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  1. Sir, this will be my last reply to your posts on Coach T. You have implied that you may have health problems ,sorry ,but you come across as neither knowledgeable or humorous in your statements. Sorry for your declining health , hope you can over come your problems, both health wise and the insecurities that may be associated with them.
  2. Lol, if you believe that you were never playing to play again one last time. Meigs won the game, I won't take that away from them, but ...if you don't see the effort put forth on both sides of the ball, nothing I say will change your mind.
  3. Both teams wanted it, great, great game. Meigs just has more experience going for two. They do it after ever score because they have no kicker. Might have only been TC's second or third attempt this season....and it was really close . Hats off to the seniors on both teams.
  4. For us not @ a feed. Could you keep us informed. This should be a very good match up.
  5. Great ball game for both sides . Good luck Meigs next week.
  6. Ain't nothing lazy about those fellows, come nut cutting time I'd dig me a deep, deep hole my friend. And now I wonder, do city folk even know what "nut cutting time " even means?
  7. TC not quite there yet, getting closer. Got a good young coach that will bring them a couple more gold balls in the future though. Pulling for the yellow jackets but it's a hard Hill to climb the next two weeks.
  8. Seem to be looking for a coaching change next season.
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