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  1. He is still out, came in against Ashworth but never wrestled. Immediately took an injury TO and then said he couldn't continue. Coach only did it so Whitwell wouldn't get more points.
  2. A 3 way duel is what I was told. Not sure how that works
  3. 3 way tie if Red Bank beats Signal. Whitwell knocked off Red Bank last weekend 40-30 I believe
  4. Roy were you the one calling around ? Someone called and all we could make out was something about Murphys pole. Thought it was just one of those calls.
  5. The talent difference wasn't that obvious. The red head that got in foul trouble was a great player, but you have to realize that our center played half the 3rd and all the 4th with 4 fouls. From what I took from the coaches interview Dekalb is also very young so we will more than likely see each other again next year.
  6. When you are too aggressive with your press and don't move your feet fouls will be called. In my opinion there could have been several more called on Dekalb. What are the times for the games Monday night ?
  7. I would go with ND, CCS, Macon, and Upperman.
  8. Ill agree with you UCM. I do think the title will come down to the last week again this year. Sequ loses the RB but brings back the OLine. Defense should be better than last year. I could see Grundy making a run at 4th. Year 2 of the veer and bringing back pretty much all the starters
  9. I actually see both 1-2 seeds winning and advancing, Sequatchie and Signal are as equal as you can be. Don't know if either can compete with Livingston or Upperman or not but can see them getting to Cookeville.
  10. Don't sleep on CCS either, very disciplined team with probably one of the best freshman in the state. Very quick guards that like to run, reminds me of the Cannon team last year.
  11. Notre Dame is the most athletic team by far. The Byrd kid leads the team agian and is a double-double machine. A lot of young pieces also. Sequatchie is a junior heavy team that has struggled to score but plays very good defense, just no height. Best player is a 6'3 guard that is also the 5th leading scorer in the Chatt area.
  12. I meant that as a playoff spot, not winning the district
  13. What does Smith have back next year ? Like was said Sequ brings back 8/11 on defense and 7/11 on offense. Dekalb needs to develop some sort of running attack to win the district IMO. Until Sequ shows me they can defend the spread I wont put them ahead of Dekalb or Upperman. Darkhorse will be Grundy, year 2 of the veer after playing York and Dekalb close this year.
  14. Notre Dame names the score, Sequatchie ran into a buzz saw tonight
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