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  1. Middle of the field behind the linebackers is the “no fly zone”.... cept for maybe four plays last year, and they all went for long TD. (2 against Murvil)
  2. Can’t wait to see all the past WB alumni in the Murvil section cheering on their kids in Red & Black. Go Govs.
  3. Murvil v RuHi (Maryville v Rule) 1976. My dad never saw a game from the stands. After he played, he always watched on the hill next to the old concession stand near the gym with all his friends.
  4. Who are you? The new Chad Fields?
  5. Back in your day, there was no 321 or Pellissippi Parkway to get to Oak Ridge. It was an all-day affair.
  6. So...are you saying that new uniforms every year are not the answer?
  7. He’s said that to a few people. dummy.
  8. I don’t see this as a Rankin issue. This is a Bell issue. More about who he didn’t hire or interview for the vacancy that were qualified, but he “didn’t know him, so we didn’t talk to him.” That’s not a good look. It just so happens that this guy apparently met the criteria that Brian was looking for and was probably a done deal before they ever left Sevier Co. Its not going to matter in the long run. Both Bell and GR already have one foot out the door. As a side note: I heard the next board meeting, since Alcoa has changed its brand to Arconic, that the ACSB will make a motion to rename the school to Bledsoe-Marsh Academy of Technology. Any truth to this rumor?
  9. Thought I was gonna have to sweep a leg over the weekend.... but instead, I drank some Cobra Kai Smoothie and relaxed.
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