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  1. Since it's not the 80's anymore the HC should resign. Allow the OC and DC to be co-head coaches. Make all players play another sport and stop the stupid play football only way of looking at things. The team's conditioning is from the 80's and leadership from AD and HC are that old too. There are great coaches on staff being held back by the 80's. Sorry, I've been away for so long.
  2. Not sure why "exposure" is a thing? There are two middle schools in OR. The players from those schools go to the high school. It's not like you have to recruit those kids...
  3. Haven't been involved with this thread but I have been following the story. This coach was part of one of the worst cheating scandals in TSSAA history at Grace. His school received the largest fine in TSSAA history. (negotiated down) There was (and still is) a pattern of recruiting in the Powell/Karns area for Football, Basketball and Baseball. He has done things like this before. It's 100% on his school system to remove him from the position of leadership before he does more or worse. They could have a new coach in place by June 1 and move on.
  4. I don't get on here much these days but I think the problem with the stadium renovation is the leadership at the school. Who makes athletics decisions? Gaddis? Green1 or Green 2? Principal? What are the priorities for stadium renovation? The current playing surface is the best thing going up there. Stands, press box, no visitor facilities all need work because the stadium is basically from the 50's. Does the "current" AD have the moxy to get anything done?
  5. The basketball team will be better with the negative aspect of Middleton (who was kicked off for missing practices over and over again) removed from the equation. Good job Coach Green. The team may roll all the way to the title now. Addition by subtraction.
  6. Not saying that. I will say that a majority of schools don't have a "strength coach." They have the low man on the coaching ladder looking something up on the internet. You can't get faster unless you learn how to run fast first, then add the muscle and then real running/competition.
  7. Ok, let's just agree do disagree about amazing array of Track athletes who came through just UT and did both. You would have to know something about both sports for this to be a level playing field. At OR the lifting program for football is good. Traditional get bigger stuff is fine. It is not speed focused. (again, you would have to know something about this to comment with any legitimacy) A speed focused program would have include "get faster" mechanics, technique and of course competition. The only way to really do that in High School is track.
  8. Wow, this is a crazy discussion. Speed wins. Ask the SEC. Track makes kids fast. Ask the SEC. OR has the one of the best "get faster" coaches in the state. Check out what Roberts did at West. Yeah, they are fast aren't they. Those LB's, DB's, RB's should all do track every year. Track lifts 3 to 4 days a week. Their squat max's, clean max and Bench max all go up too. The kids would get stronger and faster. Stronger and faster is a winner. "It is what it is" doesn't cut it. If you want to win, really win.
  9. It's not as simple as many people think. The head coach for a sport must be totally involved in every aspect of their program, including the things administrators and board members "should" be dealing with. There must be one person driving the ship (sorry) or the central vision and goals of the program won't be reached.
  10. A quality reply if you have an IQ of 14. Winning is winning. Any state title is tough to win. Baseball, basketball, track and soccer aren't watered down into 6 divisions like football.
  11. Place the kids from West (QB or Running back) on the goal line against those two. West kids would be in the end zone dancing when the others got to the 10. I do agree with you all that OR doesn't have a break away back, yet.
  12. Slow, Slow, Slow and kind of slow but looked fast against a slow team Quick yes, great feet yes, straight line speed no
  13. #1 no one for AC is fast #2 West guys all run track and Fulton guys too (see state track results) #3 Gulmire ran track plus slow kids like McAddley #4 Robertsville kids would get hammered in a race by the top 8 orhs sprinters (several football players) #5 if the present kids on the OR football team want to get faster learning from Roberts (who knows his $hi%) plus lifting to get dynamic speed on the track team would make the difference you seek
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