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  1. Andrew was a great coach. Also a great teacher of the game. He was removed in the middle of the season, one that they made it to the state semi finals, because of two moms with strong ties to K2. Strange how the K2 coach who coached these mom's daughters who had zero high school coaching experience becomes the coach. Strange?
  2. She is fantastic. And has had a great year. The problem is that there is a K2 mom, high up the food chain, and who played a key role in getting another K2 coach hired to replace a great coach. The new guy is a really nice man, but they have daughters on the team and some players are not getting the push they need. The coaches don't vote for the MVP they let the coach of the district champion select the MVP from his team.
  3. How did the Catholic coaches not select Betty as the District's top player. Does one mom have this much control?
  4. Respectfully, Clifford, being "around" coaching and actually coaching a school, as opposed to a club is different. In club you pay and everybody gets to play. In high school, everyone should be on the same playing field, and just because you don't play club, or play for a certain club, should have zero effect on your playing time.
  5. I'm saying that both coaches have daughters who play, both coaches are high up in he K2 food chain, and both coaches are ONLY coaching because a couple of K2 parents ran the previous coach who was fantastic off, during the middle of the season. They let him finish and they had a top 4 finish in the State. These coaches are nice and kind men. Do not get me wrong, but to say there is no politics going on is crazy. Can you honestly say the best players are playing in the best positions, or getting the most sets?
  6. I am changing my prediction about Catholic. I think the two coaches, who are really nice guys, are bowing to the pressure that a couple of mom's are putting on relating to playing time and position. This is a clear case of a club calling the shots for a high school team. If you play for K2 then you are in, if you don't then you are out. Is it odd that a middle school coach with no high school experience gets this job, and he just happened to be the K2 club coach of a couple of players who now get highlighted? It's not too late for them to turn around the ship, but this has to be the school's team, not the club's team. Don't punish the girls who don't play for K2.
  7. Does anyone know who won the Early Bird?
  8. Last week the lack of offense was exposed on Saturday. Once teams get a look at Catholic, it is not hard to make adjustments. I realize that a couple of the moms got the coach they wanted hired, but surely they realize that there needs to be some changes and it can't all be about their daughters, can it?
  9. I agree that Brentwood would be a favorite, and with Logan a big favorite, but, there are some really good teams in their division. Catholic, on the other hand, has nobody to beat. CAK and the other privates are gone, Signal Mountain can't beat them, Page moved up to AAA, it's not that Catholic is that good it's just that everyone else is weak. The difference is Catholic has OC. I suspect that pretty soon they will adopt the Berean offense of setting her all way around.
  10. I lived the K2 experience. It wasn't for our family. They are really expensive, certain players get extra attention, and it seems that they use parents to place K2 coaches in specific programs. I think all of the privates now have K2 coaches, please correct me if I am wrong, and some of these coaches, not all, had little real coaching experience before they got the jobs. Why I don't like that is that playing K2 is not for everyone. I don't think they are bad people, Mrs. Hames is an exceptionally nice lady. But, if your coach is K2, and you are on a high school team, especially at a private school, you are treated differently if your daughter doesn't play K2. Also, some weaker K2 players get more playing time if they play for a K2 coached high school program and I don't think that is fair. Now, I know saying this will get me killed by the K2 posters on here, and they are many, but it is my opinion based on what our family and others experienced and are experiencing.
  11. My prediction right now, after seeing everyone for the past two days, Webb, Brentwood and Catholic will all repeat as state champions. No one will challenge. Oddly, I think Brentwood has the toughest road because 3A is so strong. Webb will not have a challenger, and Catholic has no one to beat in 2A. Cunningham is Catholics Hames.
  12. I agree on Hames, but did not include her because I didn't think she would play this season because of her USA commitment. I think Catholic should do like Berean Christian does with CF and set her all 6 positions. Catholic does not have any hitters other than OC and it would make sense to just set her the majority of the time like the do Corey at BC and focus on defense. I am afraid the "politics" may limit her touches to a degree.
  13. In other threads I have stated that Webb is the best team in Knoxville, on that we agree. I have HV as second. What I stated earlier was that I thought Webb would win state and that HV will be at state but I don't think they can beat the mid state teams. I also like Farragut but I think they are behind Webb and HV. I don't put Catholic in their class, but I think they can repeat as AA champs IF the players around Cunningham can improve over the course of the season. I'm not really a Catholic fan, more familiar with HV, and would love them to make a run at state and who knows what can happen. I am just impressed with Cunningham and think that she will have a great season. I think we are on the same page.
  14. This is sad. I am a parent of a former K2 player, thus my handle, K2 Truth! Not a troll. We did not have the experience we were promised and that is ok. The politics of club was out of our league. It's no surprise that ALL of the private schools are coached by K2 coaches, nor is it a surprise that the K2 players are treated differently at these privates. Not trolling, telling the truth. Club parents go to the headmaster of the private schools and get the old coaches replaced with K2 coaches, I fought that battle and lost. We are happy at Club Unite and I wish K2 well, we made some good friends, and weren't mistreated. i stand by what I said last year. If the TSSAA had not changed the rule J would have coached at Maryville, in my opinion. Let's not beat that dead horse. do you really think there is a better player in Knoxville than OC, Kirby or the Hames? Try not to go negative on here with personal attacks. Let's promote a great report and share opinions in a respectful manner, and not resort to name calling, we get enough of that on the news!
  15. Good point. I look first at whether the player is made better by her team or whether she makes her team better. It is why club makes it hard to evaluate a player sometimes, because if they are on a stacked team then maybe they really aren't a top tier talent. If OC wasn't on Catholic's team they would be just an average team. With her, they are probably the early favorite to win a State Championship. She makes all of her teammates better. Also, she hits hard, reads the defense, and elevates the play of her team. Kirby, the Hames girls and a couple of others in Knoxville do the same. Cunningham is also still an underclassman. She can anchor a team that could win 3 in a row, if her teammates will commit to working as hard as she does. Again this is early. She has the tools, but the coach will have to resist parent pressure to play certain players, and to play them in certain positions.
  16. Just my opinion. Certain players play better with great players around them, others make the players around them great. Cunningham, Kirby the Hames girls are great players that elevate their team. Felts dad has made sure she was on great teams, but she is not in these other players class. She is a strong player, but not a special player. Look at how average her high school team is when not surrounded by stronger players. If you flipped Felts and OC, Catholic is just an average team that would not make the state tourney.
  17. I agree. OC does not get the attention of the other players but she plays at school where other parents are pretty involved and push their daughters and the coach lets it happen. I love Alex. All of the players you mention are top tier players except Felts. We all agree that club has a pecking order that is not always talent driven. Certain schools fall into the same trap. A couple of parents at Catholic had a coach removed to get a certain coach in. This resulted in some maybe undeserved playing time which is sad but it happens. I just wanted to recognize a top tier player who gets overlooked.
  18. Why does everything have to be an attack?
  19. I love KH, but she is surrounded by way better players than Cunningham who is a one man show, and you can't compare the quality of the two coaches. Webb is the best team in Knoxville. I promise you the Webb coaches play the best players not the ones with the most vocal parents. There are Catholic starters that wouldn't even make Webb or HV, let alone start. I think Cunningham makes Catholic great, KH is a great player surrounded by great players with a coach who plays the best. Who on Catholic other than Cunningham would start for Webb or HV? No one. Again, no slam on KH, she is awesome, but if OC had the setting, or another hitter to take the heat off of her, I think she is better. Close, but better. Catholic plays some players over others because of who their parents are or because they are seniors. Webb and HV play their best.
  20. I think we are talking about different players. Cunningham was probably overlooked last year. She was as good as the two seniors, who were both great, but didn't get the recognition. No complaints, at all, but this is clearly her team. She contacts the ball high, with power, and is quick to the ball. The setting isn't bad, it's just really basic, and the setters don't get to the ball that's off the net. If she had the HV setter she would be able to do even more. If the supporting players can contribute they can repeat. My only concern is that sometimes there is some "politics" where the coaches try to hard to push the weaker players instead of getting Cunningham the ball more. I think she is such a strong leader that they will repeat. Egos can be dangerous, usually from parents! It's why I think Brentwood does so well, the players suppress their egos and get the ball to the stronger hitters. If Catholic gets behind her they will repeat. Great player.
  21. Rough news for Garrett, I thought she and Logan were fantastic together. The setting is too basic. They have a tough time playing defense and can't set anything beyond a 4 or 2. Cunningham covers for them by being so athletic, but sometimes, too often, they can't get her the ball enough to take advantage of her talent.
  22. I agree on Prescott. She has much better talent around her than Cunningham who is essentially a one man show. Let me know how Signal Mountain looks. Have you watch Cunningham yet, or seen her in club. She is better than what they lost, the problem is they need a setter and one more hitter or team will just key on her. Tough break on the Brentwood player she was fun. Wasn't she committed to Texas?
  23. I am ONLY referencing Knoxville teams! Cunningham at Catholic is the best player in town. She hits like a hammer. The setting limits what she do, and they lost some key players from last year, but if Coach Carter can get anything from her supporting cast they should repeat. She can hit back row better than her teammates on the front row. She will draw a lot of attention which will help the weaker hitters. Webb is the best team in Knoxville. Well coached, experienced, should repeat. Farraguts window closed with the loss of Parker. HV is better this year, but neither has the ability to beat the mid state teams.
  24. Catholic has the best player in Knoxville with Cunningham. They won state last year, lost some great talent, but she is a special talent. The setting limits her, but if her supporting cast will get her the ball then they could repeat. Webb is the top team, again, in town. This should be another easy ride to the state title. Farragut without Parker who graduated is not the same team. It is a shame they didn't win while they had her, I don't see them making a run. HV may pass them this year. They don't have a star play like Cunningham, but they are solid. No one else in town will make any noise. If HV had a talent like Cunningham, or if Catholic had a stronger setter or a stronger supporting cast, they would be a lock. I think Catholic should repeat, HV will need to beat those strong Nashville area teams and I don't know if they can.
  25. Cunningham at Knox Catholic has emerged as Knoxville's top player. Not yet a senior, she has emerged as a force. If her supporting cast will step up to follow her leadership no one in East TN will challenge them. Lack of a top tier setter will limit her to a degree, but she can hit from backrow which will cover the lack of depth. She will need a teammate to carry her bag and another to bring her water because she is going to be doing all the heavy lifting. She is a once in a decade type of talent.
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