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  1. Chemistry could be their (SS) biggest problem. Issues this summer between players while not playing with Coach could resurface if not careful.
  2. It may take a while, but I think that this coach that you have will be a good one, and maybe better than that. His background and the amount of respect from people "in the know" regarding coaching and up and coming coaches in the area couldn't be much better.
  3. I don't know who "you all" includes, but I generally don't do smack talk or slander with mean intentions. Dish out whatever you like toward me, I'm a big boy and can take whatever you choose to type without taking a whole lot serious... I do this for fun, a little information, and my "dig" at you was just a little humor at your expense (you earned it). I don't intend to get into a back and forth conversation about a team or situation that I know little about, or another coachT'er that can well take care of himself, but Hevy is a fan in every sense of the word, and I enjoy reading his take on his team. Like someone else said, talk a little football from your own perspective and most of the other stuff won't raise an eyebrow. From what I know about Wes, you got a very good young coach with a mountain of potential to lead your Lions back to where they want to be... whether or not it works out that way, I guess Hevy will let us know.
  4. We all know who Rebel Nation and the Goons are... I doubt that you can hire any one of 'em to dog out a kid or have your back for doing it.
  5. You're right... post on here and you're fair game, but kids generally are off limits. Know one who has done something special, or showed character beyond what's expected, raise their banner... on the other hand, it's not taken well to call 'em out by name (or number), to rag on 'em.
  6. Personality, vocabulary, and passion for his team make Hevy relevant to the Dresden threads... if that's the way he rolls, that's why I (and yourself) read his posts. Maybe you want to ride Hevy's coattail is why you copy his phrases and played off his moniker? Methinks that maybe is it.
  7. I know who I am, and that's all that really matters to me. if Hevy has 10, I couldn't care less, but I do enjoy his enthusiasm and support of his Lions. With the hiring of the current coach, I think 'Ol Hevy will have more good things to report very soon.
  8. Yes, Coach Harken accepted the HC job at Germantown. His wife and her family are/were from there. Coach will be greatly missed here, but I'm still happy for him and his family... how can you be anything but, when a first class man gives you what he has given us here. I'm now officially a Germantown fan, and if Coach Harken does what I expect him to do there, it won't be long before everyone knows how good he is. Next HC... nobody knows for sure yet, but a decision should come next week. Got a couple of good directions that we can go, but there's not what you'd say was the "frontrunner" for the job. I hear it's down to two choices.
  9. He thought up his "profile" on his own... just sayin.
  10. It's been fun reading this stuff, but I hope that both Greenback and South Pitt's posters are careful. You guys obviously have a healthy respect for each other, and rightly so. Just remember why this topic was started, and by whom...Old Pirate created it, but some newbie troll with less than 20 on his/her post count did some fishing and got it started on another thread with his/her (got to be politically correct) crowing, then bowed out and hasn't been heard from since the first page. Anything to it... I don't know and couldn't care less, but if there is, someone will eventually tell it. It's still mostly fun and a little cage rattlin' now, but there's a powder keg close by, and the matches are out of the box. Oh, by the way... HAPPY FOURTH!!! As bad as it seems to have gotten sometimes, this is still the greatest place on earth... let's remember that this isn't just a vacation day and honor the meaning of INDEPENDANCE DAY.
  11. NO!!! You're kidding...right?
  12. Either you're familiar enough that it's simple, or it's too complex to explain...
  13. Murphy should hold a raffle to be the first to see his pole when it comes out... isn't fair for Roy to be first every year.
  14. One last time... Dusty was wrong... very, very, wrong... NEVER is it acceptable to act in such a manner, for any reason, in any setting, with or without kids present. Haywood was just as wrong... Dusty should have been immediately terminated, even without the knowledge that TSSAA was "looking over their shoulder" to see what punishment they would dole out to him. The "officer, I've ran that stop sign" comparison is absurd. If all the officers in your town waved you through the stop sign all summer, maybe you'd have a better argument. Twist it anyway you'd like, some will never admit the obvious... call it or don't, but be consistent.
  15. Friendship should be the favorite. Don't sell Stroup and the Ol' Ballcoach OC of his short though... two years for the mad scientist offensive genius and the guy who can sell ice to an Eskimo is enough time to tune up them sissy city boys into a football team. Just remember that Scotts Hill was a big (BIG) underdog to #1 ranked Adamsville a couple of years back... those kids boarded the bus that evening knowing in their hearts that they would come back to the 'Hill with a W. Funny what kids can do when they don't know that they cant do it.
  16. Innerstin' thang bout fishin… ever now and agin' sumpin bites big ennuf thet you caint do nuthin with hit... enjoy reelin this un in greenhorn. I said earlier that you used too big of a bait... that you can't catch a shellcracker with a live chicken I said... there are things in the water that will tackle a live chicken I guess... this one is on you.
  17. I don't believe that's what BPM was saying. From the time I was in school (long ago) up to the present, the old "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" adage proves out most of the time, but there's no guarantee that good parenting will keep your kids on the straight and narrow path. There's also no guarantee that an outstanding role model as their teacher, mentor as coach, or a great peer group of friends keep "good kids" away from bad influences and bad choices either, but they all help. You may disagree with me if you like, but I'd rather my child's team be taught the basics of hard work, preparation, teamwork, positive thinking, and love for their teammates and school, and be a "middle of the road" team than be taught that winning at any cost, and by any means is what matters most. Your comment that "the village has too much influence on kids" is spot on, and the main reason that people of influence for our kids need to be chosen carefully. The other harsh reality is that more kids than you'd believe do not have the positive role models at home that the vast majority of my generation grew up with, and badly need at least one person in their lives to demonstrate good character. We all want to win. I think that we all want our coaches to be great people too... the problem is weighing one against the other before placing a "good man" on the proverbial hot seat, when in reality the fans calling for a coaching change, or the administration making those decisions could support the coach and change the culture in order to help improve the win/loss record.
  18. One of the best quotes ever... "it's not my job to win football games, my job is molding men... men win you football games." That came from Jim Stowe, and I was lucky enough to know him well enough to see that it wasn't just some catchy line that sounded good, it was the way he taught the game, lived his life, the way he treated others, and what he genuinely believed. It was also in what he expected of people around him... he gave you the feeling that he had the confidence in you to accomplish what he asked, and that got more effort from his people than they knew they had in themselves. The best thing that I can say about him, is that I've never met one of his former players that didn't credit him for molding their character, and making them better people in some way than they would have been without him. Not every person in any kids life will have a positive influence on them, but every kid should have at least one Jim Stowe in their life someplace.
  19. There's no denying that their numbers are way down, but there's also no question that they still have athletes. South Pittsburg has some over two hundred kids, and they've been a perennial contender for a title for decades, with a few (very few) odd years where they were outgunned. Reitz nailed the reason that Humboldt has fallen off more so than losing numbers and talent being recruited away... when Bland left, the appeal of playing football for the Vikings left with him.
  20. The potential is there just as it was when Humboldt was expected to be a powerhouse every season, but (in my best Bob Dylan voice) the times they are a changin'. Middleton has never been what Humboldt was, but have the same potential and the same problem... they are a basketball school. If either of these two programs get their athletes to play, along with some decent coaching, the western portion of the state would have to take notice. Humboldt (unlike Middleton) has been there as recently as the Bland debacle, and could come back as quickly as they went down the tubes with the kids interest. I feel good about the direction of Scotts Hill's program again, but there's still a lot of work left to be done to regain all the ground we lost with our own little trainwreck. By the time we play the Vikings we should be showing enough progress to take care of business IMO, but that's what makes it an interesting game.
  21. You have to make the title game before you have a shot to win the title. Scotts Hill did the same in '16. We burned everything but about 25 pitches for our ace, and came out with a freshman who hadn't seen a lot of duty during the season on the mound. After six full innings and a "comfortable" lead, our ace shut the door. You never know how things will go, but hindsight is 20/20... I wouldn't change a thing.
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