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  1. allabouttheO

    Head Coach Openings

    Wonder when that will be announced?
  2. allabouttheO

    Head Coach Openings

    I'm not sure who all will be moving with this new zoning but Zhordan Shannon, Kylie Odom , and Madison Henegar will be names to look for at the Creek next season.
  3. allabouttheO

    Head Coach Openings

    To my understanding if your home is in Rockvale zone you must go to Rockvale or apply for a waiver to stay at current school.
  4. allabouttheO

    Head Coach Openings

    Stewart's Creek
  5. allabouttheO

    Houston vs Riverdale

    Should be a good one. Houston has the team speed to cause problems in transition.
  6. allabouttheO

    officiating in murfreesboro

    Did not call a tight game but seemed consistent on both ends...let the girls play
  7. allabouttheO

    Never too early...AAA Predictions

    10...9 half..Lebanon
  8. allabouttheO

    Never too early...AAA Predictions

    Lebanon 4 Bradley 3 at the end of the 1st qtr
  9. allabouttheO

    Never too early...AAA Predictions

    Houston yes....Arlington??hmmm!
  10. allabouttheO

    Never too early...AAA Predictions

    Please offer some insight ?
  11. allabouttheO

    Class A-AAA Sectional Matchups

    Halftime Riverdale 33 Stone 10
  12. allabouttheO

    Region 3AAA

    Can anyone give me a breakdown on Stone? I know Riverdale played them early but what/who should I look for tonight?
  13. allabouttheO

    What jobs will/should be open after this season???

    Just read that Rhea Co has parted ways with their coach.
  14. allabouttheO


    Blackman and Lebanon was a closer game for Riverdale. CC definitely looked good though. Much respect for their fight back to make it close.
  15. allabouttheO

    Coffee County Stewarts Creek game postponed

    Coffee and Riverdale...looking forward to this matchup