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  1. TheMirrorThief

    Mt. Pleasant at Wayne County

    darn, the meds arent helping anymore...my prediction wasnt to far off though...!
  2. TheMirrorThief

    Mt. Pleasant at Wayne County

    mt Pleasant has a lot of talent, maybe to much for boro...28 14 mtp
  3. TheMirrorThief

    Waynesboro vs riverside

    aint noting worryin ol mirrorthief amigo
  4. TheMirrorThief

    Waynesboro vs riverside

    you didnt make it to last years playoff game?
  5. TheMirrorThief

    Waynesboro vs riverside

    coach rice should have had more kids
  6. TheMirrorThief

    Columbia academy moving to Division II in 2019

    government schools are failing on every level...privates offer kids an EDUCATION...yes its shocking but as the old saying goes...you get what you pay for...unless you try to get from Uncle SAM who you pay and get fail
  7. TheMirrorThief

    District 12A

    yeah rankings are just bs
  8. TheMirrorThief

    District 12A

    yeah they can play when they want to...couple of nice college prospects too
  9. TheMirrorThief

    District 12A

    happens to the best and all the rest of us too
  10. TheMirrorThief

    District 12A

    man Pc got run
  11. TheMirrorThief

    District 12A

    may have been postponed due to the insane cold...dont really know
  12. TheMirrorThief

    District 12A

    mt pleasant is pretty terrible...collinwood blew them out the other night by twenty nine in fact they were behind by more than twenty after one quarter
  13. TheMirrorThief

    wchs vs cornersville

    KOrndawgs rock
  14. TheMirrorThief

    Huntingdon at Cornersville

    did old eighty nine just make with a funny...wow, I didnt know he had it in him
  15. TheMirrorThief

    Huntingdon at Cornersville

    another WC fan trying to think...it never works when you wait so darn long to start