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  1. Gonna be one of those kind of nights in South Kimball.
  2. That video is about as blatant as it gets. I heard they were doing it all night. I assume a complaint has been filed with T$$AA? Is this a thing with Sweetwater, or was it unique to the Red Bank game?
  3. That was an epic night and an epic game. Too bad somebody had to lose. I still smile when I think back on all of the pregame and post-game activities. The team buses had to be escorted to the county line by the Trousdale Sheriff. I probably wouldn't have made it out alive if I didn't have @snoball5278, @SEVEN, and @Ole3putt watchin' out for me.
  4. I wish the refs had just told everybody last night who was gonna win the game. Signal could have forfeited and saved everybody a lot of time and energy.
  5. "state's head of officials" says it all. Who invited him to the party?
  6. I think I seen Roy still diggin' thru the trash for ticket stubs at midnight.
  7. RB had a pretty good crowd to start. Not what you would expect for an undefeated, 4th ranked 3A team, but pretty good by RB standards. I expect quite of few of those on the RB side were neutral fans from other schools just coming to watch a good game. Nevertheless, by 10 pm the home side was emptying while the Pirate faithful were staying put. If they had kicked off at 11pm, the Pirates would definitely have had a huge crowd advantage, and I think that would have inspired the Pirate players and demoralized the Lions players. Oh well. Just hate the game didn't happen.
  8. The pope needs to send more gold coin down south.
  9. I think the Red Bank administrators looked at the empty home stands and the full visitors stands and realized they had lost any home field advantage.
  10. What was already gonna be a good game would have been epic starting at 11pm. All the South Pitt faithful were still there, and the Pirates would definitely have had a "home field" advantage.
  11. Ooltewah and soddy resumed play and they are looking at the same sky. WRCB viper radar was there, and storms had moved on. Those tunderstorms are so tall, you can see the lightening from 20 miles away at night. I'm all for safety, and I agree with the delays while the storms were moving through, but they were clearly gone when the game was called.
  12. Can't believe they cancelled just as all the weather was moving out. Not a cloud in the sky now and all the thunderstorms are 10 miles northeast and moving out quick.
  13. I was woderin’ who that redneck wuz, standin’ in my front yard survey the battlefield.
  14. Since this is a pretty short drive for me, I think I'll come watch this one. Hope this is a close, exciting game, and it certainly might be. But I think there's a pretty good chance that Red Bank might open a can of whoop #### on the Pirates.
  15. I'd say 2010 Signal Mountain, the year we both won State. I'm expecting a similar game, too. That was a real barn burner, with Signal pulling out a 40-36 win.
  16. I understand concession revenue and all. Red Bank concession has some good food, but no cold beer. Just sayin'
  17. Across from the entrance to Baylor, on Signal Mountain Blvd right after you get off of US27
  18. Ain't stopped by in awhile, but they used to have all you can eat catfish starting at 4pm on Fridays. Even if they ain't still fryin' up the catfish, I think you'll like the joint. If a bunch of you pirate hosers is goin', give Tami a call this week, and she might wear one of her Halloween pirate costumes for you. Nooga-Q Smokehouse Grill
  19. It's working at this site for me. http://diamondclearmedia.com/alcoa/
  20. Can always tell when Hate Week comes to Mary Ann County. All the Pirates come out.
  21. Always have good athletes. New coaching staff has instilled more discipline, better work ethic, playing better as a team. After seeing how they beat Soddy and then came from behind to beat Ooltewah, I was expecting more from them. After seeing them in person for a full game, I'm not as impressed, but they still have a lot of potential. Offensive line seems to be a weakness and still some lingering attitude/discipline issues. In all fairness, though, Signal's defense is better than I realized, and our coaches had a good defensive scheme to slow their offensive attack. JMO
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