just about all you can @ Elizabethton. FWIW, he did apply after Blade left, from my understanding. I would prefer him over anybody else, but that’s just me.
  17. Yeah, I meant #2 and #22. I figured I got the numbers wrong. Thanks.
  18. They have more than just 1 receiver who is pretty dang good. #11 may not be getting the notoriety that #9 has gotten, but in my humble opinion he’s as good or better than #9 as a HS wideout. Also, #1 & #22 (I think) are very competent HS wideouts that can burn you if you don’t account for them.
  19. Per his last show with DC, he has no desire to be involved in it. In his own words, he would stay as far away as possible from anything football related. Granted, that was before anybody had mentioned him being the heir apparent to the AD position, if it’s even true. Maybe DC can clear that up for us.
  20. Couldn’t agree more. I love(d) the old school NE Patriots uniforms much much better than the current ones. Jefferson County Patriots also have that exact same logo on their helmets, just like Oakland does.
  21. Amen. I’ve been enamored with it since I was old enough to walk.
  22. It was a tough, hard fought game. Oakland just kinda wore Maryville down as the game went on. It was slow, but gradual. Great season for the Rebels. Nothing to be ashamed of to lose to that bunch.
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