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  1. If SCS kids choose to transfer, they will have to meet the transfer requirements to be eligible to play immediately. I doubt very few of them will meet those transfer requirements and none of them should be given a hardship waiver. The parents should stand up to Ray and stay on the SCS doorstep every day until he concedes. I don’t think he ever will because his ego won’t allow it. I feel bad for the kids, parents and coaches, they’re the ones missing out and losing in this situation.
  2. York played us tough last year and had some big kids. We’ve improved since last year, so I would think GCA would be favored. York did get a little chippy in the 2nd half and had several PF and USC penalties. When CRB gets flagged for taking up for his guys, you know it was bad...That crew lost control of the game and allowed too much to go on after the play. I doubt that will happen this week.
  3. Opposing school will be allocated a set number of tickets and they must be purchased thru York. There are no tickets available for purchase at the games. Masks are required and temperatures will be checked at the gate, “per TSSAA recommendations”, so be prepared for that and pass the word so there’s no issues with any of your folks upon arrival. I would hate to drive all the way from Jamestown just to find out there’s not any ticket sales at the game. We moved our students to the hillside to sell out the home side as season tickets that are socially distanced. I hate that we’re having to do all of this but our AD has been great at coordinating everything and following the TSSAA recommendations. I just hope we can get back to normal soon. Safe travels and good luck to you guys.
  4. No doubt about it, Boog. But that shiny new school won’t be outsnaked for long. They’re getting more players than UK BBall did back when they had the Wildcat Palace..... How’s the Irish looking so far?
  5. I read where the State Legislature passed a bill today to ban frivolous lawsuits against businesses / schools over COVID. It’s time to get your butts to school and play sports. BTW, online kids shouldn’t be allowed to participate in sports. If you’re too afraid to go to a classroom, you should be too afraid to play a game.
  6. You are a goober, but your statement about playing in the fall or nothing is correct. Childress said he won’t move fall sports to the spring and disrupt spring sports due to the cancellation of spring sports earlier this year. I don’t have a spring sport athlete, but I completely understand that position. Most of us are having football next Friday. Y’all need to get those liberals on the BOE Board to get right or get out.
  7. Oh...I thought you were talking about that big lineman y’all recruited to play down there.
  8. Are you talking about Day-Rail???
  9. Childress has said Spring is not an option for Fall Sports due to canceling Spring sports this year. He doesn’t want to do anything to take away from Spring sports in 2021. I don’t have a Spring sport athlete, but I 100% agree with his position. And I really hate that I agree with him on something!
  10. I don’t understand how or why CCBoE would shut down with the small #’s y’all have in the County. We’re in the “big city” but our positive rate is still less than 1% of the population of the county. I said earlier, we’re running from Big Foot, and I think that was partially wrong to say. Like you’ve stated, the virus is real, but maybe Big Foot is too and that’s why so few people have actually seen him! Every parent of every child (football player or not) should be calling and emailing every board member to express your right to voice your opinion that kids need to be back in school. The deadbeats will be the deadbeats and not do anything, but you guys could get this thing going pretty quick.
  11. That’s what I figured. We’ve got too many people trying to be “big dogs” during this mess that nobody heard of before it all started. And until the masses show up and speak out, we will all remain the little sheep that they talk about at their dinner tables. I’m over it down here.
  12. I’ve read the thread, but I don’t think anyone said “WHY” Carter County decided to shut down for 2 weeks. What was the Boards reason, do you guys have a huge COVID outbreak? What’s up, fill us in. Thanks.
  13. I think you knuckleheads know that I love our school, BUT......you can’t get those stuck up sweatervesters to discuss anything over in the DII cigar lounge. I think they’re afraid somebody might find out they post on a message board...smh
  14. Guys, this is ridiculous. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know or have already said. Here’s a few #’s to make you steam even more: Knox County Population 470,233 Total Positive Cases since 3/1: 4296 thats .9% of the population! Total Deaths: 40 Thats .009% of the population! Freaking get on with it Carter County! We’re running from Big Foot! PLAY BALL!
  15. Sounds like your argument should be with your school / school district. We started back in full summer workouts Tuesday.
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