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  1. I hear Lacastro has been over at Lausanne talking with the kids, this was a Lausanne kid that said this.
  2. Lausanne's getting CBHS's old coach Locastro I hear next year. And their freshman class has a big kid coming from eighth grade. Jarnell Stokes (Tn. Basketball) little brother, 6'7" 230. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/gameon/post/2012/09/24/isaiah-stokes-jarnell-stokes-brother-tennessee-giant-football-player/70001032/1#.UVtn7qN5mK0
  3. I like the idea of public and private mixed, I hate that when playoffs start the private schools only have to win three games, matches, etc and could win state, when a private might have to win twice as many. I know overall middle/east tn. is better than west/memphis, but over here in Memphis the big, good city schools can hang with MUS and Cbhs. It's a hard question to ponder, and some here act like the private schools don't recruit. It happens, some schools more than others.
  4. brothers

    MBA vs. CBHS

    Good job MBA, we are better than we showed on that night. You sure have some big boys on that team!
  5. Good game MBA, sad night for me, sons last football game after eight fun years. CBHS is better than they played, but that is no excuse. MBA moves ahead, we are done.
  6. MUS-CBHS only 33 games? and I thought we won state in 77?
  7. Best I can give you is, spread offense, good running game with Ramadi Warren #2 running back. Anthony Miller is the WR who is a threat #25. Good yound qb named Ruddick, he is a jr. line is decent but not huge. Defense is fast, good up front.....no one great player......but many good ones. this game is a toss up
  8. Two big time guys playing now are Scott Wells and Patrick Willis.
  9. The reason the SAT scores are higher, is because most all Tn. students take the ACT, because that's what local colleges require. The kids taking the SAT are usually the ones looking to go to schools in other areas of the country, they are usually higher GPA kids.
  10. Yes, like most games mistakes make a big difference . The pick six was huge, blocked and missed FG, Baylor played well and will need a better game against Ensworth. Hope we get to play next year.
  11. Good luck St. George's, I'm pulling for you and Whitehaven, last Memphis teams left.
  12. Good game Baylor, it was a tough loss for our guys. I thought it was a great atmosphere, great crowd. We brought two times the fans BA brought to CBHS. That was a close game, and your boys won it. Good luck in the championship.
  13. Yes, no doubt, BA was bringing it, and if there was another few minutes your guys might have won.
  14. I can't argue the score you predict, but CBHS played very well for 3 quarters, and packed it in way to early. BA, didn't play their best, but found out it was going to be a hard hitting game. They got that surprised look, and started the late hits and after the play pushing many team do when they were expecting an easy win.
  15. Hey guys, I'm excited to be coming to the Baylor campus I've heard so much about. I think it will be a good game, we just seem to be a tough little team. I know Baylor is a clear favorite, as they should be. We seem to be bringing a nice little crowd from what I hear, it will be fun, I hope the trip home will be cheerful.
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