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  1. I've been posting on the 1A thread Lol. CF is good, don't think they can hang with UH, but it is a strange game Lol
  2. uknoit2

    class a

    Yea CF took over. Too many errors and they were tee'n off on us
  3. uknoit2

    class a

    Colin M drives a 2 run homer in 1st inning for Hampton. Called him out, claimed the 14 yr player didn't step on a base SMH. 3-1 CF bottom of 3rd
  4. uknoit2

    class a

    I'm assuming you'll be there tomorrow night? After all these years, you really should come introduce yourself. I'd like to meet you as my T posting days are likely coming to a close
  5. uknoit2

    class a

    +1 Never really been a baseball fan until this year. A child can cause ya to do strange things Lol. Couldn't be there tonight but hoping they show up with their AAA+++ game tomorrow night...They'll need it
  6. uknoit2

    class a

    Hampton took it 8-2
  7. I said, "I imagine" because I wasn't real sure. I watched film on Hudl.
  8. After Friday, I'll hear some thots but let me know what you think too....
  9. Haha! Sorry pal, been slammed! I hear our athletes look good but other than that, not much learned. I'm outta the loop...Time for a break Lol
  10. Still living in 2021 SMH Can we talk about 2022 please
  11. Yea trader, they were a workhorse unit and fun to watch. The last of my 4 boys played in the first ever championship appearance by Hampton. Finally, had one stay healthy enuf to help get us there Lol... I can live with that, win or lose
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