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  1. That's it. The inmates are running the jail!
  2. He was offered the job and turned it down. It's a mess and they are wrong to interveiw people witha coach on staff who hasn't even been there a year. Principle has no clue on how to do things. She's as lost as last years Easter egg!
  3. The principle said he was not good in the classroom and decided not to rehire him. And yes he was from Loretto. I like Lee as a person but he better have some guys with experience to help or he will fail.
  4. From bad to worse for the Mustangs. I hope Lee does well but I don't see it. HE HAS NEVER COACHED ON THAT LEVEL!!
  5. Boyd has never even coached at the high school level. Any news??
  6. Just give him a chance nay sayers and see how he does.
  7. Coach will be named Tuesday night at the MJ game.
  8. The pay hurts but the not having the kids 4th block in the off season for weights kills them!
  9. It was offered to him and he turned it down.
  10. I heard this also. But 47 seems a little high, maybe even inflated. I just hope they get the right coach and soon. The weightroom is a joke right now. The kids aren't doing anything to improve.
  11. Why have they took so long. And why would the princple even do interveiws when she doesn't have the final say so on who gets the job. Someone had to tell her Bobby got the axe. Why is she interveiwing folks and a commitee is doing the hiring??
  12. I heard the principle didn't like him and if he had it his way they wouldn't have sports period.
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