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  1. Hard to score do that when you have to chase your opponent all over the mat to compete. You can say what you want but, there was one wrestler allowed to stall at length and the officials slept through it.
  2. I tend to take bad calls in stride....it's a subjective, thankless position to be in. But, I just witnessed the worst called match I have ever seen. The 120 Kaferle-Oliver match ended 3-2. Oliver took maybe 5 shots the whole match. Kaferle out shot him at least 3 to one. Oliver was clearly evading and the only stalling call was with 19 seconds left in the bout. There was a stalemate call when clearly Kaferle was taking control of Oliver's legs. When questioned, no evaluator was watching the match close enough to have an opinion. Any wrestler at any level deserves a competent referee. This was not the case in this situation. There were more instances of poor officiating but then there were great efforts by the officals to get in the proper position to make calls as well. Unfortunately, There were matches decided by poor calls instead of what the wrestlers brought to the mat.
  3. Sommers did own Insalaco in their match to get to the finals against Kaferle. Sommers showed a lot of heart in the final match wrestling with a bad knee, but came up short 10-2.
  4. I saw that match as well and was very impressed with Bryon. He looks like he will have a great chance to metal at state.
  5. GRILLZ, According to the Super 32 website there were no wrestlers from Bradley there. Why is that? Can Bradley not compete on a national stage? Of course they can, but they chose to go another route. Poor form to call out an individual. If he meets the entry qualifications, he deserved to be there.
  6. I think Tullahoma will do very well this year. They have a veteran team with a new coach. I look for them to be at the top of Region 5.
  7. Time to discuss Region 5 again. Who are the top 5 in each weight class?
  8. I have not seen many comments about Region 5. Who should do well this year. Teams & individuals.
  9. Taking the personal aspect out of it, it is an interesting question. Does the amount of money spent on a program have a direct effect on it's success? In my opinion, you can have the greatest support structure money can buy(facilities, transportation, equipment, coaches, etc.) and still have an "unsuccessful" program. I believe it's the intangibles that make the program. The coaching philosophy, participation, motivation and desire of the athlete outweigh the money aspect of the program. In my opinion, the answer to the question is money does have an impact as it brings attention to the program but ultimately, it is what can't be bought that makes a successful program.
  10. threeguyspop


    Brunner was at 103 last year at Tullahoma & Kaferle was at 112. I have seen both over the summer. Brunner has grown and I don't believe he will be at 103. Kaferle will stay at 112.
  11. My top 5 @ 112 (because that's all I can really comment intelligently about): Climber Bradley Greer Antioch Kaferle Tullahoma Oliver Cleveland Stevens Soddy
  12. Who do you guys see at D1 112?
  13. snowwhite, as a parent of a Tullahoma wrestler, I believe Coach Bray wants the best for and out of our young men. He knows what they are capable of producing and will not hesitate to motivate them individually if they are failing to live up to their potential. If I did not believe for one second Bray and all our coaches have the best intentions for all our wrestlers, my son would not be in the program. I certainly respect your opinion, but calling for someone's resignation based on a perception from one tournament and not taking into consideration the successful program Bray is building in this community is wrong.
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