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  1. Does anyone know if the two brothers will be back for Rockvale this week?
  2. Is there a live stream video/audio of this game?
  3. Sorry but I can not answer that question
  4. She is very athletic....much needed plug for the Lady Lions...and just a Soph I believe
  5. How did this one go last night?
  6. I know 7 v 7 is different but Oakland beat a team out of Tyler Texas 37 2 last week in North Carolina.
  7. It starts right after the state tournament breaks for high school camps in June and picks back up for final viewing periods in July.
  8. I'm sure that would not be fun to coach but what job is fun everyday? Got to take the good with the bad because you can not please everybody. I still believe a coach should be in control of the program. No matter who complains..quits..etc...if the coach is up front about what will be allowed and sticks with their guns even if it means having to sit a good player out a game or two then so be it. Always another side to the story though...wonder if any players are trying to get out and hard as the poster says the coach is??? Interesting...
  9. Parent (s) couldn't run it if the coach does not allow it.
  10. Announced in Rutherford County today
  11. Wonder when that will be announced?
  12. I'm not sure who all will be moving with this new zoning but Zhordan Shannon, Kylie Odom , and Madison Henegar will be names to look for at the Creek next season.
  13. To my understanding if your home is in Rockvale zone you must go to Rockvale or apply for a waiver to stay at current school.
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