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  1. Heard things went well yesterday
  2. You'd fit in well over there Lol
  3. Well, boys went down to UH tonight, 2-1...I hear we were up in the 7th 1-0 with Meredith pitching 10 strike outs. Not a baseball fan and didn't make a lot of games but reckon they did fairly well. Now to football!! I also understand UH fans were acting "red" at the end of the game, mouthing FU to coach and other choice things from the stands...Hate to have missed this one!! always love to see UH fans act tuff during games. Too bad they don't play football SMH
  4. Shoot, been around long enuf to know not to stick my chest out there too far...Kids can always look good, but we've destroyed teams that "look" the part but weren't LOL
  5. Won't be long now. Our athletes playing baseball look pretty dang good right now too. The winter has been good to em
  6. Yes, they can't be considered "transfers". Considering others, none of those took Hampton as far as we've gone with boys from right here....and no we're not an athletic magnet.
  7. I know you're jerking chains here, but I do have a question for all readers. I'm about positive the best players Hampton's ever had, in any sport, were Hampton boys and not transfers. If that's not correct, post em.
  8. The number is down because Covid slowed the abortion rate. Wasn't allowed to perform the murders...Oh they still wanted em and were protesting for the murders to be exempt from Covid restrictions...that's why the number is lower
  9. True but yet they do try to regulate places like McDonald's! You can't buy a super sized fry and Coke in NY. But those suckers don't curb their appetites for anything
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