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  1. hey gcapride do you have any game film from 2012 by any chance? im looking for the cak vs grace game from the 2012 season.

    1. gcapride


      I don’t have film from 2012. You might reach out to Randy to see if he still has the film and I’m sure he would give you a copy. Good luck, good to see you on CoachT 

  2. gcapride

    D2 AA

    Grace returns most of the starters on both sides of the ball. A couple of big WR’s and DE’s to replace, but the core will return. CCS and Boyd should be in contention for the East Region title. Webb will reload and we’ll see what they can do in their final year in DII-AA, as it is today. New classification after this year with rumblings of going back to 2 classes in DII will change the landscape. I know Grace will be A if they drop a class.
  3. Kids are going to be kids, no matter what team they play for it how they were raised. They see it every weekend on TV. I have no problem with a stare or a flex or a shush the crowd sign. If you don’t like it, do something to stop it or make them pay for it. What I do have an issue with was when SP 55 and SP 9 went down, there were multiple SP Adults that took the injury TO and quiet crowd to scream some pretty harsh things at the White Hat. Those guys are supposed to be impartial, but they’re also human. You think y’all did yourselves any favors by verbally abusing the guy, two times? I would have to say No, emphatically. Edit: I obviously don’t know when to use “their” or they’re”
  4. There wasn’t any Power 5 conference athletes on the GB team last night. I enjoyed the game and I’m a fan of 23 and 52, but I don’t see either of them getting school paid for at a Power 5. I believe 23’s biggest offer to date is Tulane (and I hope he gets even more). What most folks don’t know is that an “offer” is often contingent on coming to the schools camp to compete against other kids that have been “offered” for the open scholarships. I’m absolutely not downing either kid, but I do understand the game. Unless you’re an elite 5 star, you have to earn your money in a camp. I was impressed with both players, you just exaggerated the talent level in my opinion. I saw a very fast SP team that should’ve won but got out coached. Bottom line.
  5. 112 years of football, that’s very impressive! Good luck in 2020 to the Jackets.
  6. Keep your entourage on the visitors side and around to the scoreboard. The last thing this game needs is for your followers to clash with the fine folks trying to get a picture with me or a handshake from me. It’s always a busy night when I visit Cooper Field. Sorry legend, it’s gonna be a slow night for you over on the away side.
  7. The ‘16 SP team in the semi’s was the fastest team I’ve ever seen in HS Football. If you guys are faster than that team, it will be tough for GB to deal with.
  8. I haven’t seen anything on them, but I’m sure they will run a version of Cover 3 and bracket 23 with a corner and a safety. Might disguise it as cover 2, but there’s no way they have the balls to leave him in man. If SP is the same as past teams, they will have plenty of speed to cover the rest. Should be a great HS game.
  9. Lol, he’s never called a GB v GCA game. South Pitt by 50
  10. A good friend of mine that’s a white hat in the KFOA tells his crew every Friday night before they go out, “If Ray Charles can’t call it from his grave, don’t call it”
  11. Lol, nothing like that. Just glad that nothing happened that would’ve wound up on the news
  12. Yes, that’s Randy. If you watch the clip, he actually tried to pull his guys back. I talked to him about that after it happened and I laughed when I told him how glad I was that he kept his composure with that little Anderson County guy charging him. But c’mon Yeti, don’t try to rain on my Fitz story. He was on a mission that night to throw hands. Luckily, for all parties involved, security and other folks (including myself) separated them before it could get there. I brought that up to Randy this season before your game with Clinton and we shared a good laugh.
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