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  1. Agreed. Reg-2 & Reg-3 2A is tough this year. So, we have mountains, not hills, mountains to get over to get there....And some gotta step up for us have a prayer in playoffs. We'll find out a lot Friday night
  2. Thanks for the info! We should travel pretty well for this one. We'll holler on here when we arrive
  3. Very redneck? You even heard of Hampton blazer? Hoping for a good game SMH! You've lost your marbles; Even putting him and I in same sentence
  4. Uh, you got your stats off there Tab. The 2015 team didn't lose to HV, GCA, Gatlinburg Pitman, nor Austin East. Actually went 13-1...AE didn't score close to 74 on that team either. We lost to MC and score was lopsided due to an injury we sustained in the 1st qtr. But that's life in lil 2A Hampton football.
  5. So, football guru BC16 won't get to see us be beat like a drum? That's the attitude that causes every Hampton fan and player to salivate, every couple years, at the thot of this game being played. Win or lose doesn't matter... Oh! just to play it! Sad the two couldn't agree on a schedule back in '15-'16 too. That would've been fun wouldn't it?
  6. Seen from the SG game that a lil adversity was more than some could bear. They all have to come with it from here on. Just a handful playing with intensity and desire won't cut it.
  7. That's my point! We got up big then quit! Was out of position time and again. Boys saying it was time to put in JV in first qtr. BTW, I was not disrespecting Unaka, but if Unaka can do some of the things they did to us in the second qtr, then Boone, (Rockwood, Oneida, Whoever) will, well, as Saban once said, they'll run thru us like crap thru a tin horn! We got to work a couple things out and not a lot of time to do it.
  8. Only thing I can recall was a halfback pass?? Kept em from filling the box again!
  9. Some questionable PI calls againt us to keep it alive. But NO excuse for this
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