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  1. I will always admire the guys playing on the field.........some of the others in the stands can K.....M.......A.
  2. FCS has one of the best DC's in the area. If the Commanders score 4 times they will win.
  3. Heck, back in the day, just to get out of region 4 it was like that. Your battle tested warriors. Nothing left on the field, come back a winner or back on your shield. Enjoy every minute both sides. Your made it to the SHOW.
  4. Hard to remember a TCHS team getting out coached or worn down in the second half. I see a 21-14 score for the trophy case, Jackets add another one.
  5. Many teams have had their dreams crushed playing in the post season against the ole region four teams. Carry on Trousdale, carry on.
  6. Dang, maybe ole Doyle Hargraves will come out of the shed and enlighten us once more.
  7. Haven't heard from him in a long time. Maybe he can be kicked off that N2O2 cloud long enough to respond.
  8. Look on the bright side catlickers. You weren't going to bring home the gold anyways. Now you get a head start in basketball.
  9. Nobody from FCS really posts anymore. We keep up , but the fun is no longer there. This new division really sucks. What the heck, win a couple of games and your a state champs. What a joke.
  10. You've got to miss and love the ole "Tooth Fairy" and his Nitrious oxide tanks!
  11. Heck, if you put Luzianne against all divisions in the state it would be hard not to vote for them.
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